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Eloquent He Ain't

by: rich

Fri Sep 28, 2007 at 17:15:00 PM EDT

One thing you can’t say about Saul Anuzis, the Chair of the Michigan Republican Party, is that he is apathetic. Far from it. He says exactly what he wants to say, whether its criticizing Democrats or Governor Granholm, or demanding Republicans not to vote for any tax increase. 

His thoughts are passed on to the public without equivocation, unfiltered and unedited. Which means he is prone to mistakes in both grammar and spelling. Just look for yourself on his very own blog. Don’t bother trying to post a comment to help him correct his mistakes. He doesn't allow comments. 

Anuzis’ unique passion as an advocate for his party and its policies often means that what he says would not be out of place in the Detroit Free Press online forum. 

See if you can figure out which of the following was written by Anuzis on his blog or by some angry whackjob in the Freep’s online forum.
rich :: Eloquent He Ain't

  2. “So how do Democrats propose to pay for that?  TAXES, TAXES, TAXES.”
  3. “Untill the state cuts every program to the bone and eliminates a few more, NO NEW TAXES, NO NEW SPENDING.”
  4. “That also sounds familiar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  5. “Write/email your state representative...It takes two minutes to say ‘NO NEW TAXES/NO NEW SPENDING’"
  6. “The Democrats have NO plan and NO leadership….then blame the Republican legislators for not doing the Democrat majorities work and responsibility.”

The answers to who wrote what are at the bottom of this post.

Confusing, isn’t it? No one would expect the state chair of a major political party to write with all the grace, wit, and charm of a third-rate used car salesman, one who is desperate to meet his entire month’s sales quota in the last three days of the month.

So for those of you out there who have problems with spelling and grammar, take heart: some day you too can grow up to be the Chair of the Michigan Republican Party.

Here’s something even more confusing. According to Anuzis, “The Granholm shutdown is a bad idea…it is nothing more than politics as usual.”

The last state government shutdown in Michigan occurred in 1959. Given the frequency of shutdowns in this state, it hardly seems that it’s the usual tactic used for political points. Maybe he doesn’t remember that.

But then Anuzis doesn’t always remember the names of his own party members.

“I don’t want a shut down…it’s not necessary…it’s purely a political game being played by the Democrats and Governor Granholm…but as Brook Patterson said last night:

Life, liberty and property are at risk when the legislature is in.”

There is no Brook Patterson associated with Michigan politics. There is L. Brooks Patterson who is the Oakland County Executive. I think we should probably assume that’s the person to whom Anuzis attributed the quote. Patterson likes to say outrageous things, like how we should all arm ourselves with Uzis.

Brook is generally a woman’s name. Either Anuzis forgot Mr. Patterson’s gender or he’s trying to tell us something about L. Brooks Patterson. I’ll leave it for you to decide.

Anyway, from the quote we can gather that Anuzis and Patterson think that the legislature is dangerous to the state of Michigan. Clearly, something that dangerous should be abolished or locked up in prison. You’d think Anuzis would be calling for one or the other. On the contrary. He wants more people to vote for Republicans, so that they will once again be in charge of the legislative body that he believes poses a threat to our lives, liberty, and property.

He said it himself.


1 was posted by ihatejenny on the Freep forum.

2 was posted the GOP Chair himself.

3 was posted by biggreyoldman on the Freep forum.

4 was posted by wantyourcake&eatittoo on the Freep forum.

5 was posted by gwynmarie on the Freep forum.

6 was posted by the GOP Chair himself.

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Eloquent He Ain't | 4 comments
I've been saying and posting for weeks
I've been saying and posting for weeks that Saul and Leon had been astroturfing the Lansing State Journal and the Detroit Free Press forums.  Many of the comments occur directly after the articles are published and sound too similar (which is a sign the person they hired is failing at their job.)  They are full of the newest Republican talking points or soundbytes.  It's a great way to atrociously attack your opponent with things you'd dare never sign your name to.

Saul has a habit of trolling news forums.  I just haven't figured out which one he is yet, or if there is more than one.

[ Parent ]
number 6 is totally inexcusable
The GOP is projecting that the Democrats control of both houses when in fact the GOP of course runs the Senate and is willfully blocking any compromise on the budget.  It is very decietful and exposes the GOP as fully decietful on this situation.  The Democrats have been fully up front about the need to raise taxes, the GOP is engaging in a very dishonest debate.

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Eloquent He Ain't | 4 comments

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