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If she were in the Legislature, Diane Hathaway's title would be Speaker of the House

by: Eric B.

Tue Nov 20, 2012 at 19:00:59 PM EST

She says she's not resigning. And, why should she? In the last year, we've learned that Jase Bolger not only didn't pay taxes on his business to the state and federal governments in his youth, but he also engineered an election rigging scheme, and he was not only re-elected to office but re-elected by his own caucus to be the third most powerful political official in the state. What's a little civil fraud compared to that?

Lansing — Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway faces allegations of defrauding her bank by hiding assets to unload a $1.5 million Lake St. Clair home on a short sale and escape $600,000 in debt, The Detroit News has learned.

It's not Bill Schuette. It's the U.S. attorney who's after her, so it's not political. It's shadiness. She ought to resign. So should Jase Bolger. I'll give you one guess who will be forced out and who will remain the state's Speaker of the House.

Eric B. :: If she were in the Legislature, Diane Hathaway's title would be Speaker of the House
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How could she be so dumb? But you are right, the people who will be hounding her to leave are the same people who have turned a blind eye to Bolger's misdeeds.

I offer them a purely cynical and political trade: They can have Hathaway if we can have Bolger.  Short of that, we can let the legal system takes it's course on the both of them.  I'm tired of taking the honorable road when all amoral Republicans do is laugh.  I hope we don't feed the trolls, 'cause that's just what they are.

Why Hathaway must go
Unless Justice Hathaway denies the allegations in the federal suit against her, she must resign.  She is a Supreme Court justice accused by federal law authorities of violating the law. Bolger should resign from leadership too.  But Hathaway's situation is more advanced that Bolger's.  Bolger's legal status is more in limbo and will be until the grand jury decision.  If Bolger is recommended for indictment then his situation then more closely resembles Hathaway's and the pressure on him to resign as Speaker will be irresistable.  

Bolger admitted to trying to stiff state and federal governments on business taxes
Also, there was the lawsuit in which he was accused of defrauding a client.

But, that's not something we care about, apparently.

Among the Trees

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Not entirely accurate
Maybe an argument to be made that Hathaway's situation is further along, but it's not by nearly as much as you are potraying it.  Like Bolger, Hathaway has not been indicted or charged with a crime.  What the Feds have done thus far is seeking forfeiture on here family's second home.  

Sure, it's a step further than initiating an investigation, but this idea that she's so much more ethically compromised than Bolger is simply ridiculous.  Hell, Bolger has admitted to much of the stuff he's been accused of with - stuff, BTW, that is directly connected to his job as a legislature - the only caveat being that he says that he was being unethical instead of doing something illegal. lol

Again, looking at this from a purely political and cynical angle, I wouldn't mind seeing Hathaway go, but certainly not before Bolger left.  I'm going to keep these two tied together.  Time to start playing hardball.

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