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See me on the Tee Vee!

by: Eric B.

Fri Dec 26, 2008 at 09:08:50 AM EST

**Update by LiberalLucy: You can also view the program here online.** 

Want to see what Eric B. looks like in a tie and shaven face?  Catch today's very special episode of Off the Record, featuring me, Liberal Lucy, that one guy with the pants, and the other guy who does that one thing.  Oh yeah, Tim Skubick is there, too.

We're talking about stuff.  It was taped at a god awful early time in the morning (I think 8:30 a.m., but I have no idea ... all I know is I had to wear a tie and bought Liberal Lucy an omelet afterwards).  Oh yeah, I swiped one of those coffee mugs and gave it to the boy as a souvenir.

I don't know what time WKAR shows it, but I do know that up here in Gateway Country, you can catch it Sunday at noon on WCMU.

Eric B. :: See me on the Tee Vee!
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Congratulations! You're now famouns among - roughly - 50 people.
No matter how interesting you and LL are, the conservatives Tim insists on balancing everything with are bound to be painful to watch.  The "Bloggers Edition" O-T-R panels have generally been impossible to watch.  Screechy recitals of talking points transacted by people who didn't do well when sitting in front of microphones.

On the right, the problem is compounded by their lack of bench - with only a handful to choose from, Skoob has to take whatever he can find.  Candor or spontaneity have been too much to hope for.  Combine that with the general shallowness of Tim's approach to issues, and it hasn't been pretty.

BTW - you don't have to wear a tie.  I wore bluejeans and denim shirt, and security still let me in.

More than one person has noted that the show is on the day after Christmas, and that the audience is likely to be about 25 people.  The silver lining to that is the fact that I was wearing a tie.  If I ever wind up doing the show again, I'll make sure to remember that ties are optional ... all I heard the two weeks before the show was to wear a tie and be boring.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
I love when Lucy is on OTR, and now I'll get to see another Mich Libber, too.  And since I'm a hopeless dork who watches every week, I know that WKAR shows it at 9 pm Fridays and repeats it on Sundays.  I've developed a special fondness for the Skoob over time.  Or it could just be that at the first sound of the Skoob's voice or the OTR music my husband retreats to the kitchen to cook or clean or do something for a half hour.  I even DVR the show so I can cue it up at an opportune time, like when a sticky pan is soaking in the sink waiting to be washed.    

You're not the only hopeless dork out there
I DVR it too, and not just because I'm on it once or twice a year. :-)

It's a good show, and there's a reason why all the 'insiders' in Lansing watch it - you get the scoop, and occasionally you get the "OMG - did they really just say that?!" moment, which always makes for a good time.

Thanks for the compliment. Glad to know my parents aren't the only fans out there. :-)  

I want to change the world, not help people adjust to it. - Millie Jeffrey, MI - National Women's labor and Democratic activist, Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient

[ Parent ]
Nice "flip the bird"
line LL. As always, job well done. We watched it last night.

"Kill the headlights and put it in neutral..."

[ Parent ]
It was fun!
And Eric did a great job - and who knew he cleaned up so well? :-)

Actually, Eric was the consummate gentleman before and after the taping, and it can be awfully hard to sound so awake at that early in the morning, so trust both of us when we say we try hard to look and sound somewhat intelligent. :-)

For the record, Eric didn't have to buy me an omelet, he offered too, and it was gratefully received. (Not too mention it was a very tasty - locally raised egg omelet.)  

But it was fun, and I always appreciate when the Skoob has me back. There's just something about debating the Righties that really gets one's blood flowing early in the morning.

Here's hoping we can do it again sometime soon!

I want to change the world, not help people adjust to it. - Millie Jeffrey, MI - National Women's labor and Democratic activist, Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient

Watch Online
Here's the link for those who prefer to watch via the Internet: Off The Record at WKAR

Oh Nevermind, LiberalLucy Beat Me To It (n/t)

[ Parent ]
Great minds think alike
But thanks for sharing. Hope you liked it! :-)  

I want to change the world, not help people adjust to it. - Millie Jeffrey, MI - National Women's labor and Democratic activist, Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient

[ Parent ]
It's good to finally be able to put a face to the screenname I keep seeing. I had met Eric on election night (and my partner has a video of him running up and down the street waving an American flag).

I must say, you definitely have much more patience than I probably would have if I were sitting at that table.

[ Parent ]
:-) Thanks
I like to think that learning patience is a continual, on going process. It's easy to get frustrated when sitting there listening to the other two spew their talking points without much logic involved. The trick is to not let them see you flustered. Of course, that's an on-going process too, but I think that's  something all of us in politics can work on. :-)

I want to change the world, not help people adjust to it. - Millie Jeffrey, MI - National Women's labor and Democratic activist, Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient

[ Parent ]
I think
we are keeping a log of all the zingers the "lefty" bloggers throw out there on OTR. Lisa had a good one with the "Bread and circus for the masses". I liked the "flip the bird" last night. Marcy had a good one (maybe last year?).

Good call Eric on Nick's tax line (business and income). He tends to try to dominate the conversation and veers off to different topics to make a point. I could tell you had no interest in shouting over him. Akindele seems like a guy you could sit down and talk with. At least that's what Lisa said.  

"Kill the headlights and put it in neutral..."

[ Parent ]
Can you share that video of Eric running up and down the street?

The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization.

 - Ralph Waldo Emerson

[ Parent ]
There's video?
Wow, I missed that.

I saw the running up and down the street, the waving of the flag, the strange man running up holding the Obama poster and talking a mile a minute, Eric congratulating me for defeating Cliff Taylor like I was somehow solely responsible for it, and Matt's mom telling him to STFU, but I missed the video.

[ Parent ]
News to me!
And I was there for the entire thing.  Hmm... communist conspiracy?

Do stupid people know they are stupid?

[ Parent ]

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