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Rachel Maddow vows to continue following story, doesn't pledge accuracy

by: Eric B.

Wed Apr 11, 2012 at 18:47:10 PM EDT

The first person who bitches that I'm continuing on about Rachel Maddow ... I'm hunting them down and stapling to their head a hard copy of every post and comment I've made about her inaccurate story last week on immediate effect and how it's made it more difficult to actually hold Republicans accountable for violating the state constitution.

Today, from Arianna Huffington's unpaid internship farm.

Conservatives promptly denounced the story, pointing out that Democrats have also used the immediate-effect clause.

On Tuesday, Maddow conceded that she should have noted that point. But the MSNBC host argued that what the Republicans were doing was drastically "different" than what Democrats had done. She replayed a clip of the House Speaker noting 73 Republicans present, and ignoring a Democrat's call for a count.

She did note that point, however. She just waved it off as if it annoyed her. Then, she buried the bit about Republicans gaveling through bills for immediate effect without figuring out if they actually had a constitutionally-mandated supermajority at the end, after repeating a bunch of nonsense about Benton Harbor's emergency manager.

"On a personal note, I have to say I am more inclined than ever to stay on this story," she said. "I think something is going on Michigan that's not going on anywhere else in the country, and it deserves a lot more attention than it's getting." 

Fine. Just get your damn facts straight.

Eric B. :: Rachel Maddow vows to continue following story, doesn't pledge accuracy
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Rachel Maddow vows to continue following the story
I'll give you the point that Rachel left out (a very small part of the story) , but just how far back in history do-ya have'ta go to tell a story happening TODAY?

Oh! YOU didn't tell us how much the DEMS used this tactic compaired to Republicans ..... so yer not telling the whole story.  I'll bet its a very big gap ?

I find Maddow to be the most HONEST, COMPLET story teller on TV today ...... But I'm sure your mind has been taken over by FIXED NOISE.

Journalistic integrity exists.
Has our political scene gotten so entrenched that it's "You're either for us or against us?"  

Maddow is not EXCUSED from accusations that she's distorting a story just because she's liberal.  

This whole thing reminds me of the Mike Daisey kerfuffle.  Are Apple's plants in China abusive?  Probably.  But the fact that Mike Daisey just MADE STUFF UP and never MENTIONED that he was MAKING STUFF UP seriously undermined "This American Life's" ability to reveal the problems.

[ Parent ]
Yes, my mind has been taken over by FIXED NOISE.
You forgot a couple of exclamation marks on that, by the way. Also, a pirate flag at the end.

It could also be that she launched a gaffe-filled attack on House Republicans that has so far allowed them to escape accountability for what they're really doing.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
Eric, you state that Rachel launched a gaffe-filled attack on Republicans that has allowed them to escape notice of their abuse of power in this mess. Far from it, the more this issue is examined the more one sees that Republicans use the 'immediate effect" gambit to further their political agenda. They know there are firestorms out there that will erupt if people have the chance to examine their power plays. Immediate effect negates that problem and puts those objecting to the power grab at the mercy of the Michigan Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. We all know what happens when matters of democracy are fed into those fake models of jurisprudence.

[ Parent ]

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