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Amway Guy Embraces Whack Master

by: DemWave

Sun Aug 06, 2006 at 08:50:52 AM EDT

(From the diaries. Interesting how Michigan Republicans constantly fawn over this guy. - promoted by matt)

In the latest installment of "On the Road to Ruin with Dick DeVos (R-Amway)", Amway Guy catches the Cat Scratch Fever and cozies up to the Motor City Madman himself, Ted Nugent.

But Ted,  Real Men Do Fox Hunt

Betsy's kind of outfit

In the clip, Amway Guy says:

Celebrated a 51st birthday with Representative Jack Hoogendyk in Kalamazoo.

Had a surprise guest at that event.

Ted Nugent stopped by.

The "Whack Master" as he's known amongst outdoorsmen.

He is a passionate, passionate Michiganian and a great, great advocate of Michigan's outdoor community.

Dick DeVos.  Now there's a real NRA - Ted Nugent - Thrill of the Kill kind of man.

Heterosexual meets Metrosexual. Bouchard Ambiguously In Between

By embracing Nugent, DeVos embraces his views.  Shows where DeVos really stands on a lot of things:

(more after jump)

DemWave :: Amway Guy Embraces Whack Master
DeVos's Buddy Ted Nugent on Race:

Battle Flag of the Confederacy: Slavery Forever. Not Michigan Values.

All Men Are Not Created Equal
My being there (South Africa) isn't going to affect any political structure.  Besides, apartheid isn't that cut-and-dry.  All men are not created equal."
. . .
The preponderance of South Africa is a different breed of man -They still put bones in their noses, they still walk around naked, they wipe their butts with their hands. And when I kill an antelope for 'em, their preference is the gut pile. That's what they fucking want to eat, the intestines. These are different people. You give them toothpaste, they fucking eat it. - Detroit Free Press Magazine , July 15, 1990

"Jap," "Gook," and "Nigger" are Just Words & Shouldn't Offend
Appearing on Denver's 103.5 FM Lewis & Floorwax morning show, The Nuge pontificated on Japanese-made guitars, referring to them as "Japs." When the hosts of the show called him on the use of the word, Nugent couldn't resist and let all of Denver know that words such as "Jap," "Gook," and "Nigger" were, hey, just words and shouldn't offend anyone.

Jap Whack Tour
It's not unusual to hear Nugent talk this way - his conversations are riddled with ethnic and racial slurs. He called his tour of Japan the "Jap Whack Tour." (Detroit Free Press, July 15, 1990)

Foreigners are Scum
Foreigners are assholes; foreigners are scum; I don't like 'em; I don't want 'em in this country; I don't want 'em selling me doughnuts; I don't want 'em pumping my gas; I don't want 'em downwind of my life-OK?  So anyhow-and I'm dead serious ..." - WRIF-FM, Detroit, Ted Nugent as guest D.J.,  November 19, 1992

DeVos's Buddy Ted Nugent on Military Service:

Motor City Madman or Detroit Draft Dodger?

Nugent Evades Vietnam Draft
He claims that 30 days before his draft board physical, he stopped all forms of personal hygiene.  The last 10 days, he ingested nothing but Vienna sausages and Pepsi; and a week before his physical, he stopped using bathrooms altogether, virtually living inside pants caked with his own excrement, stained by his urine.  That spectacle won Nugent a deferment, he says. "... but if I would have gone over there, I'd have been killed, or I'd have killed, or I'd killed all the hippies in the foxholes...I would have killed everybody." - Detroit Free Press Magazine , July 15, 1990

Like Ted Nugent, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney, Dick DeVos did not serve in Vietnam.

DeVos's Buddy Ted Nugent on Women:

Girlie Men

Women Deserve to be Raped
Anybody that doesn't think it is better to blow someones brains out than to be raped, deserves to be raped!  If you don't think your life is worth it then please go out there, don't wear any underpants and get RAPED!! Cuz you deserve it ..." - WRIF-FM, Detroit, Ted Nugent as guest D.J., September 23, 1991

Women as Chattel
". . .I met a couple of guys in line yesterday and they say write something to my girlfriend, she won't let me go hunting.  I wrote her something, I wrote Drop dead bitch.  What good is she, trade her in, get a Dalmatian, who needs her, the wench." - WRIF-FM, Detroit, Ted Nugent as guest D.J., September 25, 1991

Powerful Women are Whores
About Hillary Clinton: "You probably can't use the term 'toxic cunt' in your magazine, but that's what she is.  Her very existence insults the spirit of individualism in this country.  This bitch is nothing but a two-bit whore for Fidel Castro." - Westword Newspaper , Denver, Colorado, July 27, 1994

Feminists Pigs
What's a feminist anyways? A fat pig who doesn't get it often enough?

Underage Girls
'Uncle Ted' also had a well-known predilection for underage girls, even going so far as becoming the legal guardian to a 17 year old Hawaiian girl in 1978, so he could continue to 'date' her with impunity.

Adultery, Out-of-Wedlock Children
Nugent fathered a child out of wedlock in 1995, with a Dover, New Hampshire woman, Karen Gutowski, with whom he had a "brief relationship" during his second marriage to Shemane Nugent. He and Gutowski came to an agreement on child support and visitation in late June. (Source: June 22, Laconia, N.H. The Citizen.) The newspaper reported that Nugent will pay Gutowski $3,500 monthly in child support, and she will have sole custody of their son, now 10. Terms of Nugent's visitation were not disclosed.

Gutowski later sued Nugent for more money. He was served with the lawsuit September 5, 2004 when he played at the Meadowbrook Amphitheater in Gilford, N.H. with ZZ Top. (Source: June 22, The Citzen).

DeVos's Buddy Ted Nugent's Views on the Poor and Hungry:

Poor Should Eat Their Pets
The star of the OLN network's "Wanted: Ted or Alive" reiterated his criticism of the welfare system, railing against "the pimps and whores and welfare brats" who think they've "got the right to my (money) because Jesse Jackson represents (them)."

He also had some advice for the hungry.

"A topless grandmother in a sofa surrounded by dog feces? If you're poor, you can't have a dog! You start by eating the (expletive) pets! Am I out of my mind?"

Ted Nugent, Dick DeVos, and Mike Bouchard are best of buddies and today's Michigan Republican Party.

- DeCeitful, DeCeptive:  DeVos -
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Nuge and the Spandexed Vegetarian Triathlete
It is somewhat amazing that the Nuge would shake hands with an Evian drinking, botoxed browed, spandex wearing, vegetarian triathlete Dick. Has anyone told the Nuge about the Dick's contribution to the American Humane Society, aka PETA?

Oh, that guy
Until I got to the Dick part, I thought you were talking about Mrs. Nugent. 

I'm not that eartha - or that one either

[ Parent ]
What Dick really told Ted
"Thank you for not running for governor this year, 'cause we can't afford to split the wingnut vote.  And if you wouldn't mind, good buddy, could you scuttle your plans to run in 2010 like you told The Independent you planned to do?"

Jesus's General has some more advice for him here:  http://patriotboy.bl...

I'm not that eartha - or that one either

More wisdom from Uncle Ted
From a Dawson Bell column in the July 18, 2005, Detroit Free Press.

Nugent on drug addicts:

"We're supposed to feel sorry for these people? I'd like to (expletive) spray 'em with bullets, goat-urine soaked bullets."

Nugent on the criminal justice system:

"I want carjackers dead. I want rapists dead. I want burglars dead. I want child molesters dead. I want the bad guys dead. No court case. No parole. No early release. I want 'em dead."

The man just exudes class.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

New Odd Couple? Michigan's Michael Huffington and the Nuge
As the cliche goes "politics makes strange bedfellow" can it get any odder than Michigan's own Michael Huffington and the Nuge? Dick's loafers probably cost more than Ted's favorite shotgun. And talk about family values! What do you want to wager that Betsy, let them eat cake because Michigan workers are paid too much, Prince DeVos would ever let the Dick bring his new friend into her 16,000 square foot palace?

Dick Loves to Shoe Shop
Amway Guy has more outfits than a Ken Doll and more shoes than Imelda Marcos.  Check out this pair of Italians Dick was recently sporting on the campaign trail.

Walk Like a Man, Talk Like a Man?

No self-respecting Billionaire would ever be caught dead in penny loafers.

Dick Likes the Bling

And there's more.

Real Farmers wear Loafers?

Brokeback Macomb

Nice Kicks, Dick

Flame-retardant safety loafers?

Dick, That Blazer is En Fuego

Time to Fire Another Tailor, Dick.  Break's Not Right

Send the Billionaress back to Italy.  Going to need a new pair after that trip through the barn.

Watch your step, Dick

Dick's $2,500.00 Shitkickers

- Dick Nixon.  Dick Cheney.  Dick DeVos.  All Dicks. -

[ Parent ]
3 talking points on Dick DeVos
1. Cheap Labor Conservative
2. Amway Kid
3. Kill for Christ Crowd

These three things ought to be repeated ad nauseum about this scumbag.

That boils it all down.

I don't think Michigan needs another Cheap Labor Conservative to outsource our labor and reduce our pay.

DeVos IS Amway. Remember that? Amway have left millions of people penniless with their pyramid scam. The State of Michigan is not a pyramid scam.

DeVos is one of those Kill for Christ Christians.

Over and over.

and over.

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