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Dude! Barack Obama saved my kid's life today!

by: matt

Thu Oct 02, 2008 at 20:49:21 PM EDT

First a few happy links...

Here's the text of Barack's East Lansing speech

Here's the video of his Grand Rapids speech:

And here, in case you haven't seen it yet, is a perfectly swell little slideshow from Governor Granholm's debate prep sessions with Joe Biden (h/t dKos).

Okay...here's my story...

So there we are at Barack's rally in East Lansing: Charlie and Rachel (my twins - Bear and Bird, respectively) and my godmother Carol (Joanie had an appointment). A Great rally; great speech; great crowd. Weather was lousy with a cool, brisk wind and occasional sprinkles of rain. Didn't matter though - between 10 and 20 thousand people braved the elements to fill what is a rather small, but picturesque field in the old part of the MSU campus.  

When the speech ended, I picked up Charlie and Carol carried Rachel toward the rope line with hopes of shaking the hand of the pres-to-be. Somewhere in here Carol and I got separated.

Anyway, the Bear and I got within reaching distance and my arms ached as I held him up high, waiting for Barack to make his way around the circuit. Charlie was, of course, being his regular 14-month old charmer self, flirting with the ladies and giggling and grabbing at everything in sight - including an Obama sticker worn by a guy next to us. In an act of goodwill, the man took his sticker and put it on the Bear's shirt. The Bear was very happy about this.

The excitement continues below the fold...

matt :: Dude! Barack Obama saved my kid's life today!
Meanwhile, the next president of these United States (God willing) was walking toward us and there was mayhem all around (as there usually is on a rope line). If you haven't been up close, it's something to see. I was especially intrigued with the efficient system Barack's handlers seem to have developed to help people get their copies of "Dreams From my Father" or "The Audacity of Hope" autographed. Let me also say - as one who has been to way more than his share of presidential candidate rallies - how impressed I was with the advance staff I observed. They were diligent about doing their job. But the folks I encountered were extremely pleasant and upbeat. Maybe it was just because they were happy to hear that McCain is throwing in the towel in Michigan. Nevertheless, very refreshing. I've been to far too many of these things were beleagured operatives are barking out orders, being grumpy and mean and bringing people down. Not the case where I was sitting.

Okay...so here comes Barack. He spots the Bear and reaches over to him. "Heeey guy!," he says. He shakes hands with both of us, and I mutter something incoherent like "thanks, Barack, for everything you're doing, etc." As he's walking on, Barack turns around and says "what's he chewing on?" Doh! I was so caught up the situation I had failed to notice that Charlie had stuffed the sticker completely in his mouth and was attempting to eat it. "One of your stickers!" I replied. As I fished the remnants of the sticker out of Charlie's mouth, I think Senator Obama said something about wanting to be sure he didn't choke and kept moving.

Yeah, so it wasn't like Obama administered CPR or anything like that. But hey, it will be a pretty cool story that we can tell the Bear when he gets older!

Unfortunately, the Carol and the Bird weren't able to get close enough to the ropeline. Hopefully she'll get her chance in the 2012 re-election campaign.

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The Bear Meets Barack.
Ok, so darn cute.  I'm really glad you guys got to go today.

Do stupid people know they are stupid?

watch... this cute story
will be twisted by the rightwing nutjobs as "another example of how Obama wants to kill children". After all, didn't Obama give your son the sticker in the first place?

I'll put dibs that Michelle Malkin "reports" it before Ann Coulter. ;)

(the kids are so adorable!)

It's an example of the "realness" he seems to project.

Yes, Obama is a star, but he's more down to earth than any of the folksy fakes we've seen for many a year.

Absolute Michigan, All Michigan, All the Time

Matt is an awesome dad!

I have sen you at many political events with the kids.  
You are an amazing dad....I don't know how you do it.  

I took a few pictures of you all, yesterday.  I will send them your way shortly.

I wish you luck in getting a picture with Obama and your little democrats.

Take care and keep up in touch!  

adorable! (n/t)

Check out my mediocre blog.

I'm proud to say
that I have a small scratch on my forehead from an altercation with The Bear earlier this week. A brush with a brush with greatness!

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