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A status quo election

by: ScottyUrb

Wed Nov 07, 2012 at 04:51:39 AM EST

Electoral vote: 303-206; Florida's 29 votes still up in the air

Popular vote: Obama 50%, Romney 48%

Michigan: Obama 53%, Romney 46%; Networks called Michigan for Obama right at 9:00.

US Senate: Democrats will retain majority, as Elizabeth Warren and Joe Donnelly gain seats for the Democrats. Democrats had been expected to lose control of the Senate until just a couple months ago; instead, Dems didn't even suffer a net loss of seats. The only seat to go from blue to red was in Nebraska. Congratulations to Senators-elect Elizabeth Warren, Tim Kaine, Chris Murphy, Mazie Hirono, and America's first openly GLBT Senator, Tammy Baldwin! Here in Michigan, it's Stabenow in a landslid; she will be one of 19 (maybe 20) women in the US Senate - an all-time record.

US House: Republicans will stay in charge, but with a slimmer majority. Bentivolio and Amash win; Benishek had a narrow lead at 4:30 AM.

State Supreme Court: Republicans retain majority. Markman and Zahra win reelection. Bridget Mary McCormack wins the seat of retiring Justice Marilyn Kelly.

State House: Gongwer reports Republicans will retain a 59-51 majority. Tough to swallow, but Democrats had so many obstacles to overcome, including name recognition and money. Bolger narrowly won re-election.

Statewide ballot proposals: All six are defeated. The conservative cry of "hands off our Constitution" appears to have worked. Good news is that it took the "choice on the bridge" and 2/3 proposals down too. (The 2/3 proposal went down 69-31%, thank goodness.) Elsewhere in the country, two states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, and three (possibly four) states have approved marriage equality.

Other races: Oakland Couny saw Demorats gain two countywide offices; State Rep. Lisa Brown (fanous for other reasons) defeated Republican County Clerk Bill Bullard (Ruth Johnson's successor to the same position), while Jim Nash beat an incumbent to be elected Water Resources Commissioner. Troy Mayor Janice Daniels, a Tea Party darling, has been recalled. Rep. Mark Schauer's wife, Christine, is Treasurer-elect of Calhoun County. And from the Every Vote Really Does Count Department, Union Township Supervisor John Barker appears to have been re-elected by three votes, while a Democrat running for County Commissioner here in Kentwood is ahead by five votes.

A great night for Democrats nationally, but not so much in Michigan. Expect a lot of hand-wringing in the aftermath of the defeats of props 2-4, and in light of the fact that in a year like this, Democrats couldn't take back the State House or Supreme Court.

Still, I am proud of our President for all he has done and for all he will do!

ScottyUrb :: A status quo election
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State House
Something must have happened within the last few hours, because the last project I saw for the State House was 56 for Republicans.  Still, any peel off is good since on a few key votes we were able to peel off a few Republicans.  If even it is 59, it cuts down on the damage they can do.  In good news, here locally in metro Lansing, Thersa Abed beat Deb Shaugnessy in Eaton County and we retained all three Ingham County seats.

More locally, here, it appears that Dems nearly swept all the seats in the neighboring suburban townships, which came as a complete surprise.  Last check, we got the all the seats Meridian Township, which has it's first Dem supervisor in years.  Tea Party candidate Jeff Hall, who was seen as a shoe-in, lost his race in Delhi Township to the south, and I think we won all the other spots except one trustee spot.  Amazing.  I believe Delta Township was a complete sweep.

Disappointed in the court.  I didn't really think Johnson was going to make it, but I'm not sure how McCormack - who was my favorite of the three - outpolled Kelly when they ran on such a tight slate.

I was estatic to see the 2/3 majority proposal fail so spectacularly, the biggest margin of defeat among the proposals, and the rejection of the horrid Emergency Manager Law.  Looks like the "vote no on everything" laziness got through, though.  I have absolutely no doubt in my mind if 2, 3, and 4 had either been on the ballot alone, or collectively, they'd have passed with flying colors.  But, the other proposal muddled the whole thing.

My most direct anger, though, is at the loss in the MI-01 and MI-11 races, which were completely winnable.  MI-01 is literally seperated by just a bit of 2,000 votes.  Had the state Dems got behind the national Dems on this one, we'd have won this one hands down.  In MI-11, as much as I like Taj, had we put up ANY current or former state rep or senator from anywhere in the district with any kind of name recognition, it would have been much more competitive.  I can't for the life of me figure out why the state party dicked around on what were two easy(ish) pick-ups.  Even with Obama's margin cut in half state-wide we almost won MI-01 which goes to show how easy that would should have been.

Republican Eaton County Sheriff Mike Raines lost to his relatively unknown Democratic challenger by a few hundred votes, it seems!  Just one of his many crazy lines, recently:

Raines said it would be his duty to turn away a federal agent from the county - including an Internal Revenue Service auditor - if the agency was "overstepping (its) bounds."


One particular right Raines and other "constitutional sheriffs" focus on is the right to bear arms. They believe it's in jeopardy.

"Get on the news, and you'll find there's always been a threat to take Second Amendment rights away," Raines said. "There's always been a threat out there."

He wasn't specific, but said he's heard about legislation that would take away Second Amendment rights.

My, Eaton County is a-chagin', let me tell you.  Obama won the county, again, last night, and now they have a sheriff that won't be an utter embarrassment.  I mean, after years of Raines and before that Rick Jones, this is just great.

Dr. Dan has a new banner up today

Seems to me
Oakland County was a bright spot for the Dems. They re-elected all of the county officers elected in '08, and as you said picked off two more. Of course L Brooks can be re-elected as long as he wants, but for some reason Bouchard is the most popular politician in the county right now.

They came within 426 votes of flipping the 41st state House district (Troy-Clawson), which by my calculation is somewhere around 70th-80th most Dem in the state (i.e., it shouldn't be competitive at all), and kept the 39th reasonably competitive (this is the district Lisa Brown vacated to run for Clerk when it was gerrymandered from a West Bloomfield base to a Commerce-Wixom base with enough of West Bloomfield to make the population standard.

They got wiped out in the county Commission (14R/7D), but did about what could be expected given the Rep gerrymander after the law granting the Commission the power to perform the redistricting (alone among MI counties) was passed.

OC Sheriff
The Republicans are going to continue to win the Sheriff's race as long as the Democrats keep running poor candidates. Jane Boudreau is exactly the kind of candidate that the Oakland County Democrats need to stop running for that office if they expect to be competitive. I couldn't bring myself to fill in the oval for her. Get a candidate with a strong law enforcement background, free of a laundry list of baggage, and that county Democrats can get behind and the Democrats will have a much better chance of success.  

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