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Conyers ballot status in question

by: Eric B.

Tue Apr 29, 2014 at 20:09:51 PM EDT


Local 4 has learned that among the circulators the Conyers campaign  hired are a man and a woman named Daniel Alex Pennington and Tiara  Willis Pittman. They were, as best we can determine, collecting  signatures for the Conyers campaign starting back in December 2013. They  also turned in their petitions by the April 22nd deadline and, we were  told, they collected more than 300 signatures.


During the Conyers canvass last night, Garrett’s office went to check  to see if Conyers’ signatures were valid and it turned out that  Pennington and Pittman’s names did not show up in the State of Michigan  Voter Registration Database. Then this morning after another check,  their names suddenly showed up. Not only that, they showed voter  registrations in the City of Detroit and that they filed their voter  registration request on December 13th, 2013.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE via ScottyUrb: Gongwer just tweeted this:

Wayne Cty Clerk has not yet resolved challenges to @repjohnconyers ballot signatures. He has 1,193 valid ones for now -- 193 above minimum.

Eric B. :: Conyers ballot status in question
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Oh, boy.
Still, state election law plays an important part here in that in Michigan, in order to collect nominating petitions, the circulator must be registered voters themselves at the time they collect signatures. They do not need to live in the district but must have a proper voter registration.

It's actually a rather long read, but it seems pretty obvious the petition circulators tried to game the system after the fact.  When stuff like this happens - like with McCotter - you almost have to wonder if this was sabotage.

If anyone could win a write-in, it would be a Conyers.  But, this is another example of just plain sloppiness.  Maybe, it's because I'm something of a control freak, but given how little effort a congressmember has to put in verifying the credentials of a petition circulator, I'd have taken an hour or two out of a single day and did this check.  Heck, I'd probably spend one day out of the office, myself, collecting signatures, getting the double benefit of getting some names and reconnecting with my constituents and letting them actually see me.  Because, as we've seen, this is what can happen when you completely farm this out to your staff.

It's actually a rather long read, but it seems pretty obvious the petition circulators tried to game the system after the fact.  When stuff like this happens - like with McCotter - you almost have to wonder if this was sabotage.

Don't think it's sabotage. Organizations reflect the person at the top. If this is true, it's because John Conyers is an old, spent man.

The thing I most dread is the next round of "What's happened to Michigan's lost clout" stories.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
I dread Congressman Horace Sheffield even more

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

[ Parent ]
Verifying voting status takes ~90 seconds

You need a name, birth date, and zip code.

If they don't pop up, ask to see their registration. When they can't produce it, you'll have already hired someone else.  

[ Parent ]
Federal courts
There have been court decisions that have struck down state residency requirements and other state laws when it comes to federal elections.  Wonder if any of them involve state requirements for petition circulators.  

The specific decisions have NOT involved partisan nominating petitions
I can't imagine a legal theory that says a state is required to allow non-voters to circulate non-partisan nominating petitions, but they're free to require people be registered to vote in order to circulate partisan nominating petitions.

But the Secretary of State folks enjoy pretending they're mentally challenged, and are unable to perceive any pattern in Federal decisions overturning state laws.  So the law has been overturned regarding non-partisan petitions, while the partisan petition statute survives only because it hasn't been challenged yet.

To illustrate the impossibility of making the distinction, note that Ann Arbor's City Council is elected on a partisan ballot, while Lansing's is non-partisan.  So the Lansing Clerk must accept petitions for city council seats circulated by non-voters, while Ann Arbor's Clerk faces no such requirement.  And this distinction is supposedly an interpretation of the dictates of the Federal Constitution, so any difference has to be rooted in that document's delineation of the rights of citizens and the powers of governments.

[ Parent ]
Paid circulators? Really?

A sitting Congressman of Conyers' stature can't get enough volunteers to round up 2000 petition signatures?

In an urban area? I know, the district has changed, but ...

If he can't organize this, then he doesn't belong in Congress any more. Sorry.

To recap:
* Conyers turned in 2000 signatures April 18.

* A review by Wayne County Clerk's Office found 1193 valid. (That in itself is pretty apalling)

* Two circulators, responsible for 314 signatures, appear not to have been registered voters until they were registered this past Monday (April 28). But at one point this week, it was reported that their registration dates appeared to be in December -- they were back-dated! (Who did that? And -- who un-did it?)

* Of the 314 signatures these two gathered, it appears 211 were facially valid. So, 1193 - 211 = 982 ... below the threshold.

* But according to DN...


... one of these two has the same name as several other registered Detroit voters, raising the possibility, at least, that he is registered at a different address than he put on the petition sheets.

Can this get any more murky? Oh, of course it can!  :)

Well, as you said...
If he can't get his act together on this, he shouldn't be in Congress anymore.

That would be a sad ending to a career like his.

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

[ Parent ]
Steve Hood, plus Adolph Mongo's brother.
They were paid over $11,000 to produce (at most) 1200 ostensibly valid signatures.

Conyers' real problem is the people he has allowed to take responsibility for his campaign and his life.

Very sad.

[ Parent ]

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