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Media unhappy with benevolent overlord Rick Michigan's transformation

by: Eric B.

Sun Dec 09, 2012 at 17:05:26 PM EST

A quick run around the state's newspaper editorial pages today, including one surprise, one not-so-surprise and Teh Demas continuing her tear of late. It's kind of like The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 'cept with a lot less Eli Wallach. The Surprise.

Elected Republican officials in Lansing last week showed in breathtaking manner how little respect they have for the democratic process. In one of the Capitol's most amazing days Thursday, the House and the Senate rushed through lame-duck legislation that will make Michigan a so-called right-to-work state.

It's the Livingston County Press & Argus, which in the 2010 election cycle had the distinction of publishing an endorsement editorial that was a blanket endorsement of Republicans without naming anyone.

What isn't surprising, on the other hand, is the disrespect shown by elected Republican officials in passing Right to Work legislation last week. These are people, after all, who were gaveling into Immediate Effect legislation that didn't meet the clear and obvious constitutional criteria for Immediate Effect; and who are led by Jase Bolger, who connived to rig an election. Who can register surprise that they'd move huge, contentious legislation this way, and that they'd attach an appropriations so that it's referendum proof.

And, by the way, a quick question here ... if the governor and his pals in the Legislature are so sure this is what a majority of Michiganders wanted, why do that? If their internal polling is accurate, they'd win a referendum election.

Just askin'.

The not-so-surprising, from the Detroit Free Press.

Snyder has long acknowledged that steamrolling right-to-work legislation through the Legislature would have enduring negative consequences for productive collaboration between workers and employees. His decision to embrace such legislation now destroys, in an eye blink, the trusting relationship he and his business allies have struggled to establish.

Again, it's now impossible to trust his talk on this. True, he got a lot of pressure from the various legislative caucuses, but at some point it's your actions and not your words that define you. Time and again, benevolent overlord Rick Michigan has said one thing and done another. It's kind of like when he said he wanted to make it easier for poor people to buy healthy food, and then his Department of Human Services threw a bunch of people off food stamps.

Finally, Teh Demas.

Expecting moderate responses to radical actions is usually unwise.

She tweeted that last week. It's very true. All they've done is ratcheted up the rhetoric and guaranteed a couple of years of gridlock and hard feelings. But, again, they attached an appropriation to Right to Work, which means the Legislature doesn't really care about that.

I look forward to the next Very Serious Person who tells us that both sides are always equally guilty.

Eric B. :: Media unhappy with benevolent overlord Rick Michigan's transformation
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Nerd? Really?
Rick Snyder is neither tough, nor is he a nerd.  Had he been a nerd, he'd have realized that immediate short-term gain is not better than long-term electoral survival and good policy.  I can't for the life of me figure out why he's promised to sign this.  He didn't just come around to Right to Work in the 11th hour, and saw the errors of his ways for calling it unhelpful for years.  

If he thought the challenges from the right were going to be bad, he had to have known that he's now got challenges from BOTH the left and right now, because of this, and very real challenges regardless of who actually shows up to face him.  I mean, he actively chose to lop off an entire wing of his already squishy coalition, but a coalition nonetheless.  

There is often a not-so-visible line between being brave or being stupid.  In this case, the line is not only bright, but it's flashing red and has an audible alarm.  This was stupid policking on even stupider policy.  Whatever the merits of Right to Work, I don't even think those in support of this can say with a straight face that Snyder didn't bungle the hell out of the issue, and to such a degree that it hasn't permanently  damaged his brand.  This guy is a stooge.  

You know, some of you have complained bitterly about the political ineptedness of the state Dem party.  All I have to say is thank god for the Michigan GOP.

Snyder is no different
than any of these other teabaggers and far-right extremists, he just makes a better speech. Maybe he doesn't care about re-election? Why should he? It's not like he needs the job, and he's already removed the tax burden from his business cronies, and now he's put those annoying unions in their place, so why not declare victory and move on to the next gig?  

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