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Ted Nugent: Me being dead was a metaphor for ... something

by: Eric B.

Fri Apr 20, 2012 at 16:40:04 PM EDT

America's oldest, most immature adolescent explains at Henry Payne's Museum for Half-Formed Thoughts that when he said that if Barack Obama is re-elected he'll be dead or in jail inside of six months that it was a metaphor that needs no explaining.

By no stretch of the imagination did I ever threaten anyone's life, or hint of violence or mayhem. Metaphors needn't be explained to educated people.

Then in their ever-desperate scramble to divert attention from the crimes of their communist leaders, the Saul Alinsky "Rules for Radicals" left-wing media and terminally liberal Democrats circled their battlewagons of deceit and hate and unleashed their tsunami of lies about me and everything I said.

Apparently, he's also a jealous adolescent, angry that Allen West's nonsensical declaration that there are 81 communists in Congress attracted its own outrage.

I personally have never been prouder. If my daily activities and simple statements of truth and logic can cause such bizarre overreaction by so many, I need no more evidence that I am on the right track. When doing God's work, the devils go bonzo. So be it.

There are very few people, I think, who would define the day they were interviewed by the Secret Service for using threatening language against the president. Ted Nugent is one of them. The guy who stands on the street corner, shouting at traffic about the dogs whispering in his ears may be the other. The rest of us? It would fall under the category of "private shame."

Eric B. :: Ted Nugent: Me being dead was a metaphor for ... something
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There's No Metaphor
I'm surprised "terrible ted" knows the meaning of the word..

Ted is head of the ignorant, racist blowhard demographic- which unfortunately is a rather large demographic in the U.S.

Proof of ted's blowhardiness?

The fact he appears to be a draft dodger from the Vietnam era.

Just as well he did not go to Vietnam- had he done so with the same asshole, blowhard attitude he has now- he may have found himself fragged by guys on our side.


A fool
The day that obtuse jackass falls head first out of one his tree stands the world will be a better place. Pond scum.  

[ Parent ]
...and I say that...
...and I say that as a gun owner and a hunter. I'm tired of these drooling knuckledraggers speaking for me and the vast majority of non not-job gun owners and hunters.

[ Parent ]
On his love of hunting....
I guess Ted has just pled guilty to one count of poaching.  I couldn't find a good link, but secondary references are easy to find.

Deer in California?
Yes, he so loves hunting that he'll skip proper game management practices.

My old 8th grade English teacher said she owned property that abutted his game ranch in either Hanover or Horton (I could never keep those two straight), and said she had her own problems with Nugent, private property, and proper hunting etiquette.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
Bear in Alaska
Los Angeles Times: Ted Nugent will plead guilty to illegal black bear hunt

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

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