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Oakland Press Kicks Ann Coulter to the Curb

by: bfealk

Mon Mar 05, 2007 at 14:19:53 PM EST

(From the diaries. Good work, bfealk! - promoted by Hazen Pingree)

Over the weekend I wrote a letter to the Oakland Press asking them to pull Ann Coulter's column due to her outrageous statements at the Conservative Political Action Conference in regard to John Edwards.

This morning I received an e-mail from the Editorial Editor saying that the Oakalnd Press would no longer carry her columns.

Hip, Hip, Hooray.

bfealk :: Oakland Press Kicks Ann Coulter to the Curb
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good for you!
Great news. Thanks for doing that and the great result. Advertisers are pulling off her website too.

You have to give Edwards some credit for turning her remark into an opportunity.. with Coulter Cash.

There is a youtube video of her backstage with Mitt at CPAC. Such good buds!

The republicans may distance themselves finally. We shall see.

A 1,000 Thank-Yous
If only the rest of the world could get rid of the biggoted whore.  Leave her on FOX NEWS where she belongs, with all the other conservative nut-jobs!

The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it always to be kept alive. - Thomas Jefferson Democratic Edge

good work! (n/t)

Check out my mediocre blog.

Be careful what you wish for...
Michelle Malkin, an even uglier person (Ann Coulter never dreamed of posting Cindy Sheehan's divorce paperwork on the Internet merely to get back at her), looks like she's trying to set herself up to take Ann Coulter's spot.

Among the Trees

Guys who drool over Coulter and Malkin
They have very bad taste in women.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

[ Parent ]
Guys who drool
Guys who drool over any woman have bad taste.  Drooling is a very undignified act, and I'm of the opinion that women should be respected, not drooled over.

[ Parent ]
Too good to pass up
Women like it when men like George Clooney drool over us.  We might even monogram a towel with his initials for him, if we really like him.

When men like Chetly drool over us, we're more likely to go get a restraining order.

I'm not that eartha - or that one either

[ Parent ]
sheehan divorce
Malkin's conduct is disgusting.  The death of a child is the absolute worst experience that a parent (or sibling) can go through, and it really puts a lot of stress on the family.  Families who experience the death of a child often run into problems.  In that context, Malkin's actions are horribly insensitive.

Check out my mediocre blog.

[ Parent ]

What does a column on a different issue have to do with her statement about Edwards?

Are you afraid her column will convince moderates of something?  Indeed, if Coulter is as bad as you say, exposing, rather than quashing, her views would help your side of the aisle.

This only proves you to be a censor.  Sure, you have a right to lobby your newspaper, and it has a right withdraw access to her, as both are private actors, but its neither wise nor productive.

Who will cry for the bigot?
Chetly will!  Today a blow was struck to intollerant hate speech, and Chetly is pissed about it!

Let me taste your tears, Chet!  Mmmmmm...your tears are so yummy and sweet!

[ Parent ]
It's not the column, it's the person and her hate speech
I bet if a liberal commentator called George W. Bush a fag, you'd be one of the first people calling for their head. 

Ann thrives on publicity and never admits to be wrong, evidenced by her appearance on Hannity and Colmes.  I hope even FOX has the good sense to ban her appearance and her book sales plummet as a result of her hateful speech, just like what happened to the Dixie Chicks when they dared to say they were ashamed that President Bush comes from their home state of Texas.

[ Parent ]
Censorship would be to stop Ann Coulter from publishing, or to prevent people from reading what she has published.  Withholding your own resources from someone who offends you is hardly the same thing. 

[ Parent ]
I should add ...
I'm not concerned that she'll convince a 'moderate' of anything ... I'm concerned that she'll convince a psychopath that it's ok to kill 'faggots' and 'ragheads' and people like John Edwards, Bill Clinton, or [pick some 'liberal' judge].  As long as she is accepted as a legitimate political thinker (barf) then her hate speech has credibility. 

[ Parent ]
What the bleepity-bleep are you talking about?
I'm sorry, Chetly, but this is just plain dumb.  You don't really understand the First Amendment, do you?

Whatever happened to the marketplace of ideas?  Newspapers add and drop columnists all the time, according to the wishes of their customers.  No private outlet is obligated to continue publishing either opinions or writers that their customers find highly offensive.  According to your argument, the Oakland Press would be obligated to publish her column until either she stopped writing or died, and not because their readers simply no longer wanted to pay for it (as a subscriber, you're in effect paying for everything in your paper).

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
Chetley Troll 2.0
Me thinks it's time to make an official rule that you can only be banned once in a life time. No new monikers once you're banished.

Just because you buy a new car doesn't mean you can drive on a revoked license.

Here's your hat. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Chetly equates screaming fire in a crowded theater
to free speech. Sorry Chetley, willfully calling someone a bigoted name on purpose because you want to "PROJECT" weakness is not free speech, IT'S CALLED BILE NAME CALLING.  Ann Coulter knew exactly what he was saying when he said it for the exact reason he said.  What's a matter?  Don't like the taste of your own bile medicine?  Can't make an argument without using derogatory, bigoted namecalling? 

Nope, I guess your side can't!  Amp it up, we here at Michigan Liberal are ready and loaded for bear and we don't need to use stupid, childish, bile, vulger, idiotic name calling to win our arguments.  We use the truth and the facts, oh and that little thingy called science, and then I top it off with my Catholic upbringing that taught me genorosity, forgiveness and compassion toward my fellow man!!!

[ Parent ]
Hear hear
He adds nothing, except a lot of empty words that distract us from the real work of turning this state around.  What do we accomplish by trying to change Mr. Zarko's mind?

I suspect that he's on somebody's payroll, because nobody but a masochist would come around and take this much justifiable abuse from a bunch of liberals for free.

I'm not that eartha - or that one either

[ Parent ]
Just ignore him and troll rate him....
Eventually the anti-mojo will pile up.

[ Parent ]
awesome work!!!!!!!!!!
kudos Bruce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A superior protest in front of Knollenburg's office and now this!!!!!!!!

a thousand hurrah for Bruce!!!!!!!!!!

Good choice, Oakland Press!
Finally, the good editors of the Oakland Press have realized that they've given an entertainment clown space in their newspaper that should be filled with serious journalists.  Let the clowns do their circus shows at so-called conservatives gatherings and on their web sites .... but for the love of God, don't give people the notion that a clown should be taken seriously.  Bye bye Ann Bozo!!

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