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Skubick pokes a sharp stick into a cage of monkeys

by: Eric B.

Sat Jan 12, 2013 at 13:59:58 PM EST

Just like the headline says.

“I think there are going to be a lot of primary challengers,” warns Amy Kramer, a Tea Partier talking to the Associated Press. “People are fed up.”

She’s got that right. Some citizens are fed up with any special interest group that feels the need to retaliate just because this lawmaker or that voted his or her conscience.

To repeat: Bring it on.

Many feel it’s about time that we have a showdown vote to ascertain just how mighty the conservatives are. Let the Tea Party field challengers to the likes of Rep. Fred Upton (R-West Michigan) or Rep. Dan Benishek (R-Upper Peninsula).

Of course, Dan Benishek was a Tea Party alternative in 2010 to Jason Allen, and Fred Upton last year crushed utterly Mad Jack Hoogendyk, a two-time Tea Party primary challenge loser.

But, you get his point ... the Tea Party keeps saying that they're going to primary everyone who doesn't cleave to their narrow, rigid ideology. Will they actually do it, or will the Tea Party just keep talking?

Eric B. :: Skubick pokes a sharp stick into a cage of monkeys
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They've already won; it's why we have a tea party legislature.  This is how you build a movement.  You start a field out in city council, state legislatures and the like, and they rise, and they've already made their impact in the Congress.  

I keep trying to tell folks on both sides that rarely does a movement flip a legislature in a single cycle.  This is no exception.  The tea party has already kind of built in its own ceiling.  The larger the electorate gets, the increase in the lessening in chances they have.  It's while they'll never take the presidency or the Senate.  But, they also have a pretty high floor.  They can cause trouble for a very long time, if we don't push them back out the door.

Local races
Tea party elements are busy organizing in Saginaw County and other local races.   They aren't going away.  

Term Limits have helped Tea Party Movement
The demand for continuous turnover of officeholders in the state legislature and executive required by term limits has sped up the ability of political movements to gain power.  The Tea Party has directly benefited from the multiplication of opportunities for political power generated by term limits.  

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