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Let's Be Serious In Michigan: Vote Uncommitted, Not Mitt

by: philgoblue

Mon Jan 14, 2008 at 10:51:02 AM EST

By now, we all know Markos has come up with this Michigan Democrats for Mitt idea.  It's here and heretoo.  

This is a horrible idea dreamed up by a Californian. Democrats should vote in the Democratic Primary where something is at stake -- the media reports after the "primary." They can either read "Hillary On a Roll, Wins Michigan" or "Uncommitted Defeats Hillary, Clinton Can't Win Against Nobody." Supporters of John Edwards and Barack Obama along with those angry at Granholm (trying to get a job in a possible, if now less likely, Hillary Administration) for strong-arming this through the MDP should VOTE UNCOMMITTED.

The main problem with Kos' scheme is that we Michigan Democrats need to worry about picking our own nominee, rather than attempt to have some small impact on their nominee. It's more imperative that we Michigan Democrats do our little part so that we do not end up with Hillary, our weakest candidate and least progressive potential president.

Every vote for Romney is also a vote for the headline "Hillary Wins Michigan, Controls Race."

So, think before you follow a bunch of out-of-staters trying to get you to vote for a Republican and instead


philgoblue :: Let's Be Serious In Michigan: Vote Uncommitted, Not Mitt
Some FAQ on the Michigan Primary

Hey, what about that wicked cool idea by Markos to vote for Romney?

The Democrats for Mitt scheme has two goals as I see it.  If they can help Romney win Michigan, Democrats can extend the chaos in the Republican primary and the political fortunes of the candidate most likely to go negative on other Republicans and if Romney does end up winning it appears now that he would be the least electable of Republicans.

There are numerous problems with Kos' idea.

1. Michiganders really don't need a bunch of outsiders who don't fully understand our politics coming in and telling us how to vote.  The Democrats for Mitt group does not include a single Michiganders in its administration.  Instead it's made up of folks from California (Markos Moulitsas), Iowa (Adam Fries), and Pennsylvania (Jesse Hoff).

2.  It's not a good idea to cause mischief in the Republican Primary since it really would influence only a few points and has little chance of influencing the race and because their is something at stake in the Democratic Primary -- the media headlines afterward.

3.  Kos is wrong about the Democratic primary.

Kos wrote:

The Democratic race is irrelevant. I hate to say it to Michigan Democrats, but your governor miscalculated and now the Democratic race means zero. The anti-Hillary Clinton camp thinks if they can keep her under 50 percent by voting "undeclared" that they'll notch some sort of victory. No one will care. You can't even say, "more than half of Democrats don't want her!" since less than half of Democrats wanted her in Iowa or New Hampshire. The reality is that less than half of Democrats want any of our candidates right now in the three-way race. I wish it wasn't the case. And if the primary had been placed on Feb. 5, it would've mattered. But it wasn't. So now the only story that will emerge from Michigan will be the Republican results, and that's the only place Democrats can materially affect the race.

To summarize, this is about letting Democrats actually materially impact this race.

By the way, you can note here that Kos doesn't know a whole lot about Michigan politics.  Granholm didn't "miscalculate," all along this was about creating a firewall for Hillary.  And it's not "undeclared" it's Uncommitted.  Plus, there was never a plan to have a primary on 5 February, it was always to have our traditional caucus on 9 February.  But back to the meat of my critique.

Contrary to his opinion from 3000 miles away, the Michigan Democratic Party primary is meaningful, not extremely meaningful, but important enough to stay on the Democratic ballot.

Now, it's not meaningful as far as delegates go.  Michigan has been stripped of all its delegates, and while some of those might be returned as pseudo-delegates at the National Convention, it's not at all clear now what will become of our delegation.

No, it's important because of the media story that will come out of Michigan (now it won't be front-page news, but it will be inside papers and it will get mentioned on the 24-hour news networks since they have to talk about something and they love to talk about the horserace.  

So, either the media headlines will read "Hillary Wins Michigan, She Now das the Momentum in the Race" or "Uncommitted Defeats Hillary: Michigan Picks Nobody Over Clinton, Boost to Edwards and Obama."

That's the power we Michigan Democrats have on Tuesday, to pick the media headline and influence who has the all-important momentum in the race for the Democratic Nomination.

As Michigan pundit Tim Stubick writes:

Each vote in that [Uncommitted] column is one less for Clinton. Under the worse possible scenario, she could lose to non-committed and the national pundits would have a field day.

Barack Obama and John Edwards can't win the Michigan presidential primary, but they can beat or embarrass Hillary Clinton.

Now some folks I respect a great deal believe that voting on the Republican side penalizes the MDP for the primary farce, and there is some logic to that.  But since it helps Hillary win some momentum and potential delegates, voting on the Republican side if you would have voted for Edwards or Obama means that you're rewarding the Forces of Coronation that gave us this joke of a primary.

Note I've got no problem with the morality of switching ballots, it's just that Kos' assumptions are wrong, so it doesn't make sense in this case.

4.  Again, this effort is extremely likely to fail.  Those Michigan Democrats that switch over are just as likely to vote for the Republican they like the most -- probably maverick John McCain or economic populist Mike Huckabee -- as they are to vote for a choice that will cause mischief -- Mitt Romney or Ron Paul.  Indeed, pro-Huckabee PACs are actively courting Democratic voters to vote for the former governor from Hope.  Meanwhile, the
troll Libertarians want us to switch vote for Ron Paul (they've also infiltrated and spammed Democratic meetup groups in Grand Rapids.  In other words, Democratic switchover votes will go to at least four Republicans and their overall impact on the Republican race will be diluted and therefore minimal.  Heck, there's even news that Republicans are switching over to the Democratic ballot.  Who woulda guessed?

5. Finally, according to the law that put the "primary" at 15 January, the Republican and Democratic Parties will gain sole access to the voter lists.  Thus, if you vote in the Republican primary (and probably achieve nothing but a 1-2% change in the outcome), you'll be paying for it for years and years with Republican robocalls, mailings and knocks on your door.  So, if you want Dick DeVos and Mike Cox to call you and visit your house, then go ahead and switch over to the Republican ballot.

As an addendum, I'm not sure Romney will really be all that easy to beat in a General Election.  Romney can play the business-man card effectively, has no associations with BushCo, and was the governor of Massachusetts (like a Democratic Southerner, swing voters will assume that a Republican from New England is a moderate by the very fact that he got elected there).

OK, so I'll stay on the Democratic ballot.  Now, can't I just write in John Edwards or Barack Obama in the Write-In Space on the ballot?

Write-ins will NOT be counted. They will be considered spoiled and thrown in the garbage since no candidates filled out the forms to be an official write-in choice.

So, if I can't vote for my candidate, shouldn't I just stay home?

If you stay at home, you are simply making it more likely that the forces that brought you the farce of a primary will win and will give Hillary media momentum and all the potential delegates.  If you're angry that Granholm-Dingell-Hillary forced the MDP into a no candidate, no campaigns, no delegates "primary," then show that disapproval through actively voting against them -- voting Uncommitted -- rather than engaging in a boycott they'll write off as laziness.

In short: Every Democrat who would have voted for Edwards or Obama but is now voting for Romney is essentially voting for Hillary Clinton (she he still supports NAFTA).

How about voting for Kucinich?

It is extremely unlikely that Kucinich can get over 15% of the vote in any congressional district, so he can't earn delegates and simply takes away from the main message: everyone not for Hillary should vote Uncommitted.

OK, so can I do?

Vote Uncommitted.

Voting Uncommitted means, according to The Michigan Democratic Party's Voters Guide for the 15 January "primary" that

A vote for "uncommitted" is a vote to send delegates to the Democratic National Convention who are not committed or pledged to any candidate. Those delegates can vote for any candidate they choose at the Convention.

Supporters of Joe Biden [dropped out], John Edwards, Barack Obama and Bill Richardson [dropped out] are urged to vote "uncommitted" instead of writing in their candidates' names because write-in votes for those candidates will not be counted.

The Edwards and Obama grassroots, along with all Edwards and Obama elected endorsers such as congressman Bart Stupack and State Representative Fred Miller (Edwards) and congressman John Conyers (Obama), and the Michigan Democratic Party urge supporters of John Edwards and/or Barack Obama to Vote Uncommitted.

Can Uncommitted Really Earn Delegates and Compete with Hillary Clinton?

Two recent polls show Uncommitted can do well enough to earn delegates and can keep Hillary Clinton under 50%.

A EPIC/MRA poll from Saturday (600 "people," 300 on Democratic side, 9-12 January 2008)
had it:

Hillary Clinton: 56%
Uncommitted: 33%
Dennis Kucinich: 3%
Write-In: 3% (these votes will be spoiled)
Chris Dodd: 0%
Mike Gravel: 0%
Undecided/don't know/refused: 5%

An earlier Rossman/MIRS/Denno-Noor poll (taken after Iowa, but before New Hampshire and the media coverage of Uncommitted; of 300 likely voters in the Democratic "primary," 5.8% MOE; 6-7 January 2008)

Hillary Clinton: 47%
Uncommitted: 28%
Undecided: 11%
All Others: less than 5% each

Michigan election expert Grebner has the Michigan "primary" math showing that even a decent 25-30% vote for Uncommitted could leave it with close to half the "delegates" to the national convention.

Will The Delegates We're Electing Really Be Seated in Denver in August At the Democratic National Convention?

Who knows?  On 1 December the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee went out of their way to penalize Michigan more than the rules called for.  Instead of stripping halfof our delegates for the MDP's breaking of the calendar rules, they stripped allof Michigan's delegates.  The MDP is promising us that our delegates will be seated, however they've made a lot of promises on this primary -- that the DNC would allow our power-move up and that candidates would come to Michigan -- that haven't come true so they've lost my trust in their predictive powers on the primary.  The DNC wants to be able to set the calendar rules, so they will push to severely punish Michigan's delegates.  However, the presumptive nominee will probably push for a compromise, but mostly on the DNC's side.  My guess is that only half of our delegates will be seated, that they won't be allowed to join any committees, including the Platform Committee, that DNC members like MDP Chair Mark Brewer and Debbie Dingell will not be seated, and that if half of the delegation is seated it will only be seated with floor voting rights just before they go on TV to vote for the nominee.  If we have a contested convention because Obama has 40%, Hillary has 40% and Edwards has 20%, then our delegates will not be seated at all because there will be a battle for delegates and Michigan will miss out in the most important convention in over 60 years.

FYI: The DNC canceled the hotel rooms for Michigan's delegation earlier this week.  At the Kent County Democratic Party meeting last week I overheard someone say, "You can be a delegate, but you won't get a bed or a chair."  Ah, the reality of jail-house humor.

But, again, this is more about the media story than it is about the delegates.

What was this moving up from a February caucus to a 15 January primary all about?

First, it's important to remember that although Carl Levin has been hunting his white whale of moving Michigan in front of New Hampshire since the Constitutional Congress, the 15 January plan began as a bill pushed by Republican State Senate Leader Mike Bishop.  It was the pro-Hillary faction within the Michigan Democratic Party that saw this Republican initiative taken on behalf of somewhat-native-son Mitt Romney to help Hillary Clinton whose campaign feared a loss in Iowa and needed a firewall.  So, Hillary endorsers Governor Jennifer Granholm and MDP powerbroker Debbie Dingell put enormous pressure on the Democrats in the State House and Senate to go along with the Republican bill which passed and was signed by Granholm (I have this based on five separate sources).

Publicly, the purpose of the powerplay to break the agreed upon calendar was to give Michigan more of a voice in the selection of the nominee, force the nominees to address Michigan issues such as the Great Lakes, manufacturing, international trade, and industrial unions, and increase Democratic voter turnout and excitement among Democratic activists and voters.

Privately, Granholm is looking to be Attorney General or maybe Secretary of Energy.  Jennifer needs a job since they're aren't any openings in Michigan for 4-6 years.

Why the 15 January "Primary" Was A Horrible Idea

1. It's led to great apathy among Michigan Democratic voters and anger at the MDP among Michigan progressive activists.

2.  The goal of increasing Michigan's say in the nomination process has completely failed.  While are argue that we'll have a little impact, it'll be extremely minimal, especially now that it seems that two or three candidates will survive Super Duper Tuesday and go onward.  Our 9 February caucus could have been a king or queen maker with candidates, campaigns and delegates.

3. The goal of getting candidates to pay attention to our issues has failed as well since they're not here.  And this was after Edwards, Clinton and Obama had been to Michigan before the debacle and we're beginning to discuss our situation in Michigan.

4.  Late last year Democrats and Republicans passed a budget plan that increased the state income tax (but still not back to pre-Engler taxcut levels) and expanded the sales tax to certain services (since repealed).  Another out-of-state groups such as Americans for Tax Reform are trying to take advantage of this to recall vulnerable Democratic representatives who voted for the tax increase including Grand Rapids' Robert Dean and Royal Oak's Marie Donigan (thus putting the Democrats majority in the State House in jeopardy).  Now, with a state-funded Republican primary (instead of a much smaller caucus), Recall petitioners should be able to collect the 11,000 signatures in each district necessary to recall the Democrats since they'll have around a million Democrat-hating and tax-loathing Republicans to ask for their signature.  Governor Granholm has put her desire to get a job in some potential Hillary Administration above both the interests of Michigan Democratic voters, but also the state of Michigan and the Democratic State House Caucus.  Shame.

5.  Another group of out-of-state petitioners will be collecting signature tomorrow -- to make Michigan a Right to Work (for Less) State and turn us into Michissippi.  They'll also have a million Republicans has potential signers.  Great job Jen, you're ruining the state.

6. Michigan's future delegate count is determined by how many people vote on the Democratic side of this primary.  So if turnout is really low on the Democratic ballot, that means we'll lose a significant amount of delegates for 2012.  That's another reason to vote on the Democratic side.

7.  And on top of it all this state-funded primary for political parties is costing our cash-strapped state around $15 million dollars.

So, if the 15 January primary was such a bad idea, what did you do to stop it?

Michigan grassroots and netroots activists organized emails and phonecalls to the MDP to urge them to back out of the 15 January primary and return to a DNC-sanctioned caucus.  We had resolutions to that effect passed in most of the most populous counties at County Democratic Party meetings, including Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw (Ann Arbor) and Kent (Grand Rapids).  We even put forward a formal Implementation Challenge to the MDP (which we did not release to the press since we tried to do this all internally) which our Party never responded to.  Finally, after receiving no feedback from MDP leaders one of our activists and her attorney was forced to sue the MDP and the Secretary of State in federal court.  Heck, the MDP and State of Michigan have now been sued three times (it was one vote away from being ruled unconstitutional in the state "supreme" court), now that the ACLU has filed suit against the primary.

More info on this in a nice diary by brainwrap at MichLib.

What Else You Can Do (Other Than Telling Your Friends and Actually Going to the Polls for Uncommitted)

Join the Vote Uncommitted Facebook Group or contact Georg at voteuncommittedmi

Michigan Bloggers for Uncommitted:

Stone Soup Musings

There's more (indeed I can't think of any subscribing to this idea, the alternative in the Michigan blogosphere seems to be for Ron Paul), but this is getting long and I have to get ready for class and canvass my neighborhood for the traffic calming meeting tonight (yes, I do national, state, county, city (2), and neighborhood politics).

We've still got to worry about our own Party's nominee before we worry about their nominee.  And Michigan will either be a win for Hillary or it won't.  It's really that simple.

Vote Uncommitted.

This is just as much for Obama folks as it is for Edwards.  The progressive, pro-change candidates need to ally here in Michigan.  Sorry, I haven't seen any Obama yardsigns in town.

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This whole primary is unserious...
I think we do more for a progressive cause by punking the GOP than by voting for nothing.

So get out and vote FOR something:

Fucking Shit Up.

Pray for the dead, fight like hell for the living. - Mother Jones

Uncommitted is Unpredictable
Uncommitted is Unpredictable.  Vote for Clinton or Kucinich.

The Congressional Conventions will be composed of Edwards (especially UAW) and Obama (they are organizing already) supporters as well as Clinton's and neutrals.  There will be plenty of votes and negotiations to make sure that the likely 2 Uncommitted delegates in each congressional district will go 1 to an Obama supporter and 1 to an Edwards supporter.

Kucinich will not reach 15% and therefore will not earn delegates and a chunk of the Kucinich vote will go to Clinton delegates (but you already know that).

Steve Pestka for Congress

[ Parent ]
Uncommitted Falling Apart
The Uncommitted campaign is falling apart faster than Giuliani's fundraising.  Democrats are waking up to the fact that they can create real mischief in an increasingly close Republican primary.  Many of those that stay on the Democratic ticket are voting for Kucinich.  With all the options available to voters, I wouldn't be surprised to see Kucinich outpoll Uncommitted in many CDs and win some delegates.  You can't base a successful campaign on underhanded motives and contradictory statements.  On one hand you're telling people that the Uncommitted delegates will be split between Edwards and Obama.  Of course they won't as Edwards will no longer be competitive by March and Clinton supporters will also be running for Uncommitted delegate slots.  On the other hand, you're telling people that the delegates don't matter because they won't be seated anyway.  The only thing you've said that is credible is that you want Uncommitted to do well to make Hillary look bad.  And those types of statements are encouraging undecided voters to go for Hillary.

[ Parent ]
None of this matters
as we will know who the winner is by March and all the delegates from Michigan will be for that person.

The only way this matters is as a message.

If you support someone other than Hillary, vote uncommitted (or Kucinich/Gravel).

If you support Hillary, vote for her.

If she wins in a blow out, the media will yawn...
If she gets less than 50%, they (the media) will pounce on her and we could influence Nevada.

As for who gets to go, it doesn't matter, it never does.

They always vote for the winner far above the actual delegate votes...

[ Parent ]
This could be the most hilarious dynamic yet...
Northernlib is courting the Mischief Caucus so we don't muck up further the Democratic nominating process by voting for Hillary.  Philgoblue is courting the Mischief Caucus to vote Democratic so that we do muck up the Democratic ticket.

Today, the Mischief Caucus rules as kingmaker!

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
I'm advocating Michigan Democrats to vote in the Michigan Democratic Primary.

Along with the MDP, I'm advocating that Obama and Edwards supporters vote Uncommitted.

Steve Pestka for Congress

[ Parent ]
Mischiefers for Mitt rule!
Uncommiteds drool!

Pray for the dead, fight like hell for the living. - Mother Jones

[ Parent ]
bonus points for rhyming! (n/t)

[ Parent ]
read again
your comprehension needs some help.

Steve Pestka for Congress

[ Parent ]
We might have the situation at the District Conventions
that a minority of Hillary supporters actually elect the Hillary-pledged delegates, leaving other Hillary supporters to try to pick off the Uncommitted delegates, even though those voters were clearly not voting for her.

Because of this, I am trying to form an alliance between Edwards and Obama supporters, so that ALL the Edwards and Obama delegate candidates take a pledge to support which of the two has the most pledged support at the national convention. That way, ALL Edwards and Obama supporters can vote for these delegates at the District Convention. Or else, if we happen to score two uncommitted delegates, we will agree beforehand on one Edwards and one Obama delegate, and ALL Edwards and Obama supporters will vote for BOTH of these.  

[ Parent ]
I'm in
let's get in contact on Wednesday.  I can swing the 3rd to this.

Steve Pestka for Congress

[ Parent ]
West Michigan Uncommitted Victory Party
End the farce with a drink!
Results Watch Party and World Turned Upside-Down Carnival

The Cambridge House
600 Monroe Ave,  NW
Tuesday, 7:30 until that Big Uncommitted Win!

PS: The media will be there so you can bitch and complain on TV!!!

Steve Pestka for Congress

bitching and complaining on MichLib not enough?

The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization.

 - Ralph Waldo Emerson

[ Parent ]
Fuck Kos.
He doesn't know shit from shinola. Every interview I have seen or read of him he comes off as a pompus ass.

Stay out of our politics and we will stay out of Berkley's politics.

"Win if you can, lose is you must, but ALWAYS cheat!" -- Jesse Ventura

"Whether you like it or not, learn to love it, because its the best thing going. Wooooo!" -- Ric Flair

[ Parent ]
You made your point eloquently.

I didn't think the republican ticket was our politics.  

Also, this does have national implications, so it is his politics, too.

Nice gratuitous use of Berkley, but aren't you a dirty fucking hippie for politickin on this here intertube also?  

Pray for the dead, fight like hell for the living. - Mother Jones

[ Parent ]
chanupi was joking.

Dirty f*cking hippie is what the lefty blogoshpere says the Washington establishment (ie David Broder and all those who brought us the war) calls us...

As in shut up you DFHers and know your place...

[ Parent ]
Um...as a Berkley, Michigan resident...
...I'd prefer it if you spelled the OTHER Berkeley correctly :)

[ Parent ]
I'd be offended too.

Pray for the dead, fight like hell for the living. - Mother Jones

[ Parent ]
Wow again
I just totally gave a "4" to a Black Earl comment.

[ Parent ]
The Uncommitted Movement Grows
Yard signs near the very busy corner of Fulton and East Beltline


Steve Pestka for Congress

Go to class? We'll take you back to school
I don't have time to address this post right now the way I want to, not because I have to "get to class" but because I have to go attend to my new granddaughter soon. Unless you are teaching that class instead of attending it.. well then a few Elders that know much better with much more political experience and wisdom are speaking up.

You've got a few facts correct that I've been bitching about all week on Kos staying the hell out of our state politics. In no uncertain terms Kos doesn't tell me who to vote for anymore than you do or anyone else will. And if this post is enlightening me to your age then you should see my raised arched eyebrow.

Keep kidding yourself that Hillary and Obama will split the delegate overall counts. We call that wishful desperate thinking. Keep kidding yourself about any media headlines you won't be writing, controlling, much less guessing correctly. One thing you will get to do is read them and weep. Keep fooling yourself and believing the Republican owned press and deliberate narrative they try to foist and inflict upon us. Remember, the Republicans hate every Democrat, including YOU. Keep telling yourself the Republicans loathe Hillary or that she's the weakest candidate. Wrong again, once again, the reality is that they respect and fear her like no other. They're the ones who work with her on a daily basis to know that up close and personal and you don't have that access or position to be judging anything for the rest of us. But, don't forget America isn't buying any of what the Republicans have to say or claim in their own desperation. The scales are falling off America's eyes by the day that they've been fed one big steaming pile about everything, including about Senator Hillary Clinton.

I sense your real resentment is the power and clout they have (and worked hard for, for decades, and paid their dues earning that you've blindly and blithely shat upon), state and national, and you don't have it, or what they have. At this rate I'd never vote for you.

You see I do understand where you're coming from, idealism borne of frustration. Realism will and is about to trump that, as it always does. So while you squeal and holler about conspiracies and firewalls and whatever other excuse you'll dream up, the Real Adults Party Leaders grounded in the reality of the trenches, that have the same informed opinion as mine, will continue to get the work done to make sure people like you can't sabotage our truly tested, scandal free, most qualified if not over-qualified, and Experienced candidate running circles around the rest of them and the Republicans. The same scary smart candidate you can't hold a candle to and a huge majority of us all over Michigan and America see the true wisdom in electing and fully supporting her.


What would the wisdom be with a vote for Clinton  and thus allowing two political families to control the United States for over two decades.   to hell with that.

[ Parent ]
wow, did you get all this insight
by reading Tarot Cards on me?

Steve Pestka for Congress

[ Parent ]
Man, this rant sounds like a transcript from a post-match interview with some 1980s professional wrestler...

[ Parent ]
My Letter to the Editor in the GR Press
Vote uncommitted

I encourage all supporters of John Edwards, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson and Al Gore to vote uncommitted in the Democratic "primary" on Tuesday.

I've been privileged to lead the local grassroots movement for John Edwards the last year. We've had great successes. We marched in the Labor Day Parade, held a reception for Elizabeth Edwards, picketed with her and striking GM workers at the Wyoming plant, attended county party events, had numerous parties, and some of us even traveled to Iowa for their caucuses. We were looking forward to launching a big campaign in West Michigan for Edwards.

Unfortunately, the Michigan Democratic Party decided to break national party calendar rules and therefore all candidates pledged not to campaign in our state. Our candidate ethically lived up to his promise and took his name off the ballot. We had hoped our state leaders would see reality and move back to a caucus in early February, but they continued their failed policy of brinkmanship.

Now we Democrats are left with a confusing ballot that includes only one serious candidate. While "Write-In" is on the ballot, the state will not be counting any write-ins, so do not be fooled. Do not spoil and void your ballot. Instead, vote "uncommitted." Uncommitted delegates will be free to vote for Edwards or Obama at the national convention in August.

Along with the Michigan Democratic Party, the West Michigan for Edwards Grassroots Group urges Edwards and Obama supporters to vote "uncommitted" in the Democratic primary.

Steve Pestka for Congress

Post Danielle's, too

[ Parent ]
Another Letter to the Editor in GR Press

I urge supporters of John Edwards and Barack Obama to vote uncommitted in the Democratic primary on Tuesday.

Sadly, our votes as Michigan Democrats may not count for actual delegates to the National Convention in August because of the dishonest shenanigans of Governor Jennifer Granholm and party powerbroker Debbie Dingell who work on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

They signed on with Republicans to support a bill that would move up the Michigan primary ahead of the line, even though they knew that they were breaking rules that the Michigan Democratic Party had agreed to a year earlier.

For breaking the calendar rules, the Democratic National Committee stripped Michigan of all our delegates, but the pro-Clinton forces strong-armed the Michigan Democratic Party into sticking with this farce of a so-called primary.

Now we're stuck with no candidate visits, no campaigning, no discussion of Michigan issues, and probably no delegates. We've been disenfranchised by some of our "leaders" in Lansing in a bid to use us to help the Clinton campaign nationally.

I'm voting uncommitted on Tuesday since uncommitted delegates will be able to cast votes for the change candidates who wanted our Michigan votes to count for something - John Edwards or Barack Obama.

I'm also voting uncommitted to show my anger with Gov. Granholm and those who tried to force a one-candidate coronation on us.

I want a headline after the fake primary that reads "Uncommitted defeats Hillary." Write-in's will not be counted, the protest vote is for uncommitted

-- Danielle E

Steve Pestka for Congress

[ Parent ]
The headlines won't be "Hillary" anything.
The headlines will be, "X wins Republican primary." The fact that Hillary was the only person on the Democratic ballot and that she received X votes will be several paragraphs down.

Team Hillary is already
gearing up to declar victory in Michigan.

And, if Uncommitted beats her, that'll be huge news.

A vote for any Republican is a vote for Hillary.

Steve Pestka for Congress

[ Parent ]
Or, it could be a vote for Hillary...
Or, it could be shrinking the total number of votes, thereby inflating the percentage of votes Uncommitted receives.

Your entire argument is premised on the fact that everyone who would vote for Hillary is already voting for Hillary, and that everyone else would have naturally migrated to Uncommitted.

Not so.  I could see two or three scenarios under which, if I were to vote on the Democratic ticket today, I'd vote for Hillary over Uncommitted.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
I don't think EVERYONE
but most Hillary people will -- that was the concensus of Hillary supporters at the Kent County Democratic Party meeting.

So, the vast majority of those who don't vote on the Democratic side are non-Hillary voters.  I can't see how anyone could logically argue otherwise.  Not everyone, but you Eric, are a unique individual who may not represent any significant voting block.

Hillary supportes won't spoil their ballot by writing in Hillary.

I expect Hillary to outpoll Uncommitted.

Steve Pestka for Congress

[ Parent ]
Just got interviewed by CNN
should be something from me on Wolf's Situation Room from 5-7.

Just a phone interview on who Dems might be voting today.

Steve Pestka for Congress

Look, folks, the bottom line is that...
...regardless of who you blame for this mess (Granholm? Dingell? Levin? Obama? Edwards? Hillary? Howard Dean? The MDP? The DNC? Mark Brewer? Iowa? New Hampshire?...)

...the fact remains that this whole thing is, in the end, a complete mess...and is being made even messier by the slew of "strategic voting" that various camps are scheming.

My prediction? The Dems who cross over and vote for the allegedly least-likely-to-win-the-general-election (LLTWTGE) Republican will be cancelled out by the Republicans who, not liking (or caring about) any of their own choices, cross over and vote on the Democratic side--either for Hillary (because they think that SHE'S the LLTWTGE on the Dem side, and therefore want her to be the nominee, or for Uncommitted in order to help "embarass" Hillary.

Dems crossing over to vote for Ron Paul will cancel out those crossing over to vote for Romney. Others will enter a write-in name, increasing the spoiled ballots, in turn increasing Hillary's percentage of the unspoiled ones, and so on.

In other words, I predict that after all of the crossover voting, symbolic voting and "wasted" voting is done, in the end the GOP results will end up about the same as they would have been if the whole Dem slate/delegate mess hadn't happened in the first place.

Of course, there's no way of proving this, so I'll declare myself brilliant no matter how it plays out :)

Then what is your prediction
for how many vote in the Democratic primary and how many in the Republican? If your theory is correct there should be more in the Democratic.

The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization.

 - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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