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If only the state Legislature had acted sooner...

by: Eric B.

Fri Dec 14, 2012 at 13:32:42 PM EST

We're not supposed to talk political solutions to horrible tragedies the day they take place. Too soon, we're told.

Well, no, it's not too soon. Today's elementary school massacre in Connecticut comes less than 12 hours after the state Legislature passed a bill liberalizing our concealed weapon carry law. The legislation first came to our attention after the Denver theater massacre. Now, they passed it and less than a day afterwards, someone walked into what under that legislation is no longer a gun-free zone and has killed more than a dozen children.

I'm no longer interested in hearing the usual rebuttal to this, which is that keeping this a gun-free zone wouldn't have kept the gunman out, that gun-free zones don't save lives. I'm sick of hearing that, because it feeds a culture that believes that things can be solved with more firearms. Making schools a gun-free zone may not save lives, but allowing people to pack heat in schools, churches and bars won't, either. Instead, after every mass shooting, we instead have to start out hearing nonsense about people's right to carry firearms anyplace they like.

Guns don't solve problems. Guns make things dead. In this case, more than a dozen children. How long until we have a sane conversation about firearms in this country?

Update! ... Rightwing self-victimization syndrome kicks in. From Joe D.'s Facebook feed.


Joe's right. I've always found outrage over target symbols to be overwrought. There's a clear distinction between taking aim at someone in the metaphorical sense, and in the real sense, and in politics it's pretty clear which one you're using. What isn't metaphorical is a vote to liberalize gun laws so that people can carry concealed firearms into a school. And, no, in an emergency, a bunch of "trained" civilian pulling guns isn't a help to anyone.

Eric B. :: If only the state Legislature had acted sooner...
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Snyder can't sign this.  He simply can't.  Apart from the insanity of the actual event, today, this legislative insanity has to stop, somewhere, and it has to stop now.  Snyder has to veto this bill.  He has to.  Enough is enough.  No more.  I simply don't have any more words or feelings left.

Just read the Detroit News.  It seems Snyder is hinting that he may veto a lot of the social issues/culture war bullsh%t that made it to his desk, with the news highlighting possibly the gun legislation and abortion legislation.  I won't believe it until I see it.

[ Parent ]
If Snyder vetoes any of these it'll be proof he's fine with being a one-term governor.

Of course he could just say "my work is done here", bow out, and retire to Ann Arbor or wherever he really wants to be living.

[ Parent ]
He signs any
If he signs any of these, it'll be proof to me that he's fine being a one-term governor.  This stuff is so beyond what the people of Michigan want that signing this crap would be the bow tied on top of the Right to Mooch legislation.  If he wants to win back some of the non-political, low-attention "moderate" rubes that helped him win, he sure as hell better veto some of this stuff.

[ Parent ]
Of course
Of course you're right about that too. Looks like the wingnuts have him backed into a corner. If he vetoes any of this stuff he gets primaried and probably loses. If he signs it, along with RTW, he probably loses. There's enough here that I could design the ads, and I'm definitely not an ad-man.

So maybe he chooses my Plan B. He declares his term a success, bails on running for re-election, and retires to wherever.

[ Parent ]
Now the crazy bastards want to arm the teachers.
They don't want to pay them, but they expect them to engage in shoot outs.   Maybe this will qualify them as cops, and they can keep their union.

If these looneys aren't kicked out of office in 2014, there will be nothing left of this state.  I thought Engler was bad.  He looks like a genius compared to these neanderthals.  

too soon?
It's not too soon for the Christian Supremacists to start talking about how "Prayer in School" could have prevented this -- but it's too soon to start talking about gun control.

Okay.  Got it.  

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