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2012: It was a hot one, just not hot enough to melt the planet, Mayan-style

by: Eric B.

Thu Jan 03, 2013 at 14:00:55 PM EST

*Cough*Bolshevik plot*cough*.

The experts are still finalizing the data, but it looks like 2012 will go on the books as the warmest year in the U.S. in recorded history (ever since 1895).

I spoke with state climatologist Jeff Andresen for today's Environment Report. He's also a professor of geography at Michigan State University. He says in Michigan, we also came close to setting a record last year.

Fortunately, the person who filed the report was good enough to write a balanced story. There is no mention of stolen e-mails, or faked data, or a 10-year cooling period, or any of the other whack-a-mole climate change denier talking points you might see in normal mainstream reporting. It's about data, and about predictions for the future, and how last year's temperature record fits into the overall climate record.

Eric B. :: 2012: It was a hot one, just not hot enough to melt the planet, Mayan-style
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Climate change is killing us now!
And we need to switch to renwables ASAP!

This is a political topic.  Who knows why.  But like all such topics now, the middle is the center-right, or the mid-far right, somewhere to the right.  So when public radio gives the regal nod to climate change in Michigan and leaves out the usual lunacy, we have to call it balanced (no offense intended Eric.  I thank you for keeping us posted on this).   MPR's report-that 2012 wasn't or was the first or third or "we're looking over the data"-is a bit outside of balanced; it is vapid.  Grand Rapids had 30 days of 90-plus temperatures.  That's equatorial.  On March 21, the first day of spring (remember how you've shoveled snow so often on that day? "Goes out like a lamb" and all that?), the temperature was 87. Summer rains couldn't compensate for the desert heat, so trees that had flourished for decades were stripped to exhaustion, lilacs didn't bloom, crops never appeared.  The scene, if you were not just driving by with the air on, was apocalyptic (that word, so over-used.) Considering the situation, with balance like this, we may need to rest our finger--maybe our elbow--on the scale.

That's very true, but...
We knew going in that last summer was going to be very hot.  the March heat wave was horrible.  And, I have to point out that right now, we're just two weeks out from the statistically coldest week of the year and several of the days before that will be above freezing ... in a year of stasis for the Pacific Ocean currents.

Ultimately, we do have to go with what the data tells us, not things that might be anomalies within normal limits. But, yeah, that's scary enough that we shouldn't be sitting around doing the nothing we're doing right now.

Among the Trees

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