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Thoughts on Al Gore...

by: Eric B.

Fri Oct 12, 2007 at 15:01:07 PM EDT

I'm going to break our rules and bring up something that isn't Michigan-specific, or Michigan-heavy in its details, and that thing is Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  The reason I do this is that my Inbox has literally been filled all day long with press releases from environmental groups across the state and nation praising Gore and the Nobel Peace Prize.

Most of what I've seen today centers on whether this will influence Gore into running for president.  I don't think there's any question but that a Gore campaign would immediately change the calculus of the Democratic field.  In fact, Gore is probably the only person at this point who could beat Hillary for the nomination (and thus, he is the only thing that can block a second Clinton presidency).

From the get-go, a lot of people on this board said that Gore was their first choice, but if he didn't run they had someone else in mind.  A lot of us leaned towards Bill Richardson, who brings experience on the issues for which Gore's leadership is, at this point, so critical (up until yesterday, when he said something so idiotic that it defies reason).

Let me repeat that last bit.  We need Al Gore.  Not just Michigan Liberal, not just Michigan, not just the Democrats, and not just liberals and progressives in general, but the nation and world in general need Al Gore.

The two biggest problems facing the next presidency will by energy and global warming.  We might spend more time wringing our hands over terrorism, health care, and the economy, but energy and global warming are more serious and the state of affairs is -- after eight years of neglect -- more dire.  Al Gore is the public face of global warming, and he brings to the issue not just a sense of the grown-up (unlike his critics), but also a keen sense of optimism (again, unlike his critics).

Al Gore's solution isn't to destroy the American economy to address global warming; it is to grow the American economy in new and innovative ways.  In case you aren't paying close attention, this means unleashing the power of American ingenuity that's been throttled and smothered in a corporate economy (there is no greater killer of creativity than the stultifying qualities of inner-corporate machinery).

If Al Gore were to reverse himself tomorrow and declare his candidacy for the presidency, he would have my immediate support.  I couldn't care less how big a scam conservatives think carbon offsets are, or how fat Al Gore has become, or whether he has flown on private charter jets anytime within the last decade.  He remains one of the greatest living Americans, and would make a damned fine president.  A damned site better than the guy currently occupying the Oval Office, anyway.  He need not do that, however, because he has achieved something incredibly rare in American politics -- he left office and his voice has grown ... to the point where he has received what is perhaps the world's most prestigious award.

Eric B. :: Thoughts on Al Gore...
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I would support Al Gore as my first choice if he were running.  I know Al Gore could win and his presidency would change the politics as usual we see with the Clintons.

However, until Al Gore decides to run, I will stick with Hillary.  The Clintons certainly have their flaws, but our number one objective should be keeping a Republican out of the White House and the Clintons have proven very able to do that.

i'm sorry, but he's not running (n/t)

Check out my mediocre blog.

Thank you for posting this
Everytime I post something about Gore, all I seem to get are the naysayers and critics.

Today has been a tsunami of publicity, e-mails, etc. and it's been difficult to get any work done at all.

We definitely need Gore, but the next couple of weeks will tell whether or not he'll heed the call.

If not Gore, I think Dodd has moved up to my second place.  It used to be Richardson, but starting with his gaffe at the GLBT forum, he's gone downhill for me.

I get that he's your candidate
But your line about Gore being the only chance to beat Clinton is basically nonsense. It helps no one to buy into the mainstream media frenzy declaring her inevitable.  Realistically if you want to talk of something that has the best chance of ensuring her defeat-- than push to have Edwards or Obama drop out. The chances of her picking up votes from supporters of either of those two are slim.

That's not the point of your post, I know, but it's why that line was kind of pointless.

dropping out
I agree that the mainstream media frenzy declaring her inevitable is unjustified, but a lot of Edwards and Obama supporters list Hillary as their number two choice.  That means that either one of those two candidates dropping out might actually help Hillary.

That being said, Edwards and Obama are both basically fighting over a similar segment of Democratic primary voters.

Check out my mediocre blog.

[ Parent ]
I haven't bought into anyone's feeding frenzy...
I concluded that all on my own.  She isn't my first choice, or even my second, but I think she's going to be the nominee.

I mean, I guess from the standpoint that I think she's going to win, I think her victory is inevitable at least to a point, but it's only because "the media" told me.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
I may join you, Eric...
...if Gore gets in. I still like Obama but I'm not sure he has  the firepower to offset the "Hillary is inevitable" meme being circulated not only by her campaign, but also by practically every Republican candidate and media "observer." Gore would presumably turn things on end. I still really doubt he will...but a quote from I just heard on NPR about how getting the prize is only the first step (or something to that effect) is mildly encouraging.

"HAZEN S. PINGREE...He was the first to warn the people of the great danger threatened by powerful private corporations, and the first to awake to the great inequalities in taxation and to initiate steps for reforms. THE IDOL OF THE PEOPLE"

Al Gore is NOT fat
Al Gore is NOT fat ... in fact he is looking very fit.

He is NOT getting in the race.  He doesn't need it and being a Nobel Laureate will enhance his real passion ... global warming awareness.

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