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Benevolent overlord launches effort to seize your guns, put you in FEMA camps

by: Eric B.

Tue Dec 18, 2012 at 14:21:17 PM EST

He's vetoing SB59, which would get rid of gun-free zones, and let paranoids carry firearms into churches, bars, and schools. We're supposed to consider this a victory, but I have a hard time doing that because it came to this in the first place.
Eric B. :: Benevolent overlord launches effort to seize your guns, put you in FEMA camps
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He would have signed it if the massacre hadn't of happened.
Snyder is really bad, and he better be a one term overlord.  

He had no other choice
I'm glad he didn't sign it, but let's be honest, he had no other real choice.  He may be mean, but he ain't crazy.  He spent his political capital on right to work, he didn't have anything left to spend particularly in the light of the tragedy.  

What angered me was his dicking around immediately after the tragedy and literally up until today to let everyone he wasn't going to sign it.  The right and moral thing would have been to get in front of the cameras on Saturday and say "You think I'm signing this sh%t?  Are you crazy?"  Instead, we get all of this bull over the weekend about him 'hinting' that he 'may' not sign it.  This man's a coward even when he's being given all the cover in the world.

The status quo...
Currently open carry is allowed in all these places, unless signs prohibiting same are posted. Note too that open carry in MI requires no permit of any sort...

The Gun Nut ultimate fantasy:
"Please remember this is a library.
If you find it necessary to fire a
handgun, you must use a silencer."

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