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A Little Cheese to go with Mike Bishop's Whine

by: LiberalLucy

Thu Feb 22, 2007 at 13:56:21 PM EST

Apparently the Senate Republicans were too busy doodling during the Governor's State of the State speech that they were unable to listen to what the rest of Michigan heard.

Just yesterday Mike Bishop aka The Mad Scribbler was whining that he never heard about the closing of the Southern Michigan Correctional Facility in Jackson.

"The decision to close the Jackson Prison comes as a complete surprise...

Really Mike? Gee, then I guess when the rest of us heard the Governor say

We will reform our prison system as well. Today our efforts to keep Michigan competitive are threatened by rising costs in our Department of Corrections.

The budget I present in two days will include lower-cost ways to deal with non-violent offenders. We will accelerate our efforts to help those who are paroled become productive members of society instead of running-up an expensive tab behind bars that the rest of us have to pay.


My proposal will include a mix of solutions - cuts, reform and revenues.

...you were clearly not listening.

Silly me, I thought you were in Lansing to actually get stuff done. How about getting Michigan back on track and work with the rest of the Legislature and the Governor to help the tax-paying citizens that keep you comfy in your plush throne atop the Senate Chamber.

So if you weren't listening then, how can we expect you to listen to us now when we are pleading with you to fix our state and start investing in Michigan?

LiberalLucy :: A Little Cheese to go with Mike Bishop's Whine
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Bishop's "Secret Plan"
Maybe instead of whining about supposed slights to his ego, Mr. Bishop should work on revealing his "secret plan" on how to magically pay for government without making cuts or raising revenue. He has become positively Nixonesque in his new role as the top Republican.

Bishop is a drama queen
Today, the AP quoted him saying this:
Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R-Rochester, said closing the prison is a short-term solution that has "created panic in the streets about very hardened criminals being released."
Panic in the streets?  That sounds like a page from the Bush/Cheney "lets create fear so we can start a war based on lies" play book.

I've talked to many people about the closings and paroles and have yet to find anyone opposed.  If anything, they think more people should be paroled.

The Michigan Senate
The transparent hypocrisy of the Republican controlled Michigan Senate never fails to astound me.  All we have heard since the Governor first took office is that we need to scale back on the price of government.  Indeed since the Governor proposed her budget, the Republicans have stated that a tax on services would be dead on arrival, and the only acceptable way to balance the budget was through cuts in spending. The Governor by cutting the Department of Corrections has done exactly what the Republicans have said they wanted.  The argument can't be made that she is acting irresponsibly when you realize that we have the highest incarceration rate in the midwest.

The only reasonable conclusion is that Mr. Bishop and his Republican colleagues are so incensed and bitter about getting whipped in November that they will wreck Michigan to spite the Governor.

That sounds like Newt and the boys after 1996
The Republicans were stunned and furious after Bill Clinton's re-election, and they stepped up the effort to bring him down. They wound up overplaying their hand in the impeachment process, just as they did when they shut down the government.

I think the Republican Naysayer Caucus is about to overply its hand.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

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