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John Gleason's outrage explained: He wants to gift his seat to a buddy

by: Eric B.

Fri Jan 11, 2013 at 11:03:43 AM EST

From MIRS:

Funeral home director Don O'GUINN said he is planning on throwing his hat in the ring for the open 27th Senate District seat vacated last week by now-Genesee County Clerk John GLEASON.

O'Guinn told MIRS today he plans to have Gleason with him at a Monday announcement as he seeks the Democratic nomination. The filing deadline for the special election is next Friday, Jan. 18. On Thursday, Gov. Rick SNYDER set a March 12 primary and a May 7 general election (See "Gleason Blasts Snyder For Special Election," 1/9/13).

Someone's behaved like a dink here, but it ain't the governor.

Eric B. :: John Gleason's outrage explained: He wants to gift his seat to a buddy
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Gleason is a goofball with a need for power.  He will try to build a political machine in Genesee County.  Only question is whether he is indicted, sued or run out of town before he consolidates power.  

I'll bet
None of those things happen

[ Parent ]
Bet is on
Based on past behavior it's a good bet that he'll get a sexual harassment complaint.    

[ Parent ]
A complaint is a lot different than "indicted, sued or run out of town." 8 years in the Senate and no evidence to your point either.

[ Parent ]
Not true
Check it out.

[ Parent ]
Romney Donor?
There is a Don O'Guinn who is a Romney donor.   Same guy?  Seems so since he is listed as a funeral home director.

Interesting behavior for someone running as a Democrat dontcha think?


Same guy
who ran as a Republican for County Commissioner like 20-some years ago?

An R can't win this seat. And it's been sitting in the hands of a conservative Dem for way too long. Gleason's always been a DINO.

[ Parent ]
What are the communities included in the 27th?

Looks like
Burton, Flint, Flint Township, Swartz Creek, Mount Morris Township, Beecher, Mount Morris, Genessee Township, Richfield Township, Vienna Township, Clio, Thetford Township, Forest Township, Otisville, and the part of Otter Lake inside Genessee County.

Approximate Obama/McCain percentages 75/24, approximate average percentages for Gov/AG/SoS in '06 68/32 (statewide was 47.5/52.5). As DocHopper said, a Rep can't win this one.

[ Parent ]
What about 2014?
The district will change for the 2014 cycle, right?  Because of redistricting the new districts go into effect for that election and this election is in the old district.  

[ Parent ]
That is
for the new district.

You're right the special will be held in the old district. That consists of Montrose Township, Montrose, Flusihng Township, Flushing, Clayton Township, Swartz Creek, Flint Township, Flint, Genessee Township, Gaines Township, Gaines, Mundy Township, Argentine Township, Argentine, Fenton Township, Linden, Fenton, and Lake Fenton.

Approx. Obama/McCain was 69/30, and approx. 2006 average was 62/38. Less Dem than the new district, but still not winnable by a Rep unless said Rep wins the Dem primary.

[ Parent ]
What I'm interested in...
...is how we can get a progressive in that seat?  If we're just going to replace Gleason with someone like Gleason, it's a missed chance.  I'm not very familiar with Genesee County politics, but I'd guess it's measurably less progressive than the politics here in my Ingham County.

[ Parent ]
I'm not
from Genessee either, but I'd guess your guess is right. I'd suppose the median Dem elected official in Genessee is pretty solid on labor and economic issues and pretty conservative on, e.g., choice or gay issues.

Can anyone from Genessee opine on whether there are any Glenn Andersons among the elected Dems up there?

[ Parent ]
Glenn Anderson
You mean the Senator who, aside from Gleason, has the most conservative voting record in the Senate? The one who, according to the Tea Party's report card, voted in the Tea Party interests more than any other Senator? Why would we want a Glenn Anderson-type to take this seat??

[ Parent ]
I'll rescind
the last part of my previous comment. I was under the impression that Anderson is at least reasonably progressive (at least by the standards of most of SE Mich, which isn't a terribly high bar to clear). When I find I'm mistaken I acknowledge my mistakes.

[ Parent ]
Someone correcting if I'm wrong - and I know you guys will regardless of the invitation - but what outside of the anti-bullying bill did Anderson ever do that gets him rave reviews from so many progressives?  I genuinely curious, because this was the guy everyone was screaming about being a good alternative to liberal lion John Conyers that I never quite understood.  

I'm not even saying I don't like the guy, and maybe he's personally amiable and everything, but I never got the attraction to him for any type of higher office.  It's really the same question I have about Gary Peters who people have absolutely started fawning over.  In fact, I'm underwhelmed by the vast majority of politicians out of Southeast Michigan, and I say that as someone originally from the place.

[ Parent ]
Beats me!
Have wondered the same. And he actually ended up voting against the anti-bullying bill because it "didn't go far enough." I signed up for his anti-bullying "petition" online. Instead of updates or calls to action on that topic, I started receiving congressional campaign updates asking for money.  

[ Parent ]
John and Deb Cherry's district
Both of them were reasonably progressive.

[ Parent ]
Woodrow Stanley and Jim Ananich have already announced
MLive has the story
FLINT, MI -- State Rep. Woodrow Stanley, D-Flint, announced Saturday, Jan. 12, that he intends to run for the State Senate 27th District seat.
"As I looked at my own experiences, it became clear I have a unique blend and service to bring to the 27th district," said Stanley, who made his announcment at Vernon Chapel AME Church on Dupont Street in Flint.

Stanley, D-Flint, said he had made the decision to pursue the Senate seat before Gleason's departure and that he had already begun to look toward candidacy for 2014.
State Rep. Jim Ananich, D-Flint, has also announced his candidacy for Gleason's Senate seat.

Looks like O'Guinn is already facing a crowded field.  So, how progressive are Stanley and Ananich?

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

[ Parent ]
More progressive than Gleason, that's for damn sure.  So, from that angle, it's a win-win either way.  That they both have local government experience (city council and mayor) in the largest city in their district is an added bonus.

[ Parent ]

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