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SOS 2007: the day after

by: Hazen Pingree

Wed Feb 07, 2007 at 07:52:46 AM EST

If you missed last night's speech, never fear: you can read it here and watch it here. Incidentally, pay no mind to the lopsided panel of bitter, utterly predictable, and hopelessly out of touch grumbling old white men that follows.

Instead, here's a few clips from the morning papers:

"This is the governor I've been waiting for -- strong, tough, deliberative," he said. "If anybody had any doubt about her sense of urgency and her sense of focus, she really set the record straight today. Honestly, this is the best I've seen her."

-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick in the Detroit Free Press

"Gov. Jennifer Granholm is never better than in front of an audience pitching Michigan; even an audience as full of political skeptics as the Michigan Legislature last night."

-Lead sentence from the Lansing State Journal op-ed

"I think she did a marvelous job. I thought it was what Michigan needed to hear. What Michigan needed to think about, she said."

-Bill Rustem, Public Sector Consultants in Booth's writeup

(Granholm's speech) "was the strongest I've ever heard from her. That was the trial lawyer, not the soccer mom."

-Rep. Paul Condino (D-Southfield) in the Detroit News

(The speech was) "supposed to be about vision and inspiration and she scored 100 percent. She correctly analyzed the Michigan jobs and education situation."

-Rep. Lorence Wenke (R-Richland) in the Detroit News

"She's telling Michigan to suck it up, and I think that's a damn good message."

-Former U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz (R-Battle Creek) in the Battle Creek Enquirer

And finally, our last quote requires that we first review something the Governor said last night. No doubt you remember it:

(T)he Naysayers haven't seen my budget yet, but they already know they are against it.

Blinded by a narrow ideology, stubbornly fixed on old solutions that have failed to work in a new economy, they'll say we can't afford new investment. The truth is we can't afford not to.

The Naysayers will claim that changes in our tax system will send business packing.

Even when the facts show that taxes aren't the reason we're losing jobs.

They'll say there's no limit to how much we can cut spending.

Even when they can't tell you who they'd cut or who will feel that pain.

And never mind the changing nature of our economy; the Naysayers have only one solution: cut business taxes.

Now have a look at this clip from Booth:

"Granholm called Republican critics of her proposals "naysayers." (Senate Majority Leader Mike) Bishop said he was "proud" to be one."

What was that about being "blinded by a narrow ideology" and "stubbornly fixed on old solutions that have failed"? Hmm...maybe Sen. Bishop didn't hear that part.

Hazen Pingree :: SOS 2007: the day after
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Tim S. (the S stands for Slanted) Kubick
Before the debate:

"Some Michigan residents may be getting tired of the governor's rosy predictions for the future.  A recent Detroit Free Press/Local 4 survey reveals that 72 percent believe the state is on the wrong track.  As for the governor's job rating, 53 percent of the women say she is doing a good job, while 44 percent of the men don't agree."

Hmmmmmmmm, 55-percent approval ratings means people are getting tired of the governor's rosy predictions?  On what planet is ... this ... true?

Among the Trees

Job rating
"As for the governor's job rating, 53 percent of the women say she is doing a good job, while 44 percent of the men don't agree."

I'm no mathematician but doesn't that mean that if 44% of men do not agree that she is doing a good job then 56% of men do agree she is doing a good job, and if that is the case I would say those are pretty good numbers given the economic climate. Leave it to Stupick to focus on the negative minority.

The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization.

 - Ralph Waldo Emerson

[ Parent ]
Republicans are so dumb,
they project it on everyone else.  Just because their base can't add and subtract or so routinely cooks the books so that facts don't matter, doesn't mean that Dems don't see their propaganda for what it is.

[ Parent ]
About that panel...
The polling data that supports that regular people haven't felt the pain of the state's budget problems only shows what a poor job the media has done in reporting the linkage of state money to local services.

Every municipality up here in Gateway country has seen significant cuts in local services, some in parks and rec, some in public safety ... all tied to state shared revenue.  Local schools are cutting programs and doing things like changing bus routes and services ... all tied to the state's per-pupil foundation grant.

So, the pain is there ... all the polls have done is highlighted how poorly the media does in covering the state's fiscal problems.

Among the Trees

Tim Skubick:  Voters are teh dumb.  They don't know anything about the budget.

Bill Ballenger's comment that the SBT was done in by a petition drive was incredibly misleading.

George "PragmaticMan" Bullard apparently missed the governor's call to invest in Michigan.  You'd think something that played such a large role in the speech wouldn't have sailed past him.





Sorry, folks, I missed the speech last night.

Among the Trees

Best Speech Ever!
This was one of the best speeches the Governor has ever given.  Her plans for the future are second to none and when implemented they will help transform Michigan into one of the leading states in the nation for education, job creation, technology, energy independence, and healthcare. 

With Michigan's House now in Democratic hands, hopefully Michigan can start to move forward again, rather than being held back by the stubborn Republican majority, who's Cut! Cut! Cut! policy has failed Michigan...if they don't...I can almost guarantee that the State Senate will be in Democratic hands shortly too!

Give 'em Hell Governor!  Michigan voted for your leadership and your plan, not for the man who was going to be in the pocket of the naysayers and the CEOs.

For a full transcript of the Governor's Speech, visit: http://www.michigan....

Excellent speech!
I was really moved by this speech.  This came from the heart.  Not easy for me to say...I am such a cynic.  I totally believe her and what she has to say....and DO!

The Governor actually had me choked up for a moment or two...  It gives me hope.

Then to listen to those Yahoos Piss & Moan on Skubick's show was disheartening.  They totally missed the point(s) entirely.  Seems no one cares....it is ALL about POWER and who has it. It is about getting the job done and done correctly in my book. Yes it will hurt...Yes it will not be "totally" fair.  What is?

I surely hope the Governor strong arms these Nay Sayers in to submission.

Benjamin Franklin: "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." I WANT MY HABEAS CORPUS BACK!!

[ Parent ]
More ...
Republican Michigander -- "The state of the state was a bunch of fluff. The real plan will come on Thursday. Heads up, since there will be some tax increases proposed. I think it's time to get the recall petitions ready circa 1983 if any tax increases pass."


The real plan -- tomorrow?!?!
What comes out tomorrow will almost certainly -not- be the "real plan"!  There's MUCH sumo wrestling to be had here. 

ANY scheme that is not based off "exactly what it's been", that's a "reinvention" of significant chunks of state government, will have winners and losers, inherently.  Thus, it can always be portrayed as some flavor of tax increase to some interest.

At the rate that status quo and inertia is taking us, we'll soon be inert.  I look forward to tomorrow's proposal.

[ Parent ]
Let him do it....
He won't get enough signatures, and it'll give him something to do with his free time.

[ Parent ]
GOP = greedy old pigs.
Yeah, heaven help you poor Republicans if you have to actually pay for something instead of being able to steal it from babies, old people and the poor.  Pay taxes, hell no.  Everybody owes you.  I owe you, my grandkids owe you, and their grand kids owe you.  You are the idiots that put King George and Fat John in place.  It is your war that is sapping money from the federal budget and cutting revenue sharing to the states. It is your globalization policy that is destroying manufacturing, which accounts for 30+% of Michigan's jobs.  It is your President who blew off the automotive CEOs on universal health care that would have helped north american autos compete.  Yeah, greedy old pigs.  You got your asses kicked in 06.  In 08, your party will be officially relegated to the dust bin from which divorce your dying wife Newt dug it up.  Whine a little louder.  We like it. 

[ Parent ]
Well I can tell you
That lawyers all over the state are super pissed at her proposed plan.  There is a special 2% tax on attorney fees included in the proposal.  Ofcourse, this only makes it even harder for every people to obtain inexpensive and competent legal counsel.  It also makes it less likely that the MTLA and other lawyers will be contributing money to the Democtratic Party in the near future. 

Next to unions, no other group gave more money to Granholm and the Democratic Party. 

Do you think Engler or DeVos would have done the same to the insurance industry.  Quite the contrary.  In fact, it is exempt from such a tax, the only state to have such legislation. 

And its no wonder we (the Democtratic Party) continually have such problems in this state.

Inexpensive, competent legal counsel
You mean it is now possible to find such a thing. Where?

The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization.

 - Ralph Waldo Emerson

[ Parent ]
I do know that most plaintiff's lawyers (employment and personal injury) for example charge on a contigency fee basis.  So there is no fee to the client unless the client recovers.  For taking on the case for free, and thus the risk of losing all costs put into the case, the lawyer will customarily take 1/3 of the total recovery. 

Not cheap, but on the other hand, it's free legal service unless you win.  It allows legal counsel for all people, regardless of their economic situation. 

Additionally, I'd hazard to guess that 85%+ of attorneys who work on a contigency fee basis are Democrats and or give to the Democratic Party. 

Again, the attorney tax Granholm is proposing is only hurting the party.  I understand there is a budget shortfall, but this is political stupidity.  Why not just have tax unions while you're at it. 

[ Parent ]
I agree.
No one wants to be involved in the legal system and nobody wants to have to pay for legal fees.  They are out of sight.  A 2% tax on top of their hourly rate, and it will exasperate the "only the rich can afford legal representation". 

[ Parent ]
Quite correction
The 2% tax is not a special tax.  It's just part of the general 2% service tax plan. 

[ Parent ]

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