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Why Democrats and progressives always, always, always lose

by: Eric B.

Fri Nov 02, 2012 at 13:45:30 PM EDT

Here is how American politics have gone for the last two decades: Conservatives and Republicans punch a Democrat in the mouth. Instead of punching back, the Democrat tries to duck ... after the punch has already landed. Case in point.

On Thursday in Ann Arbor, McCormack responded with sympathy for Johnson and contempt for the group behind the ad.

"As a mother of four kids I think there is no tragedy bigger than the one she has suffered," McCormack said.

Hey, that's great. Why do I get the sinking feeling that the same people advising her are the same people who advised Jennifer Granholm? Why would she hem and haw about this, and distance herself from it, going so far as to say that her involvement was so marginal that she never even went to Cuba? Why not go right back on the offensive, and accuse the group behind the ad of hating America and the fundamental right it guarantees everyone to a fair trial?

Eric B. :: Why Democrats and progressives always, always, always lose
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It's like having a spine is considered "unliberal."  They weren't like this in the 60's.

Says the guy....
.... covering for Snyder's union-busting, privatization, starve-the-beast schemes by advocating a Yes vote on Proposal 1.

The article says:

The case ended when President George W. Bush's administration decided to send the man to his native Tazikstan where he is serving a 17-year term. McCormack says the case never went far enough for her to even meet him. She has no regrets about volunteering.

"What separates the American legal system from the rest of the world is that we believe in rule of law," she said. "And when we punish the guilty we do it after applying the rule of law."


Could she have made a stronger statement about the rights of all people to have representation, etc? Sure. And, alas, at the end of the day, responding with such vacuous attacks as "they hate America" is not what libs/Dems do. Does it allow us to lose sometimes? Yes. Are we better people for it? Yes. Does the arc of history bend toward the justice in the policies we propose? Yes.

I'm fine with it. And what's with the Granholm cheapshot? Get over it.  

Get over what?
She was a terrible governor, with a proven track record of collapsing at the first sign of opposition. She parlayed that failure into a cable show where she extolls politicians to stand up for the very policies she sold out on a regular basis.

And, no, you're not a better person for winning nicely. That just makes you a nice loser.  Grow a sack, pal. In this case, these people really do hate the traditions that made America great.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
... not all Governors can have a majority in both chambers and members of both chambers being lockstep robots.

And, yes, McCormack is a better person than Stu Sandler every single day of the week. I'm sure you're a fan of Alan Grayson, too :).

[ Parent ]
Too bad
McCormack is going to win, anyway.  Nice try with the smear, Repugs.

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