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News Release: Michiganliberal.com endorses Anuzis

by: matt

Mon Nov 20, 2006 at 12:35:03 PM EST

November 20, 2006

Contact: Matt Ferguson (517) 614-2968


Michiganliberal.com endorses Saul Anuzis for Republican Party chair!
It’s a landslide! Anuzis wins with 50-percent! Opposition collapses!

In balloting just completed today, Michiganliberal.com – Michigan’s leading online community for liberals, Democrats, and progressives – picked Saul Anuzis for another term as Republican State Chairman. Michiganliberal.com editor and founder Matt Ferguson says by all accounts Anuzis is the right man for the job. “Clearly, liberals love Saul Anuzis and would like nothing better than for him to ‘stay the course’ as head of the Michigan Republican Party. I can think of no better outcome than for Republicans to keep Saul as their chair in February.”

Over the weekend, as it became clear that the Michiganliberal.com endorsement would likely go to the current Republican chairman, Anuzis’ only declared opponent, 3rd district Republican committee chair Dave Dishaw announced his withdrawal from the race. “We have to believe it’s not a coincidence”, said Ferguson.

In announcing Michiganliberal.com’s endorsement of Anuzis, Ferguson cited the Chairman’s distinguished record of accomplishments as Republican Party chair, including:
- Unable to defeat a single Democratic incumbent in a state or federal election in 2006.

- Worst performance by a Republican candidate for Governor in 20 years, despite unlimited resources.

- Lost 6 seats in the Michigan House of Representatives to the Democrats, despite a Republican gerrymandered map.

- Lost 1 seat in the Michigan Senate to the Democrats despite a Republican gerrymandered map.

- Fewest Republicans and most Democrats in the Michigan Senate in 15 years.

- Lost control of Michigan House of Representatives to the Democrats, producing a Democratic Speaker for the first time in 12 years.

- Mailings to voters in Kent County helped Michigan Democrats send a second state representative to Lansing from Grand Rapids.  Apparently Saul is even more effective at turning around Grand Rapids than Dick DeVos!

- Total Democratic sweep of all elected educational board seats for the first time in 20 years.

- Lost control of numerous county boards to Democrats.

- Endorsed Republican incumbent in 7th Congressional District (Joe Schwarz) defeated in primary (by Tim Walberg).

- Urged the Republican National Committee to spend $1 million late on failed Senate campaign of Mike Bouchard rather than devote precious resources to defending Republican incumbents in Montana and Virginia, who in turn lost close races and swung control of the United States Senate to the Democrats!
Added Ferguson, “Whoops! Did I say all of that out loud? Ahem…let me rephrase: Saul Anuzis is a worthy adversary. What a terrible and scary thing it would be if Saul were to be re-elected Republican chair in February. We tremble in your presence, oh great one. Please don’t hurt us.”

Anuzis was pitted against recently-withdrawn chair candidate and 3rd District Republican Chair Dave Dishaw, possible candidates Chuck Perricone (former Michigan House Speaker) and Jerry Zandstra (former U.S. Senate candidate), as well as fantasy candidates John Truscott (former communications guru for Gov. John Engler & former Amway president Dick DeVos), Betsy DeVos (2-time party chair…why not a three-peat?), and Detroit News columnist Frank Beckmann (who threatened to sue Michiganliberal.com for libel in an unrelated incident earlier this year). Here are the final results:
Who should Michiganliberal.com endorse in the race for chair of the Michigan Republican Party?
* x Saul Anuzis - 32 votes (50%)
* Frank Beckmann - 14 votes (21.88%)
* Betsy DeVos - 12 votes (18.75%)
* John Truscott - 2 votes (3.12%)
* Jerry Zandstra - 2 votes (3.12%)
* Dave Dishaw - 1 votes (1.56%)
* Chuck Perricone - 1 votes (1.56%)

Total votes: 64

NOTE: Thanks to DemWave for use of Saul's list of "accomplishments."
matt :: News Release: Michiganliberal.com endorses Anuzis
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Our efforts are paying off!
Check out this AP story: "Effort to dislodge Anuzis as GOP chairman losing steam"

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

x Saul Anuzis
Vote for x Saul Anuzis

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