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My Liberal Values

by: ThatPoliticalElectrician

Fri Dec 21, 2012 at 20:46:25 PM EST

I'm a liberal. If it was not for liberals, America would still be British.

My liberal values favor there being Universal Civil Rights (even in the matter of gay marriage).

My liberal values favor inclusiveness over exclusivity.

My liberal values favor Social Justice, so that no person is above the law and that no corporation deserves to be granted the same Constitutional Rights as the same type people who have birth certificates (like I do)..

My liberal values are anti-tyrannical, especially in the face of monarchies, plutocrats, oligarchs, incorporated influence and inherited wealth AND that the government has the right to step in when the majority of citizens favors making any one segment of America less free than another.

My liberal values are in favor of an effective, results oriented government which answers to the people when confronting corruption of all types AND which is flexible enough to change upon facing the evidence that the results are not what were intended.

My liberal values do not consider that humanity is evil and coming to steal my stuff--so that the ONLY responsibility of government is to protect me owning my stuff.

My liberal values favor a Universal Health Care System.

My liberal values are such that, even though I do not like abortion per se, since I'm not female, I defer to a female having the right to choose for herself.

My liberal values favor a conversation about the government providing for a social safety net which creates and maintains a foundation for an opportunity for the working poor to be afforded a living wage, to step out of poverty, to not be kept hungry, to not be kept outside of decent housing, to have their children educated enough to become more than another generation of obedient workers, to have the opportunity for higher education, etc.

My liberal values prefer that the cost of pollution become a factor of the cost of the profits created by manufacturing and farming and logging and mining and drilling for oil, of fracking and nuclear energy.

My liberal values favor the rights of workers to organize into labor unions and to negotiate for the rights of their workers for a safe work place, the right of seniority over favoritism, for the right to negotiate for a raise in pay when those workers take into account that PROFIT is the difference between what their labor is worth and what they are paid for their labor, their worker's right to be paid enough to afford taking a weekend off and their workers right contribute to, and depend upon a paid pension.

My liberal values agree with John Pulitzer who said, “A free press should always fight for progress and reform, never tolerate injustice and corruption, always fight demagogues of all parties, never belong to any party, always oppose privileged classes and public plunderers, never lack sympathy for the poor, always remain devoted to the public welfare,”

As a liberal, I may be romantic, but I'm proud of those values also are the ideals of the founders of America for creating the first government which documented which rights the government COULD NOT TAKE AWAY from The People.

As it is the American experiment continues because ours is a revolution in slow motion.

Progressive propose and conservatives oppose.
ThatPoliticalElectrician :: My Liberal Values
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My Liberal Values | 0 comments

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