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GM will shut most or all of it's plants for at least 1/2 of the first quarter. Way to go repubs.

by: DianeS

Fri Dec 12, 2008 at 12:40:15 PM EST

Breaking on CNBC, no link yet...

The ripple:

Honda cutting production again


After blocking the bailout, repubs immediately blame the UAW:

More after the fold...

DianeS :: GM will shut most or all of it's plants for at least 1/2 of the first quarter. Way to go repubs.

GM has hired bankruptcy lawyers.


The silver lining, oddly enough may come from the Bush administration:

Bush administration ready to use $700 billion fund to help ailing industry

 This is money that the White House could make available as early as tomorrow if they so desired, and it would not come with all the strings or preconditions that Congress wanted to attach to the loans.


Now we just wait and see whose clock winds down first.


-Diane Sweet



Edit: Update on the GM plant closures via the Detroit Free Press:

General Motors Corp., which is involved in a last-ditch effort to garner federal funds to help it survive through January, confirmed this morning that it is slashing approximately 250,000 units of production in the first quarter by shutting down most North American assembly plants for about 30% of the first quarter.

My greatest fear at this point is that anything that shutters won't ever be reopened.


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I know Rebublicans
are on the verge of becoming a regional party...but I never thought they would embrace it...

Everyone should call GM corporate headquarters and
suggest they shut down plants in Kentucky, Tennesee, and the rest of the states that didn't support them before they shut down plants in the states that did.  What goes round ought to come round.  

Freep specifically
mentions plants in Kansas City, Kansas and Spring Hill, Tennessee.

[ Parent ]
Except that get this: Sam Brownback (R-KS) actually voted YES!
That one kind of blew me away.

Pat Roberts and Tennessee's Corker (voted NO) and Alexander (didn't vote) are gonna face some pretty pissed-off people at home, tho.

[ Parent ]
They are going to have to close so much,
that no one will be spared.  However, some can be made to pay more than others.  

[ Parent ]
Many people from...
here spend time in the gulf region during the winter, particularly spring breakers.

I have already sent my notice to those in Alabama who profit from my time there that I will not be coming back.

Tourists are just as important to the economy there as here, so everyone should cancel spring break trips, save the money (and gas)and pinch them a little bit.

It isn't much, but it is something we can do.

Yeah, and the Republicans lie about it too
claiming the UAW made no concessions,

Republicans are liars

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