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Amos Williams for Attorney General


Mon Jul 24, 2006 at 13:59:42 PM EDT

This is a critical time of the election, it is imperative for the Democratic Party to unite under one solid ticket, ensuring victory in 2006. In order for the Governor to secure her second term. She will need a diverse Democratic candidate on the ballot who will represent all of Michigan. Amos williams has a strong background in civil service and dedicated to this state. He will be the best choice for this position. He was a soldier in Viet Nam as well as a policeman with the Detroit Police Department. And for the past 20 years he has been a trial lawyer. Amos Williams will beat Mike Cox come november. For more information on this candidate go to www.Amoswilliams4AG.com

Support Amos Williams on Aug. 26 at the Democratic convention.

LYNNEEAALICIA :: Amos Williams for Attorney General
Would You Vote for Amos Williams?


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How Is A Pro Criminal, Pro ACLU, Anti School Children Protection Candidate Going to Help the Democratic Ticket?
I am not a campaign person, but how in the world can someone who represented the ACLU in opposing law enforcement and school officials efforts to protect school children from drugs and weapons help the Governor? How can someone who got his brother off on an insanity defense for a brutal murder resulting in a change in state law help the Governor? How is attorney Williams NOT a drag pulling down the entire Democratic ticket? Amos may be a great attorney, but he seems to have some major liablities when it comes to running for the office Attorney General.

Hey 4th
Would you please explain to us exactly how Williams' representation of his brother with an insanity defense led to the passage of Kevin's law?  I followed your link and it didn't tell me anything about Amos Williams.  I don't have time to snoop around online all day, so if you could fill us in with knowledge you claim to be privy to, it would be much appreciated.

All you've really told us so far is that Amos Williams was a criminal defense attorney before he decided to run for AG.  Last time I checked, that was legal.  Maybe not the best position for an AG candidate to be in, but I know some fine people who do criminal defense and have the respect of their local prosecutors.

I'm not taking sides at this point, but you're going to have to offer more than innuendo for people in the reality-based community to take you seriously.

I'm not that eartha - or that one either

[ Parent ]
You couldn't be more wrong...
Fourth, your depiction of Amos Williams is frighteningly inacurate. Your editorialized comments concerning his character and impact on the party are biased or drastically malinformed... lets talk facts:

1.  Amos Williams is a decorated Vietnam veteran who gave his arm defending our country.

2.  Amos Williams is a 17 year veteran of the Detroit Police department, who rose to the rank of Lieutenant before attending and subsequently graduating from the FBI academy.

3.  Amos was never a criminal defense attorney.  His entire legal career is built on defending Michigan citizens rights.

"How is Attorney Williams NOT a drag pulling down the entire Democratic ticket?".....

Amos Williams is the ONLY pro-choice candidate for Attorney General on either side of the ticket.  I believe Amos is not only NOT a drag, he's the boost of momentum and progressive thought the state party needs now more than ever.

Lastly, twisting a terrible personal family tragedy into a political issue is not only cheap and immoral, it absolutely reeks of Republican right wing political spin and strategy.

Oh yea... and last I knew most Liberal Democrats in the state were fans of the ACLU....

[ Parent ]
Will Fourthestate please identify yourself?
Fourthestate asserts:"I am not a campaign person..." Whoever you are, you sound like one involved in the political process.  It is only fair that if you choose to level such criticism against Amos Williams, that you identify yourself to the public so that folks can make a reasonably informed decision as to your motives and the quality and accuracy of your information.

Please identify yourself.

-Paul Stevenson, Esq.
Co-Chair, Justice Caucus

[ Parent ]
God forbid that anyone stands on principle
Constitutional rights matter, even in the frenzied "9/11 changed everything atmosphere." I'm supporting Amos Williams.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

[ Parent ]
Get the Facts Straight
Amos did not serve as Brian's attorney.  Amos stood in as his attorney at the very first bond hearing when he got arrested and then we (his family) hired an attorney in Kalamazoo who handled the whole case.  The case went to trial in front of a judge (as agreed to by both the prosecutor and defense attorney) and the judge found Brian not guilty by reason of insanity.  Brian has been in the psychiatric forensic center ever since and is under treatment.  This is all a matter of public record.

Brian was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at about the age of 17.  He was medically discharged from the military service and placed on disability.  He was consistently treated for this illness his entire life and still is.

Amos Williams has never been a Criminal Defense Attorney he has made a life of being a Civil Rights Attorney.

[ Parent ]
Thanks for spouting right-wing talking points
Have you considered sending Alex Castellanos your resume?

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

[ Parent ]
Amos Williams For Attorney General
We were fortunate to have both Amos Williams and Scott Bowen each talk at one of our recent Isabella County Denmocratic Party meetings. After hearing each of them speak for over an hour including questioning at considerable length, our ICDP party members chose to endorse Amos Williams for Attorney General.

Yes, we have a very liberal bunch of activists in Mount Pleasant, most of whom are pro-choice, but our selection of Williams was not simply issue-based. Scott Bowen, quite honestly is boring as hell.

Williams, not only showed his ability to address issues intelligently and progressively, he did it with style and flair that can energize our base and remind us all why we are Democrats in the first place.

My 18-year-old, who is running for precinct delegate saw both of the candidates too. "Bowen's just a suit, Williams is a real Democrat," he said.

Any real liberal who reads Michigan Liberal needs to get behind Williams. We don't need another Republican light representing us in a statewide office.

John Barker
2nd Vice Chair, ICDP

AG Politics
What ever happened to Democrats unifying behind one candidate?  I'm really sick and tired of seeing our party lose, election after election just because we can't unify behind one candidate.  Look at the republicans, while their views and actions are disagreeable, they do one thing right, choose one candidate to represent the party ie Dick DeVos running for governor.

Now it seems like our party is extremely polarized in the race for Attorney General and it all seems to be over one issue, abortions.  I would like to post some sentences from our very own Democratic party platform:

“Working together we can achieve more than working separately.”

  “We pledge our support for reproductive freedom, but we respect the individual conscience of each American on this difficult issue. 

"In order to further advance our goals, we will endeavor to foster a greater sense of community and celebrate our rich diversity as a people and as a state."

As an individual who is extremely pro-choice, I'm still supporting Scott Bowen.  I've made this decision, because I truly feel he is in no way a threat to my reproductive rights.  In addition, I want to support a candidate that can truly take the fight to Mike Cox in November, which I don't think Amos can do.  Finally, I'm sick and tired of the Williams campaign playing dirty politics against Scott Bowen in this convention primary.  To those individuals in the Williams camp that liken Scott to Mike Cox, others in the party see what your doing and look upon it poorly.

Now maybe more Democrats, especially those that hold power within our county parties, should read the very doctrine that they subscribe to and celebrate the diversity of others in the party, including those that might not have the same views as the rest of us.

Finally, lets remember who we are really fighting against and its not Scott Bowen or Amos Williams, but Mike Cox. 

What ever happened to Democrats unifying behind one candidate?  I'm really sick and tired of seeing our party lose, election after election just because we can't unify behind one candidate.  Look at the republicans, while their views and actions are disagreeable, they do one thing right, choose one candidate to represent the party ie Dick DeVos running for governor.

And how did DeVos get 'chosen'? By virtue of having many millions of dollars to throw at the race, which scared off any Republican competition. He's trying to buy the governership outright.

For better or worse (I think it's better), Democrats don't tend to have many candidates drawn from the upper 1/100th of 1% of the income distribution. So how, on your view, should we decide which candidate to unify behind? The way we're going to do it is at the convention. After that, I'm quite confident we'll be unified. If Bowen is our nominee, we'll all work for him, even those of us who now support Amos.

[ Parent ]
Williams not a Single Issue Candidate
I respect what Katie says about unifying the party but I strongly disagree with her choice for our nominee for several reasons.

First, as a pro choice woman myself I agree with our friends at NARAL and NOW who have made an articulate case for the important role an AG can place in protecting a women's right to reproductive freedom. They have both endorsed Amos Williams. I respect Mr. Bowens personal beliefs however, telling me that he will respect Roe V Wade is little solice when we all know that the current Bush administration has stacked the court to see that decision overturned. It will become a states rights issue and a pro choice AG will be the first and perhaps only line of defense for Michgian women

Second, I think we all need to unify behind Jennifer Granholm and support the canidate who can best assist her re-election campaign.  Amos will bring out the base vote statewide. Amos Williams has the support of Mayor Kilpatrick and will deliver Detroit...Governor Granholm needs those votes to win.

Third, an attorney generals job is to protect and defend the citizens of Michigan.  Williams creditionals here are simply the best.

I didn't know either candidate when this race started. I heard them both at convention.  I came in with no bias and no personal agenda.  I will not attack Mr. Bowen or his campaign but I will tell you that the slander writen by 4th is exactly what the Republicans want to see.

Let's discuss the real issues...and after the delegates decide let's all commit to victory for our candidate.

Carol Heflin  (signing my name)
Chair, Kalamazoo County Democratic Party which
Proudly Endorsed Amos Williams for Attorney General

Good to see the team working together
Congratulations to everyone on both sides of this argument on your scathing criticisms of each other and your witty, immature bantor.  This is the kind of crap that makes me wish I didn't have a conscience so that I could be a republican.  Here we have two candidates sacrificing their personal lives to travel the entire state in order to get their respective messages out, and all that the rest of us can do is have a playground shoving match over the internet. We should be focusing on winning in November instead of one-upping each other on a blog. If we keep this counter-productive behavior up, we're going to wake up on November 8th with problems a lot bigger than what we're "discussing" here.  Everyone talks about how much of a sneaky-genius Karl Rove is, well I'd like to say that we don't make it very difficult for people like him to defeat us.  Lastly, to the people officially affliated to the party (chairpeople, etc.), I'm disappointed with your lack of professionalism. You should be more focused on setting an example of leadership.

Let's hope DeVos goes hunting and shoots someone in the face-

After reading this discussion, I have NO interest in the AG's race whatsoever.

Check out my mediocre blog.

[ Parent ]
Re: Agreed.
I should clarify that, I mean I have no interest until after the convention.  Of course, then I'm fully behind the Democratic candidate.

Check out my mediocre blog.

[ Parent ]
If Amos Williams did not Represent the ACLU suing the Detroit Schools for weapons sweeps, I apologize
But the pleadings on file with the federal court lists Amos Williams as the ACLU attorney suing the schools for trying to protect students from weapons and drugs. Now that may be a perfectably acceptable action to members of the ACLU and people of the farther left persuasion, however most parents want their children to be as safe and protected as possible and if you recall how Michael Dukakis got smoked just for belonging to the ACLU you know Williams will get creamed over this.

And if the newspaper stories refering to Amos Williams as the attorney representing his brother Brian are incorrect, I am certain that Mr. Cox and the family and friends of Kevin, who was murdered by Brian, will not bring this up in the campaign. I am also certain that they will not research to see if Amos ever got Brian out of any other scrapes with authority which led to him being on the street to murder Kevin.

These are just facts I am raising that Amos Williams has to be ready to address, but I don't think there is a good way to explain this stuff away. Why am I raising this? Maybe I think it will be a tragedy to see AG Cox get a free pass to a second term.

Come clean...who are you?
Williams was actually protecting students AGAINST illegal search and seizure...you remember it's in the constitution.  As a 17 yr member of the Detroit police force he fought drugs in the streets and worked every day putting his life on the line to protect our students, our seniors and our families from drugs and guns.

Amos Williams DID NOT defend his brother.  A Kalamazoo attorney is on record and was IN FACT the man who handled the case.  As I stated earlier mental illness is a family tragedy..it can happen to you.  Maybe it already has.

I urge you to come clean.  If you have such strong opinions then you should be man or woman enough to name yourself.  It's easy to write falsehoods in a blog when you don't have to own your false allegations.

Lynneea Alica Nehring

[ Parent ]
Amos for AG
Does anyone else out there smell a political rat? Some have suggested that Amos has negatives going into the nomination process. Rather than Republicans at this point, it's more likely that the smears would come from Democratic opposition who must be worried about the upcoming convention. It may be they're concerned about Amos actually being the stronger candidate.

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