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Legalizing same sex marriage is a constitutional amendment I'd put in work for

by: Eric B.

Tue Nov 20, 2012 at 19:06:38 PM EST

Picked this up off social media this evening. I'm ashamed to say that Michigan is still in white. Why is it? Since I started writing about this issue a decade ago, the ground has shifted precipitously. Back in the day, I was one of the 25 percent who was okay with it. Now, a majority of Michiganders say it's time.

Where is the effort on this. It's now low-hanging fruit, people. This, and marijuana legalization.

Eric B. :: Legalizing same sex marriage is a constitutional amendment I'd put in work for
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Looking at the last election
It's clear that you have to have a relatively clear ideology on any given ballot year or even good stuff will go down.  Voters seem to have a difficult time when you get conservative and liberal backed initiatives on the same ballot, especially when it's literally more than a handful, so in a strange way, I'm glad this wasn't on the 2012 ballot.

MSU's State of the State survey says it's a winner, too
Support for gay marriage grows in Michigan

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

That was the poll cited
That was the poll cited in Eric's original post.

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I didn't recognize the PhysOrg link as the same thing.  Besides, all I would have done is changed the subject line to "here it is from a local source."

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

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I was going to
Write my first diary on this topic, but as it's now open I'll just piggyback on this post.

I agree SSM should be doable, either in '14 or '16. Not easy, mind you; it wasn't easy in any of the four states in which it was on the ballot this year. And there is at least one  challenge in Michigan. The percentage of the population with college degrees here is lower than in any of the four states (support for SSM correlates well with educational attainment). Religion is a mixed bag. Michigan arguably is less religious overall than MN and MD, but less than WA and ME.

But put that aside for a minute. I agree with the idea that, as a state with a relatively favorable environment and the ability to propose constitutional amendments by initiative, MI should go for it in the near future.

The question is who will organize the effort? Whoever it is will have successful templates to follow. This year, the organizers in the four states actually did some market research and found out what works as far as advertising and personal contact goes. And this effort would take actual organization, like contacting voters, finding out who our supporters are, and making sure they vote. It will require a ground war as well as an air war.

Which brings us to money. Money will be needed for collecting signatures, advertising, and organizing. This year I think NOM and their allies were beaten on the money front as well as the organization front. I doubt they'll let that happen again.

If an effort is made to repeal the odious Art. I, Sec. 25 and substitute marriage equality, I'll be happy to donate money, collect signatures, make phone calls, go door-to-door, or whatever else needs to be done, but only if it's in support of a serious effort to get this done.

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