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In Rod we Trust

by: Eric B.

Thu Dec 13, 2012 at 09:04:05 AM EST

I woke to a nightmare this morning, and the Legislature hasn't even started conducting business today. Via Twitter, Michael Patrick Shiels says there's a rumor circulating that America's Shoutiest Mayor may make another run at governor.

If this happens, I hope you'll all join me in making sure there's at least an alternative candidate on the primary ballot. Back in 2010, the Dems made the error of putting their eggs in the John Cherry basket, which imploded 11 months before the election. So, I'm going to get out ahead of this thing and start a draft movement to make sure there's a credible opponent to Virg.

I give you, an inanimate carbon rod, shown here getting a medal from Matty Maroun.

The bonus is that he's got more personality than Andy Dillon. If Virg is in, so is Rod. In Rod we Trust!

Eric B. :: In Rod we Trust
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In Rod we Trust | 13 comments
Just wondering...
Could Bart Stupak be talked back into politics? He's got name recognition and appeals to moderate R's.

Stupak? Really?!
What has Stupak done that has had a lasting impact?  

He's awesome at keeping the lights on, but that's about it.  

[ Parent ]
Wasn't it Stupak that brought along the recalcitrant Dems to sign onto Obamacare after getting the abortion question resolved? He must have some kind of leadership ability to be able to do that.

I am not saying he's ideal. Just throwing the name out there as maybe more electable than Virg. Bernero has little name recognition outside of Lansing even after running for gov.

[ Parent ]
An anti-choice Conservadem who held up the ACA at the last minute to get yet another concession on abortion is the best choice for the Dems?

I can't think of any candidate who would be more demotivating for Dems in Oakland, Washtenaw, Ingham, or really any place that's not populated by a bunch of self-hating women.

Pretty much any Dem is going to be pro-labor. The difference is which ones will be pro-women and pro-gay.

[ Parent ]
What about
Mark Meadows? Great former mayor of East Lansing. Doing a good job in the House. Great in his region, but I don't think he has much recognition across the state though (that didn't stop Bernero).  

Please Don't Make Me...
Gag! Meadows?! I'd volunteer full-time on Virg's campaign if Meadows was the alternative.

[ Parent ]
Why not
Gretchen Whitmer? Didn't I see it here where she is prepping for a run? What is the problem with her running?

Yeah, maybe...
I'm not worrying about anyone else getting into the race. If Virg gets in, I'm starting a "Draft an inanimate carbon rod" campaign.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
She'd be great
You get no argument from me about her.

[ Parent ]
Highly, highly doubt Bernero will even run,
much less be competitive in a primary, much less win the nomination.

Almost everyone and their aunt's ninth cousin thrice removed expects Mark Schauer to run, and almost as many people expect Gretchen Whitmer to run. There could be others too, including John Austin, Hansen Clarke, and Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel.

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

Let's stop
supporting losers. Schauer and Clarke should be out of the question. Austin sounds like an interesting choice but I don't think state school board to Governor is an effective transition. For me, it's Whitmer all the way. Hackel could pique some interest, too, though.

[ Parent ]
As one of Schauer's former constituents, I'd support him nt

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

[ Parent ]
I love
I love how much Virg sends everyone into a tizzy.  You better catch him if you can; he eats this sh%t up. Good luck.  That's right, throw a few more Andy Dillons on the barbie. lol

In Rod we Trust | 13 comments

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