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Post Analysis - Granholm v. Amway Guy - Detroit Economic Club

by: LiberalLucy

Thu Oct 12, 2006 at 18:19:26 PM EDT

(From the diaries - thanks again to our roving correspondent, LiberalLucy for a job well done! - promoted by matt)

After a couple of hours to digest the days events, a horrid 2.5 hr drive up I-96, and reading your comments and questions from my previous post earlier today with Live Blogging from the DEC, I humbly offer my analysis. Thanks again to Matt for his help  front-paging it and providing links to the follow-up media coverage (pithy at best) and most of all, to the Governor, for making me so honored to be a part of it all.

(Go below the fold for more...)

LiberalLucy :: Post Analysis - Granholm v. Amway Guy - Detroit Economic Club

Initially I was surprised how ‘at home’ Dick was. His performance was much cleaner (except for when he attempted the impromptu jokes about the Governor’s future job interviews. Note to Truscott and Saul – your boy does a much better job with a rehearsed script and tell him to lay off the impromptu jokes – his delivery is TERRIBLE!) and he was considerably more comfortable up there. *However, let’s remember the environment. He was effectively strutting his stuff and showing off to his peers – the top 1% of Michigan in terms of money, business experience and policy attitudes. I honestly believe that the camera terrifies him, and it has definitely shown in the last two debates, but not at all at the DEC today.
For the record – I heard Saul talk to the media about his boy today afterwards. Nothing but praise, blah blah blah, how great he did, how he’s taking control, slamming it to the Gov, etc. He was awful chummy with his media boys, and was laying it on (as usual) a little to thick for my tastes. That may be what you think Saul, but Dick’s not gonna win it on corny one-liners…

The Hon. Governor –
No big surprise here, she rocked out. Her delivery, impeccable, clean and precise. She knew her speech, but for her (as well with FDR) it wasn’t a speech. It was a conversation that she could have had with you on your front stoop or at your kid’s soccer game. She told it like it was, no verbal acrobatics, corny jokes, just cut and dried – Jen’s way. *I would never, ever want to face her in a courtroom, she’s lethal!*
She honestly 100% believed every word she said. She was compassionate, but not to the degree she was in the debates, but again, consider the audience. This wasn’t the crowd that wanted mothering – they wanted the facts, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that after the first two debates, they wanted blood. They got it. She started out with a couple zingers (see the tid-bit about the job interviews and actually having a plan) and not only did she get quite a few chuckles, but people visibly winced after she said it. The known Republicans in the room also laughed quite a bit at Dick’s expense when she dropped those. She has an incredible amount of charisma – she seemed to fill and command the entire room and all 1200 of us there. It was awe-inspiring. I don’t think it’s possible, but I respect and admire her more and more every time I hear her speak.

So Who Won?
Well, they did both get standing ovations. I truly believe she got more of a crowd than he did, but that’s just my perspective. I’m reading the media reports, and I’m wondering if I was in the same room as those guys. Did they miss the speeches I heard? How their reports can be so passive and lassiez-faire, well, that’s got me stumped.
Jen is a much better speaker than Dick, hands down. He still struggled, had a few awkward moments, gave the squinty-eyed smile and nervous laughter a few times too many, and I honestly believe that she will champion him in any speaking match, any time. On the issues, the substance? Can I ever really be objective? I’ve already said it – she didn’t gloss things over, told it like it was, and I’m a big fan of that style. His cheap one-liners with how great he is, how terrible Michigan was, the exact doom-and-gloom that the Gov referred to in her speech – not my style either. I think she rocked him out, again. She had a plan, had proof her job well-done, and he had griping.

What Was Interesting

Betsy How they’ve kept a muzzle on her this whole time, I’ll never understand. I had the opportunity to observe her beforehand while he was working the room where the sponsors were – she stood in the corner with a handler very demure and all smiles without drawing attention to herself. A real mystery. Perhaps she’s just biding her time till *she* can get into office – that’s right, you heard what I said.
Dick and “Special Interests” He accused the Gov of being in bed with Special Interests several times. I think I may have snorted out loud once or twice. If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, then I don’t know what is. I was especially burning up when he constantly made himself out to be the champion of K-12 education in Michigan. Grrrr! Is he just taking a page from her book, or what? Or maybe I just need someone to explain to me what his definition of special interests actually is.
Restrained Decorum The general audience was really captivated by her, and almost seemed to as a group sneer at him. There were a lot of smiles when she spoke, and while no one yelled, a couple people let out muted boo’s during several points of his speech. She was poised to only succeed, and he could either continue to play the court jester or go down in flames. The audience seemed to know that, and they were waiting for a spectacle.

Editorial Note
I tried to quote both candidates exactly, but the usual caveat applies while live-blogging. My apologies for any words misspelled, left out, or abbreviated. Thank you for the encouragement and the kind words. Hope I’ve done everyone proud by shining a light on what goes on in and out of the boardrooms of Michigan’s elite. If you’re voting for the Gov, you have yet one more reason to be proud to call her your own and to know that your vote is an incredible step in the right direction. With her at our helm, I almost feel bad for the citizens of the other 49 states.

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another great job.

Great Job LL.
I attended the event today and you did a great job of capturing it LL. The Dick's speech was the most gloomy, negative and dark political speech I have heard or read. Talk about a downer, I was thought people would be slitting their wrists after 15 minutes of the Dick blaming every crisis and shortcoming in the state on the Governor.

The Dick did show a dark, mean and vicious side that is usually hidden behind his media flack, $10,000 suits, Botoxed forehead, bleached teeth, George Hamilton tan and hair plugs. I think a lot of people are going to be in trouble if this guy gets elected. This guy is not some bumbling, incompetent son of a rich guy. This is a guy who will use his position and power to hurt people who do not goose step to his cadence and salute him.

Much of what the Dick said actually does not make sense in the real world. Constitutionally he could not call a special session the day he takes office. Nor can Dick cut all the taxes and yet add the billions to spending he promised.

Dick Devos needs to be stopped at all costs. John Engler, who at the end of the day was fairly pragmatic, will look warm and fuzzy compared to Dick. Dick is going to hurt people and return Michigan to some sort of Dickensonian past. If you can find the video of the Dick online, watch it. I do not think there has been a meaner candidate for statewide office in modern times.

Talking Down the Michigan Economy
If Dick DeVos took the millions he has spent talking down the Michigan economy and supporting right-wing causes, and instead invested the money in growing the Michigan economy (not China, Australia, or Florida), where would Michigan be?

But Dick did not.

Why does Dick DeVos hate Michigan?

[ Parent ]
I'm glad someone else is seeing...
... what I'm seeing.

[ Parent ]
Does anybody see
Bush in Williamsman's description?  Not that bright, but bright enough to be cruel.

The Dutch Dubya, indeed.

I'm not that eartha - or that one either

[ Parent ]
Glad to see I wasn't the only MichLib-er there (not counting the Gov, of course!). I'm glad you feel as if I caught it. I agree with your scary description of Dick, because it's exactly that - terrifying. Be afraid, Michigan, indeed, be truly afraid of what a 'yes' for Dick will bring...

I want to change the world, not help people adjust to it. - Millie Jeffrey, MI - National Women's labor and Democratic activist, Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient

[ Parent ]
Video of the speeches
Now up at WZZM 13.



Surprised he didn't blame her for the snow this morning.

great roundup, LL. I'd give you an A+ if I could. (n/t)

Check out my mediocre blog.

Watch the speeches...
and then read the play-by-play from earlier. Damn, I'm surprised I got as much as I did. What say you about the speeches????

I want to change the world, not help people adjust to it. - Millie Jeffrey, MI - National Women's labor and Democratic activist, Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient

I was just coming back to tell you
You did an awesome job catching the speeches.

And really, Amway Dick sucks

Emphatically sucks.

It physically hurts to watch.

But ... he does deliver a punchline better than George W Bush.  (admittedly, a low standard)

[ Parent ]
DeVos CAN Read!!
Wow.  I watched the tape.

DeVos CAN Read!

Who would have guessed that!

He certainly can't speak.  I guess if someone puts all the words together and all he has to do is read them, they make more sense than when he is just remembering and spouting random phrases.

Why Does Saul AnuzAss always lie?

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