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Grist for today's Mark Brewer-related flame war

by: Eric B.

Wed Jan 30, 2013 at 10:30:31 AM EST


Discussions continue among Democrats hoping to replace Mark Brewer as Democratic Party chair, but as of yet, no one publicly has stepped forward to carry their flag.

That could change soon, however. Lon Johnson, a top fundraiser and organizer in the party, who has indicated to people in the party he is seriously considering the race, could formally announce his bid in the next 24-48 hours and has been discussing a potential bid with other leading players in the party, sources said. However, there remained some skepticism among Brewer supporters and those who are neutral that any challenger would officially declare.

Now, I'm skeptical of anyone Bob King is pushing forward. I'm not sure, after Proposal 2, he ought to be playing kingmaker. I also question whether a person King nominates is capable of making the internal changes the Democratic Party needs so badly, since that would mean the UAW relinquishing much of the control is has on stuff.

Anyway, consider this today's excuse for you all to insult each other in comments. At least it shows there's some passion left, somewhere, for something.

Eric B. :: Grist for today's Mark Brewer-related flame war
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Steve Dart for Party Unity!
If you get that joke - you've been to too many MDP COnventions

Steve Dart for MDP Chair boomlet
I knew Steve Dart; Steve was a friend of mine.  And Mark Brewer is no Steve Dart.  For one thing, Mark Brewer is still alive....

[ Parent ]
OK, Let's Start
Both the Michigan Democratic Party and our labor unions need radically new leadership. Both have been guilty of opacity and uninspired insipid work.

You can argue that the multiple failures to take control of state government is beyond their control, but you cannot argue that it happened on their watch, for DECADES and DECADES.

Start with replacing leadership at the state and regional level, change the rules to make the party and labor more transparent and make activism at the local level meaningful.

And its time to examine the lack of leadership at the Congressional level and the negotiations that created super-safe seats for our five old white guys.

John Conyers...
is old but he ain't white.  

Also, Dems did not really have much of say in the 2011 map drawing.  That's a failure of the Party and Legislative Caucuses in the 2010 election and not a result of negotiations by the Dem delegation.

I do think Dan Kildee has a future beyond the House but that's down the road.  

And Gary Peters will run for the Senate when Carl retires.  But don't be mistaken, when it comes to electoral politics Gary Peters is concerned about Gary Peters and not much else.

We have a chance in the 1st and 7th to get some new blood in the delegation (and down the road the 11th may become an opportunity as well).  We need good candidates and strong support system in these CDs.

[ Parent ]
Stop thinking in one dimension.

[ Parent ]
First Off
I'm not impressed with our Congressional delegation.

For decades they have worked to place themselves in safer and safer seats while ignoring any Farm Team efforts in the district. The only exception I can think of to some extent is David Bonoir. He's gone but his "Boys" are still grazing the field over in Macomb County.

[ Parent ]
Agreed here
Sandy, Conyers and Dingell should have already helped to groom and elect their successors. They should be enjoying retirement. Instead, they are fading to irrelevancy with nobody being brought up to take their spots.  

[ Parent ]
Are they THAT afraid of a creating their own potential challenger? What's the reason they just don't promote good candidates for local office?

[ Parent ]
I'm sure
that's the biggest factor. But just living the life is probably equally as important to them.

[ Parent ]
The dean can do whatever the Dean wants, he is John Dingell and Sandy is the ranking dem on Ways and Means. Now Conyers is a member we could do without, what was the fact during the primary he has not passed a bill in like 15 years or something. It's not like memebers with safe seats create there safe seats. Conyers did not create a voting demographic in Detroit that would reelected a dem no matter what.

[ Parent ]
good for goose, good for gander
If Conyers is good to go, then so is Dingell and Sandy. Dingell's clout has significantly decreased on Capitol Hill. I know he garners lots of love but his time has come. Same with Sandy. I guarantee if the Dems flip the Congress back into their control, Sandy will not chair Ways and Means.

And, actually, the members do/can create their safe seats, to an extent at least. Conyers and Hansen Clarke switched districts so Conyers could get reelected. The 14th, now Peters' district, wouldn't have been so friendly to Conyers.  

[ Parent ]
Dingell married his
Oh, everybody assumes John doesn't need to groom a successor; his wife will run.

[ Parent ]
Very true. Was it a long time ago he dropped the "John" part from his branding? I imagine it was but I'm not sure. Like his signs and shirts. Hell if it wasn't for the paid for she would have the whole campaign in the bag.

[ Parent ]
Good luck with that.  Monica isn't getting elect anywhere ever again in spitting distance of Southeast Michigan.  I know folks think very lowly of Detroit voters - and for years they deserved that assumption - but the whole "friends and family"/"he may be a crook, but he's our crook" brand of politics died in Detroit along with the Kilpatrick's family electoral demise.

[ Parent ]
I think he's referring to Dingell
...but you're right about Conyers.

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

[ Parent ]
Yeah Debby D not Monica C that would be a train wreck.

[ Parent ]
Thanks for correcting me. lol

Yeah, my opinion on this is if there is a serious attempt to push out Brewer, at all, we sure as hell better put someone up that can serve for some time, and someone not so connected to the old guard.  I would not support trading out Brewer only to install some entrenched Metro Detroiter.  I think even more than in most state parties, MIDems need some new blood.  Metro Detroit has to have one of the oldest congressional delegations in the nation, and it's not necessarily their age that bothers me, but that no one has really developed legitimate, independent successors.

[ Parent ]
i'm of the opinion
that the Chair should be Detroit-based. Detroit is still the Democratic stronghold of the state and if leveraged properly can propel Dems to statewide victories. That's actually what has been lacking for years now.

[ Parent ]
Maybe not.

[ Parent ]
Brewer Salary
So how much is this guy paid?

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