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Bridge says that governor was lying when he lied about pension tax

by: Eric B.

Tue Aug 19, 2014 at 12:30:00 PM EDT

The thing I hate the most about Very Serious Person-driven political truth squading is the tendency to try to parse things down to finite details rather than just simply coming out and saying something. For instance, when our benevolent overlord Rick Michigan helped scale back Michigan's pension tax credit, everyone recognized that while it was technically ending a tax credit that it was in fact a new tax on pensions, which had been previously safe from taxation. Everyone understood this because of the very simple cause-and-effect relationship involved: Income from pensions that was previously untaxed because of a tax credit were now subject to the income tax.

Earlier this summer, our benevolent overlord Rick Michigan tried to get out from under that by telling a room from olds that it wasn't actually a pension tax. Everyone kind of laughed because it was so bald faced and obvious. Bridge this morning finally got around to flagging it as a "foul."

For those keeping score at home, it was a more significant lie than last year's PolitiFact's lie of the year, which was the president saying that if you like you insurance that you could keep it. What makes these different is that when people's health insurance got canceled, it was mostly the insurance companies doing the canceling and not the president. This is a public official who is actually responsible for something and trying to duck accountability for it by passing it off as something that it ain't.

Eric B. :: Bridge says that governor was lying when he lied about pension tax
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Pension tax
Even the debate over whether this is a tax or not kind of misses the point, for me.  Or rather, it's a secondary distinction, and that is that the pension tax was a means to another end.  

To me, the narrative we should continue to focus on is that Snyder scaled back this tax credit - along with many, many others, BTW, and particularly those that benefitted working families - and then also raided the school aid fund on top of that to partially plug a hole in the budget created by his corporate tax give-away.  

This was wealth redistribution plain and simple, but in the typical Republican fashion that transfered it from the most and more vulnerable in our society who needed these credits for simple survival to those that didn't really need it but for the purpose of pleasure. And, all of this even further exacerbated by hundreds-of-millions of dollars in state spending cuts, mostly from programs which benefit people - particularly single mothers - those same vulnerable populations decimated further by the Great Recession.

Politically, attacking Snyder on the pension tax is brilliant knowing how active senior citizens are as voters.  Academically, I think it's very important to remember and be reminded that Snyder has attacked just about any broad swath of Michigan society that you can think of.  Seniors, childrens, laborers, women, African Americans...you name it.  He's gottena way with crap that other Blue State governors can only dream of because he did it with a lie and a smile.  This man has had a conservative economic agenda that would make John Engler and Scott Walker blush.  Not even Scott Walker tried full-on Right-to-Work.

Snyder lives in and has governed from an alternate reality.  He's "reinvented" us, all right.  He's reinvented us straight into a banana republic, and I ain't talking about the clothier.  Mark Schauer's central message is a completely correct and accurate one:

"Rick Snyder's policies may work for the wealthy, but they don't work for the rest of Michigan."

Now, I want to seem him hone and sharpen this message and take it to the next level.  It's not just that they don't work for the rest of us, but that his policies are a direct attack and assault of the working and middle class.

Off topic
Has your twitter been hacked? Why the hateful tone about Tony 2 weeks after a primary?  

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