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Freep editorial is right: Right to Work should go to a vote of the people

by: Eric B.

Mon Dec 10, 2012 at 14:40:40 PM EST

Again, why are Republicans afraid of voters?

If Gov. Rick Snyder expects Michiganders to believe his professed interest in “worker choice” is anything more than the most cynical doublespeak, he’ll embrace a reasonable compromise Michigan’s Democratic congressional delegation proposed at a meeting in the governor’s Cadillac Place office Monday morning.

Those present at the meeting urged that instead of signing the right-to-work bill state legislators are expected to whisk to his desk Tuesday, Snyder should encourage the bill’s champions to place the question before voters in the next statewide election, currently scheduled for August 2014.

He can line item veto the appropriation out of there and put the matter into the hands of Michigan's voters.

By now, most of you have seen where Congressional Democrats have warned the governor that Washington might look dimly on state Republican ramming Right to Work through in lame duck with no public comment. It's also fraying the edges of the political fabric down in Lansing.

Eric B. :: Freep editorial is right: Right to Work should go to a vote of the people
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Said this all along
But I think Snyder has both been backed and backed himself too far into the corner to turn back.  Anything less than signing the bill, as is, would destroy him with both his base and his opposition.  He had a chance to call for the GOP to put this before the voters if they were so sure about it, but that horse left the barn, weeks ago.

He's made his bed; now he's going to have to lie in it.  Too bad we'll all have to suffer because of this cowardice and imcompetence, but turnabout will be fair play in 2014.

tough nerd not so tough
Quite true. As long as Snyder could follow along behind the screaming bunch of wackos in the legislature that drew all the attention he was fine, but on this issue he had to step forward, which I imagine was difficult for him, not having a spine to hold him up, or a principal to lean on.

see also


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Detroit News
Odd that we've heard nothing from the Detroit News editorial pages since the Finley column on RTW. Nothing from him or Howes.  

They finally popped up
Howes recycled his "moment of reckoning" pablum that he regurgitates on a weekly basis. The main editorial provided a limp endorsement of RTW and they followed that with a slap at Snyder and Republicans for exempting Police and Fire from RTW legislation.  

[ Parent ]
It's the Police and Fire exemptions that prove all their pro-RTW arguments are specious
In that one point, the News has it right: If RTW is such a great thing, empowering employees to pay or not pay the dues and fees that come with working under a fairly-negotiated collective bargaining contract, then DENYING that "freedom" to our finest and bravest first responders is downright cruel.

That, or Republicans are simply trotting out focus-grouped talking points in a transparent attempt to cover their asses so they don't have to discuss their true motivation, which is to cut into union membership and revenues (and that exempting the police and firefighters is intended to peel their UNIONS from those rabble-rousers in the UAW, MEA, SEIU and AFSCME -- and prevent future pro-union ads from including the powerful imagery of uniformed officers).

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

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