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Today, in Johnson vs. Brewer

by: Eric B.

Sun Feb 17, 2013 at 14:00:00 PM EST

Chad Selweski.

Internal elections for a state party chairman typically produce little intrigue, but the intense, behind-the scenes campaign for the Michigan Democratic Party leadership pits a coarse, Macomb County-schooled, longtime incumbent against a smooth, charismatic newcomer who has adeptly created a bandwagon effect for his candidacy.

The result? A campaign with surrogates for Chairman Mark Brewer and challenger Lon Johnson locked in a hardball political battle for support from Democratic delegates as the Saturday state convention approaches.

How bad is it? Amid rumors about attempts to essentially steal the election, the two sides have agreed to put the convention election in the hands of a neutral entity. Perhaps Jimmy Carter is available.

Have at it.

Update! ... There is apparently some dispute as to whether Brewer has agreed to letting neutral parties run the convention.  Folks working for Lon Johnson last week sent me a letter indicating that he supports this. I sent a note to Mark Brewer's people and never heard back. I figured this was their way of answering. The Johnson folks, however, say that Brewer has never agreed to neutral parties running the convention.

Eric B. :: Today, in Johnson vs. Brewer
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Good idea
Great to see the report that Mark Brewer and Lon Johnson have agreed to put the convention in the hands of a neutral person.  

Credit where it's due
I'm pleasantly surprised that Brewer agreed to this too.  A neutral party makes sense.

One thing
the MDP has always done well...it doesn't interfere with internal squabbles in the various county parties, clubs and caucuses. In fact, I think that's a lot of the problem Brewer has with longtime members and young people both, he didn't take a (their) side in some local fight over control of the party, or between groups. Which is what he should've done. So if people are supporting Lon Johnson thinking that he will help them oust the crusty octagenarians who run things in their county, they should think again. No MDP chair will touch those fights with a 10 foot pole. All it does is reduce membership and alienate people from the party.

Nice to see that he is as fair when it is personal.  

So true!
Your comments are spot on!

"Action is what separates a belief from an opinion."

[ Parent ]
The octagenarians should be ousted! It's why local parties are worthless.

[ Parent ]
Chad reports this supposed agreement as a fact, as opposed to
rumors about stealing the election, yet cites no source and gives no details.

Is he a reputable reporter?

If this were true that the two sides agreed about this, why not announce it?

Sunday Opinion Column
Its Sleweski's Sunday "opinion" column (masquerading as news).

[ Parent ]
Well, it now appears
my skepticism was well founded.

[ Parent ]

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