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Mark! Mark! He's Our Man!

by: Eric B.

Tue Mar 04, 2008 at 22:17:31 PM EST

Yes, Sharon, you are chopped liver.  From MIRS tonight:

But it's the liberal blogs' rejection that really stings Renier. They've launched an all-out campaign with multiple posts like "Mark! Mark! He's Our Man!" trying to raise money for Schauer to combat Walberg's fundraiser this week with Vice President Dick CHENEY.

Renier has -$113 cash on hand and has $5,387 in debt, according to the latest reports by the Federal Election Commission. Schauer is flush with $500,720 in the bank. So Renier contends she's the one who could use a cash injection.

"That makes me really mad," Renier told MIRS. "Michigan Liberal should be neutral if their goal is to get progressives and liberals elected. They should wait till after the primary."

Michigan Liberal poster Eric BAERREN's only justification for championing Schauer over Renier was, "Sorry, Sharon, but I's gots to follow my instincts" in the middle of a post celebrating the anti-Cheney fund drive.

If Sharon Renier wishes to get angry at someone, it should be the god of political probability, who says that come August that in all likelihood she is going to get pummelled by a superior candidate.  Working to that is not something that I need to justify to anyone, including anonymous hit piece authors who may or may not have just last Fall publicly complained about anonymous blogger hit pieces in a column written for the Battle Creek Enquirer.

It's also unfortunate that Sharon Renier thinks we should feel obligated to remain on the sidelines until after the primary.  This says much about why, in this case, we aren't remaining neutral.  While Renier complains about how she has no money and nobody loves her, Schauer is out raising cash and building organization.

Eric B. :: Mark! Mark! He's Our Man!
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You mean you're not going to write what you're told??

Someone be sure to email me when this whining helps Reiner in the blogosphere. Maybe if she actually ran a campaign worth a hill of beans there would be a fundraiser with attention from national and local blogs for her. Next time I post I'll make sure to think "Gee what would Sharon think about this?" My .02 in the pot.

"Kill the headlights and put it in neutral..."

Oh, now I get it!
Here I was, thinking that the idea behind political blogs is for people to get together, organize, become more educated and active. I thought that activists were supposed to um, be active in the political process - not passive.

Silly me! I guess that I'm just supposed to open up my wallet to anyone who wants to run for every office, and save any possible judgement or criticism of every candidate until after he or she wins office.

I didn't even know Schauer had a primary opponent.
I wonder if Ms. Renier had been active on the tubes, would this be the case?  I don't live in her district but I know all about Schauer's candidacy and it's because of the internet.  

Sure money's a big part of politics but it doesn't cost anything to post on the blogs.  It's not particularly hard to put an e-mail list together either.

If I were her I'd've jump on the tubes long ago and tried to rally support of the bloggers, instead of complaining after the blogs jump on the Schauer bandwagon.  The path chosen by Ms. Renier tells me much about why her campaign has gone and continues to go nowhere.

Julie--who believes politics ain't for everyone  

To prepare for when your life flashes before your eyes, make sure it's fun to watch.

Here's what takes the cake...
One of these candidates has embraced the blogs, and contributed not just moral and physical support for them, but also content.  He has posted not just comments, but also kicked off our campaign season last year by publicly endorsing Hillary Clinton in a standalone post.

The other candidate has done nothing of the kind, and rather than contacting this site seeking our support, assumes that it's our responsibility -- for whatever reason -- to sit on the sidelines to be fair to her and not support the person who's been actively engaged with us.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
Candidates often suffer from a sense of entitlement
Funny how sometimes a candidate who has done nothing with a group of folks, has been completely unknown to them, expects to show up and get their support.  Inevitably they cry "unfair!" when it doesn't go their way.

I've seen this play out much lower down the totem pole.  It's sad and amusing at the same time.

The real key is what will come afterward.  Does the candidate show they really meant it and get busy achieving stuff to prepare for another run (or maybe just for the sake of the cause)?  Or do they drop out completely and go back to the world they inhabited before they ran for election?  Two very high profile examples of achieving great things by a different path would be Al Gore and Howard Dean.  One needn't have run for high office and lost to go on to make a difference, this can be done on the most local levels.      


To prepare for when your life flashes before your eyes, make sure it's fun to watch.

[ Parent ]
If you are looking for logic..
don't look to Sharon Reiner.  This notion some losing candidates have of political entitlement is so out of step with what voters want that it doesn't surprise me Reiner believes bloggers should remain neutral.  What we need is our strongest possible candidate in the 7th District race, and the logic of that is apparent to most I suspect.  

pardon me for stating the obvious...
but Sharon Renier is a terrible candidate who has no business running for the United States Congress. Her money-raising woes are becoming legendary.  But let's be honest: any one who has listened to her can immediately realize she is not qualified to hold such a high office.  She should set her sights on the township or school board level first, learn the ropes and then set her sights upward.

My 2 Cents
I needed a straight jacket after listening to her "speak" to a group of progressives as she ranted about why she wasn't getting financial support from the local dems in her area.  It was a major turn-off for me as a strong mature professional woman to have to sit and hear her throw careless accusations about regarding how she is constantly sexually exploited at conventions and worksites because she is so "hot". Sexual harassment exists for both genders and is a problem, but certainly that is not the reason that the local dems are not giving her money to support her campaign. Maybe she needs the straight jacket---it really made me view her as someone that I could not see in a congressional office.

Today impossible...tomorrow possible...changing America one black belt at a time.

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