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Thug life, Godwin's Law, and the recall of Andy Dillon

by: Eric B.

Wed Apr 09, 2008 at 11:13:14 AM EDT

Yesterday on Right Michigan:

When it was all said and done mom and pop job providers were socked with a new "Michigan Business Tax" complete with a 22% surcharge.  On top of a spike in the income tax.  Because, apparently, when it rains tax hikes it has to pour.

Well, we knew that Nick wasn't much into research.  Apparently, he's not much of a fan of history, especially recent history.  Most of the rest of us remember the Michigan Business Tax as a replacement for the Single Business Tax, and not actually a tax hike.  I mean, I know in the bizarre mind of Leon Drolet, promising to replace revenue while repealing one tax and eventually figuring out how to do it is a tax hike, but most of the rest of us understand that to be deeply silly.

But, Nick's misadventure with recent history is part of his broader campaign to a) complain about the income tax hike, and b) complain about Andy Dillon defending himself against a recall election that would be held just two months before a general election.  Mind you, these are the same people constantly complaining about government waste, demanding a redundant election purely for the purposes of humiliating a public official and intimidating others.

The Speaker, as we know, is being defended pretty aggressively ... apparently which includes people on his payroll.  Naturally, this has Leon Drolet and his army of recall monkeys in high dudgeon, demanding to know why state-paid workers are out defending their boss from a campaign meant to publicly humiliate him.  In fact, they created a Web site (the "About this site" button leads to a dead link, naturally), offering $250 to anyone who can identify those helping Dillon's staffers protect Dillon from recall.
Eric B. :: Thug life, Godwin's Law, and the recall of Andy Dillon

You'd think that if they need assistance identifying those helping Dillon, that they'd be smart enough to not pull out the broad brush and paint some assumptions.  Not so.

In his post, Nick points to how the recall campaign is gaining national attention, by pointing to one guy who points to another guy nobody but readers of Sadly, No have ever heard of and who suffers from crippling cognitive dissonance, refering to this state as "Up in Michigan" before launching into a jeremiad about how state-paid union workers from outside Dillon's district were descending upon it to help the anti-recall campaign.

Up in Michigan, the thieves in the Democrat Party voted in a gigantic tax increase. Michigan has been mired in a one state recession for quite a while and Governor Jennifer Granholm's only solution has been to raise taxes to pay for government "shortfalls" -- and by "shortfall" you can read government waste. Well, after years of this localized recession in Michigan, the state legislature finally okayed this massive tax increase meant to "save" the state from its financial ills.

Unpack that paragraph at your own risk.  I poked it and felt it trembling, and I discerned this meant it was ready to explode and spread stupid everywhere.  But, thusly did the conservative blogger echo chamber begin to reverberate, where logic is built on a self-contained cycle of links swapped between each other.  As students of the form understand, the most sublime form of political expression on the right is to shout louder than everyone else with as many voices as possible.  Soon, if all goes according to plan, the world will shake with the voices of conservatives from across the nation thundering on about how the people of Wayne County's Redford Township should recall their state representative.

By the way, the original link goes to an essay that includes these paragraphs:

At a hearing on the bill, John French of Save Our Constitution urged legislators to go after paid signature-gatherers, whom he referred to as “gypsies,” arguing, “We really need to know who these people are.”

I couldn’t help but think of the last time they went after the Gypsies.

Reductio ad Hitlerum!  And, thusly do I get to invoke Godwin's Law

Meanwhile, I introduce you to one of the thugs helping the anti-recall effort.

In fact, he has degrees from both the University of Michigan and Northwestern University, and he was also recently accepted to the Brown University Writers’ Sumposium - a competitive-entry professional program.  Still, something more has to be done to restore Ian’s dignity in the public eye.

Just like the Nazis.  Or, the thugs.  After this dizzying affair, I'm not sure what violent group he's supposed to belong to.  Anyway, he drives a Ford, which makes me suspect that ... ummm ... the French!

I myself am actually cool on the idea (cool on the idea, not cool with the idea) of state employees doing this on public dime.  On the other hand, if a salaried Macomb County commissioner wasn't busy criss-crossing the state telling people in other legislative districts to recall their legislators over higher taxes and government waste in special elections that would take place two months before the general, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

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Don't want to jinx it...
So I'm knocking on wood when I say...

he's only got 3 weeks left and he's not even close.

I don't know why Nick's complaining.  Whenever you mention that it was the Repugs in the legislature that approved an increase in the business tax to replace the service tax, he makes all kinds of excuses for Mike Bishop and his ilk.

I guess if you're a conservative, raising taxes is okay if you're a Repug.

[ Parent ]
Short on research and honesty
He's also short on honesty. He's just preaching to the choir, and he can't handle the least bit of honest debate. It's almost funny that Drolet and the losers over there resort to calling people thugs because they are simply fighting back against their lame attempt at overturning the last election. I guess they're angry that it's not going to be a cakewalk. I can't wait to volunteer to do a stint as a counter-recall petitioner.

Communications Guru The Conservative Media http://liberalmedianot.blogspot.com

Don't forget...
the meandering turgid prose.  

[ Parent ]
I can state with a high degree of certainty that Brown University does not offer writing programs which focus on machinery used to pump out basements...

Wouldn't rule it out.
I knew a guy who got his doctorate from Brown, and he was pretty full of, well, sumpables. :-)

[ Parent ]

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