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The taste is ever sweeter when the flesh you feast on be that of your own

by: Eric B.

Thu Aug 21, 2014 at 11:18:10 AM EDT

Social conservatives are outraged that business interests aren't terribly enamored with their "Gays burn in Hell" routine. From MIRS.

Social conservative activists raised questions this morning about a combined $100,000 in contributions given to House Speaker Jase BOLGER's leadership PAC by a pair of prominent business executives involved in promoting gay rights issues.

MIRS reported last month that Bolger's "Restore Michigan Fund" received $50,000 from Tim GILL, a Denver software entrepreneur known for his support of LGBT issues (See LGBT Activist Gives $75K To Bolger, Foster Leadership PACs," 7/25/14). Days after the state closed the books on the reporting period, Bolger reported a $50,000 late contribution from Wall Street investor Paul SINGER, founder of the American Unity PAC. 


Detroit Pastor Stacy SWIMP and others within his "Black Christian Pastors" wrote in a press released today that Bolger and the Michigan Republicans "dance with the devil" on Elliott Larsen.

The pastors said Gov. Rick SNYDER and other Republicans risk losing the votes of Christian families in the upcoming 2014 general election "if they rush to hop in the same political bed with homosexual activists."

I'll let you make the jokes about Rick Snyder jumping into bed with homosexual activists. That sort of precision humor is currently beyond me. As for Stacy Swimp. I'm glad to see that they've stopped referring to him as The Rev., since there are legitimate questions as to whether it's a title he's earned. The next step, the next logical step, is to just simply stop referring to him altogether, since it appears that he mostly just speaks for himself.

If you have access, you'll get the added privilege of seeing Mad Jack Hoogendyk make a reappearance. This is gratifying, since I think most of us assumed that he died during the massive implosion of his last campaign to win office.

Eric B. :: The taste is ever sweeter when the flesh you feast on be that of your own
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The pastors said Gov. Rick SNYDER and other Republicans risk losing the votes of Christian families in the upcoming 2014 general election "if they rush to hop in the same political bed with homosexual activists."

Heck, I'm a Christian and he never even had my vote in the first place.

Anyway, it makes perfect business sense to support equality. More and more businesses realize that, which makes it all the more odd that so many of them support Sndyer and other Republicans. (Not to mention that Republican policies have mucked up these businesses' consumer base - the middle class - but that's another story.)

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

Greed and bigotry...
Some of them are convinced that they'll make more $$$ under an administration that gives them everything they want, and some just don't want those icky homos around.

Never underestimate the power of ignorance.

[ Parent ]
The establishment will accept money from anyone who gives it to them.  I hold them in barely higher regard than I do the axe-grinding crazies.

BTW, I'm glad MIRS put the "Black Christian Pastors" in the scare quotes it deserves.  The community has moved very quickly on this issue, and folks like Swimp doesn't represent even the black clergy, anymore, let alone the black community, in general.

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