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Former Skunk Works-paid adviser borrows from the book of Tricky Dick to say that he is not a crook

by: Eric B.

Tue Sep 02, 2014 at 14:16:36 PM EDT

Update! ... Kyle Melinn from MIRS called to say that MIRS never saw the original e-mail, but he thinks it was sent out in response to an update their service sends out to subscribers. So, who knows? We also had a conversation about tomatoes, since I was in the middle of harvesting a bunch. I think that part of conversation was strictly intended to be on background and not for publication.

This is hilarious.

Randy, I hope you are well. I heard from the Bath Township assessor today. She said she had nothing on file from me or my title company requesting a PRE for my MI home. In fact, they are apologetic that a request to rescind the PRE by previous owners was never honored. I do not like being termed "a crook" and am considering suing Gretchen Whitmer and others.

Context: Richard Baird, Grima Wormtongue to our benevolent overlord, "forwards" an e-mail he originally sent to Randy Richardville to MIRS Randy Richardville. He asks MIRS Richardville to forward it to Gretchen Whitmer, because he doesn't have Whitmer's e-mail address. Of course, he could look it up on her senate website, but that doesn't matter, because the point of this is to get some free media coverage because it carries the threat of legal action. Because of the threat of legal action, MIRS will probably feel (or felt) compelled to do something about it, and will thus simply run in its entirety an email constructed in a way that no human adult has ever communicated to another human adult.

What it reminds me of are the Nixon tapes recorded after everyone became interested in the Nixon tapes during Watergate, the conversations that were clearly and purposefully constructed to push Nixon's position because he knew everyone would listen. in other words, to defend himself from charges of being corrupt, he borrowed from Nixon's playbook.
Eric B. :: Former Skunk Works-paid adviser borrows from the book of Tricky Dick to say that he is not a crook
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You know what would make this story even better?
Baird retaining Thaddeus McCotter as his attorney.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

Or a special cameo appearance by Donald Yowchuang
[ Parent ]
Cue up the music and start dancing
"Everybody Yow-chaung tonight!"

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

[ Parent ]
Rich, you want to sue Gretchen Whitmer?  Sharp-as-a-tac, graduatied-magna-cum-laude atttorney Gretchen Whitmer? Yeah, okay; great idea.  lol

Bring.  It.  On.  Clown.

He's dumber than I thought.

Whitmer's email address
Actually, Gretchen Whitmer's email address is not on her Senate website. She and several other senators, instead of just giving you their email address, offer a contact form you can use to send a message. I suppose they do so to keep people like me from putting them on an email list so I can send a message to a whole group rather than one at a time. Her address, by the way, is sengwhitmer@senate.michigan.gov.

Most politicians have email addresses on their campaign website, and as you said, official contacts are using through contact forms to cut down on commercial spammers.  Even, still, he could have simply called his boss's office to get her email.

Really, the point is that someone of his station could have easily contacted the sitting senate minority leader, even through email.  This is Baird trolling Whitmer and doing an absolutely horrible job of doing it.

Oh, and the Bath Township assessor should be ashamed of herself.  If this was a mistake, the administration wouldn't have put out multiple statements essentially admitting to the wrong-doing.  And the assessor's after-the-fact explanation in unbelievable.  

This does not surprise me coming from Bath, though.  It's a community in transition with two very different factions.  There are the old-timers there before the township starting seeing student sprawl from East Lansing, and then there are the huge student apartment complexes in the southern edge that helped propel Clinton County to be the fastest growing county in Michigan between 2000 and 2010.  The old-timers are conservative and feel really threatened, and the politics have been very volatile since about 2008.

[ Parent ]
Wow, this gets worse.
Oh, wow.  He left a nasty, little voice message for Karla Swift for good measure.  This is unreal.  This little petty bullsh%t could be exactly the kind of seemingly small things that ends up costing Snyder re-election.  When is he going to cut this clown loose?

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