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Almost as if on cue, the Freep publishes something that makes me want to guzzle anti-freeze

by: Eric B.

Tue Feb 26, 2013 at 13:50:17 PM EST

The other day, Nolan Finley was whining that the press hadn't done its job in ascribing as much blame to the president as to Congressional Republians for looming sequestration. Meanwhile, everyone who lives on Planet Earth recognizes that the problem isn't that the president has skated by without offering a concrete plan. Hell, David Brooks published a mea culpa column today for writing last week that he hadn't when in fact he had. This isn't media folks, either. Two days ago, we pointed out that loonie Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said that Congressional Republicans needed to start compromising. Brewer's complaint is today fleshed out in an entire article dedicated to the idea that Republican governors think Congressional Republicans need to stop being obstructionists.

A bunch of Republican governors have been in Washington the past few days for the National Governors Association meeting, just in time to chew out their fellow Republicans in Congress over the upcoming sequestration cuts.

"I think there's a lack of leadership," Gary Herbert of Utah groused to Politico on Sunday. "They need to stop having press conferences and start meeting," echoed Virginia's Bob McDonnell. "I think the Hill ought to be saying, 'We're ready to sit down and work on a budget,'" said Pennsylvania's Tom Corbett.

The drumbeat of criticism continued Monday with a press conference by Louisiana's Bobby Jindal, South Carolina's Nikki Haley, and Wisconsin's Scott Walker -- all prominent conservatives with national profiles who made it clear they had little use for the congressional GOP's approach, which has mainly consisted of sitting on its collective hands, blaming the White House, and waiting for the cuts to take effect.

Republican governors and conservative media figures agree ... House Republicans need to start actually negotiating with the very real plan the president has offered to forestall the impacts of sequestration. It is not, "Both sides are equally guilty" nonsense.

Into this shambles Stephen Henderson.

Remember when the federal "sequester" spending reductions were sold as a deal that no one could live with? When Democrats and Republicans assured everyone that neither side could afford to let it all happen?

Yeah. So do I. Another Washington promise bites the dust.

Still, all the panic over the $85 billion in planned cutbacks is being stripped of important detail and context -- which tells you, more than anything else, that this issue is still seen by both sides as a political cudgel, rather than an impetus to having serious discussions about the federal budget or the economy.

He goes on to say that the Simpson-Bowles plan of 2011, an austerity plan, is the best route, even though that approach has now been panned by every mainstream economist from across the political spectrum because -- well, austerity has failed miserably where it's been tried.

So, here's my primary beef: It's editorializing like this that created the environment in which one party of obstructionists feel like they can get away with obstructionism because a) they won't be called out for it, because editorial writers will be either too concerned with criticisms of bias or because they think they're supposed to "lead" the conversation rather than inform it, and b) their ideas that have failed won't be identified as failed ideas. It will always be that both sides are equally guilty and equally wrong, even when they just simply aren't.

And, by the way, while we're on the topic, you may add to the long list of things Henry Payne clearly doesn't understand the difference between how the federal government revenue and why a declining Detroit population has contributed to that city's money woes. His latest on the federal budget is breathtaking is its partisan stupidity.

Eric B. :: Almost as if on cue, the Freep publishes something that makes me want to guzzle anti-freeze
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