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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

by: Nazgul35

Fri Jun 02, 2006 at 15:17:35 PM EDT

As the Robert Kennedy, Jr. Rolling Stone article "Was the 2004 Election Stolen?"€ makes its way through the blogosphere€'s collective consciousness, it becomes clear that the Republicans have a modus operandi when it comes to elections.

You would be a fool to not believe that Michigan will receive the same special treatment that Ohio and Florida before it has experienced.

When you consider that many Democratic precincts state wide have much greater number of voters packed in than the Republican precincts, it should be clear to anyone that it is impossible for full turnout to occur.

Let’s look at the numbers:

Nazgul35 :: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
If you consider that it takes a person five minutes to complete the entire voting process from the minute they approach the desk until they turn in their ballot (a very overly optimistic time frame), it means that 12 people can vote in one hour. Since the polls are open for 13 hours in one day, one machine (assuming no problems) can process 156 people in one voting day.

Ten machines can process 1560 people. How many precincts have you been in with more than 10 machines?

So those precincts that have 3000+ registered voters would require roughly 20 machines to process this many voters.

This is with no problems or delays of any kind. This is an efficient polling station with the right personnel, equipment and zero glitches of any kind.

Sound likely to you?

Now we don’t have machines with ballot boxes to drop the ballot in. We have voting stands with one machine processing our optical ballots…

How long would this take? How quickly will a line form in front of the machine? What problems can go wrong with an overworked machine?

How likely do you think it is that the Republican Party machine in this state will do everything in its power to make sure that Democratic precincts are sub-par while Republican districts have more than is necessary?

We must act to ensure reduce any Republican shenanigans to a bare minimum…otherwise get used to the idea of saying Governor DeVos.

What can we do?

First: Get as many Democrats in those heavy Dem precincts registered to cast absentee ballots as possible. This will not only reduce the number of people who will be in the polling station, but also reduce the likelihood of voter disenfranchisement. Another plus is that it will increase voter participation. Not only for this election, but voters can register for absentee ballots for ALL further elections, thereby receiving an automatic notification of an upcoming election.

Second: Get poll challengers for every precinct in your county. Not just the Democratic precincts…but ALL OF THEM. As the article suggests, many of the vote tampering that occurred in the election happened in Republican strongholds. We need someone in every precinct to ensure no such nonsense goes on in our state. Make sure they are well trained and know the law backwards and forwards. Have some lawyers on the ground to ensure a quick reaction squad to any nonsense that may happen on Election Day.

Third: Get skilled people to work the polls. Anyone who has ever voted knows who sits behind the tables in the polling stations, and God bless them, they are not up to the task, especially in this more technological age of voting. Get people to plant their behinds at those tables as another layer to prevent fraud in every precinct in the state. It will increase the skill level and reduce waiting times on the day.

Fourth: Let the people know. Get the word out. That means taking time out of your life and walking precincts. This is incalculable free POSITIVE advertisement for our party. Having all of us out there, walking precincts advising people how to preserve their votes will not only make them more inclined towards our efforts, but will boost turnout and build the party up from the bottom up.

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Republican Efforts to Steal 2006 Election in Michigan Just Part of National Republican Conspiracy
The Republican success in stealing the 2004 election in Ohio has emboldened Michigan Republican Secretary of State Land, Injustice Cliff Taylor and the Republican legislative misleadership to try to steal the 2006 election in Michigan through implementing a voter photo identification requirement just before the election. This is part of the national conspiracy that CNN commentator Jack Cafferty spoke about on Wolf Blitzer's "Situation Room" June 1:



"...With midterm elections about five months away, the fundamental right of many Americans to vote might be in jeopardy. Florida has passed a new law that makes it financially impossible for the League of Women Voters to continue to register new voters. They decided they can no longer afford to carry out that mission. It's something they have been doing for 67 years. That's a shame.

In Washington, a new law prevents people from voting if the state cannot match information on voter registration forms with government databases. Good luck depending on the accuracy of government anything.

And Congress is considering a Voter ID requirement that they would tack on to the Immigration Reform Bill. It would require all voters to present federally-mandated photo ID -- even people who have voted for years would have to get one of these photo IDs in order to vote in 2008. People without drivers licenses, including many elderly and city residents who don't drive may fail to do so, and thus would be ineligible to vote.

Don't kid yourself. This stuff isn't happening accidentally. These are calculated moves by people in power to corrupt the system in such a way they are able to remain in power..."

Michigan citizens should not kid themselves. Secretary Land is a bitter partisan operative who will use her office however Republican Party Commadant Saul Anuz tells her to. Making it more difficult for people to vote is Land's goal.

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