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Campaign finance

2012 Election Round Up (Mid-Michigan Edition)

by: JPowers155

Wed Nov 07, 2012 at 15:40:18 PM EST

There will likely be a lot of arm-chair quarterbacking and posts about the data over the next few weeks from people far more qualified than I so pay attention to those folks. If you're looking for a "quick and dirty" summary of election results here in Mid-Michigan with a dose of snark... read on.

Michigan State University Trustees (aka "Cow College"):  Looks like Republican Melanie Foster and Democrat Joel Ferguson will be returning to rule over our land grant university. Not quite all of the results are in so this isn't official-official but it's pretty likely that MSU will have the status quo.

UPDATE: MLive is calling it for Ferguson and Mosallem (another Dem). 

54A District Court: Hugh Clarke, Jr. ran unopposed after a pretty contentious process to get him on the bench in the first place. 

54B District Court:  For the first time in my life, I didn't vote for Mark Meadows. I cast my ballot for Andrea Larkin and she won. (Clearly, there's a connection.) I like and respect Mark but Andrea ran the better campaign. I think after so many years of winning everything (City Council, Mayor, the House) with 70%+ of the vote, he just didn't put much into the race. So maybe people I know were SHOCKED by this outcome.   


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On Being Bumped, Or, Let's Have Another Roundup

by: fake consultant

Mon Jul 04, 2011 at 13:27:51 PM EDT

So I thought I was going to have another Jay Inslee story for y'all today, but it turns out that I'm going to have to do more research before we can "come to press" with that one.

But that's OK, because the world's been busy doing a lot of other things - and while many of them get media coverage, some don't get a lot of notice at all.

And of course, there are also those stories that look one way at first glance...but look a lot different when you dig a bit deeper.

We'll hit a few of those today, have a bit of fun doing it, and get ready for what promises to be another busy week of strategically not doing things in Washington.

To make things even better, some of the stories will be real, and some won't.

We'll see if you can tell the difference.

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Some Cheese to go with the GOP's Whine and BS on Stryker

by: LiberalLucy

Tue Oct 28, 2008 at 10:41:45 AM EDT

Tell me, which number is greater -

$4 Million or $35 Million

Even if you survived the public education system under Dubya's No Child Left Behind policies, you know that $35 Million is almost ten times as much as $4 million. 

So why hasn't Nick from Right Michigan and the rest of the whiny Michigan GOP done their math?

Probably because the truth hurts. 

Nick's latest post moaning and groaning about Jon Stryker's $4 million spent on Democratic races is just absurd. 

If we want to complain about individuals spending massive amounts of money in politics, let's take a trip back down Memory Lane to Election Cycles Past and Present, shall we? 

Dick 'Amway Guy' DeVos dumped a record $35 million into his 2006 ultra-conservative gubernatorial run, and the only reason we probably know about is because of campaign finance laws. 

Most of the uber-rich Republicans make their donations courtesy of the old fashioned shell game. Stick one part into Foundation A, two parts into Trust B, and top it off with another part into Vaguely-Named Organization C. Anyone else feeling dizzy yet?

So Stryker's got money, good for him. At least he's distributing it out in the open, where the transparency process is in full bloom, and takes a step towards leveling the playing field. 

Maybe the GOP just hates the facts - when that playing field is leveled and the battle is over the issues, progressives generally win, and we all know how much Republicans hate progress! 

(Jump below for the rest of the fun!)

There's More... :: (6 Comments, 309 words in story)

The (in)Competent Captain

by: mr. willis

Mon Mar 10, 2008 at 17:23:57 PM EDT

Anyone heard anything about those good ol' recalls? You know, Leon Drolet and cronies, using out of state money to hold our evil lawmakers accountable? Do you ever miss that gorgeous pink pig on wheels? Well, if you've been as curious as I have, you won't be surprised to know that Drolet's gang is out in full force saving Michigan from those crazy socialist tax-hikers. In fact, they've been so busy grabbing signatures they forgot to follow the rules.

Last week, Drolet's Wayne County honcho, Rose Bogaert, decided it would be a good idea to head on down to the Redford Township Post Office to collect some signatures for the recall against House Speaker Andy Dillion. Before heading out to do the recall campaign dirty work, Rose apparently forgot to check the U.S. citizen rule book. According to D.C. Postal Service officials and Federal law (particulary subsection h), soliciting on federal property ain't kosher.

After numerous customers complained to Post Office officials, Redford police showed up on the scene. According to Rose, "it was insanity." She seemed confused at why the police would be interfering with her recall quest, rhetorically asking,
What do they think I'm going to do, tackle somebody?
Silly Rose, no, the police officers were not afraid you were going to "tackle somebody." They were actually just out doing their job: enforcing the law. What a crazy idea.

What did Rose have to say for her actions?
I was sort of daring them to arrest me.
Yep. You got it. Wayne County Taxpayer Association's Chairwomen Rose Bogaert is a true rebel for the cause. Sense my facetiousness? I just can't help it. Anyone who thinks highly of wasting my tax dollars on a recall election that will (if everything goes right for the martyrs) occur just a few months before the general election, doesn't deserve to be taken seriously. Especially when they can't even pursue their agenda within the confines of the law.

You'd think the Taxpayer's Alliance would be a little concerned that one of their own is getting such negative press. Obviously, a police presence is not good for signature collecting. Rose even mentioned that signature-gathering was "not good" for the day in Redford. Unfortunately (for the martyrs) Rose scuffling with the police is only the beginning of her... shortcomings. Spike your curiousity? Read on.

In a recent notice from the Secretary of State to the Attorney General's office, it becomes even more apparent that Rose has a hard time getting the rules straight.

According to the Secretary of State notice, Rose serves as the treasurer for recall campaigns against State Representatives Marc Corriveau and Gino Polidori, as well as State Senator Glen Anderson. In each of these three recall campaigns she has failed to accurately file the correct campaign finance information. Rose also failed to fix the problem after she was notified by the Secretary of State. Maybe the letter got lost in the mail, but it sounds like Captain Rose might be losing control of the Recall Ship.

I'm no campaign finance expert, but it would seem to me that not filing the correct campaign finance information with the Secretary of State is a pretty blatant offense. For Representative Polidori and Senator Anderson this is relatively unimportant as neither are listed as "active recalls" by Drolet et. al., but Representative Corriveau is a somewhat different story. One of the first recalls to have its language approved, one would think the Taxpayer's Alliance would have wanted to dot all their I's and cross all their T's.

Rose's blatent disregard for the law makes one wonder if the power of the giant pink pig is wearing off. Scuffles with the police... Campaign finance mistakes... My advice to Ms. Bogaert: it might be worth while to back up the propaganda you bellow from atop your crow's nest with a credible campaign.
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Obama on independent money

by: XavierLA

Mon Feb 25, 2008 at 14:28:29 PM EST

Apparently, I seem to beone of the few people who remember the memo the Obama campaign sent out in the days immediately preceding the Iowa caucuses, in which he decried third-party spending on behalf of his opponents.

I am as much of a supporter of campaign finance reform as any progressive, but the reason I was shocked at the time was that the majority of this spending Obama and his agents were calling "underhanded" came from one of the pillars of the Democratic Party--labor unions.

This wasn't "a flood of Washington money" on behalf "big interests" as the Obama campaign asserted, it was the dues and contributions of millions of teachers, steel workers, electricians, nurses, and other members of the Democratic coalition.

"I'm taken aback that somebody like Obama would think that Oprah Winfrey has a greater right to participate in the political process than the 4 million people I represent," Edward J. McElroy, the president of the American Federation of Teachers...
Gerald W. McEntee, the president of the other major union supporting Clinton, wrote on The Huffington Post that "the Obama campaign's criticism of our political action committee and some of the so-called 527 efforts, such as the one organized in support of [John] Edwards, is troubling because they are suggesting that workers are somehow a special interest, just like insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry."
As I mentioned last month, Obama was silent when it came to "the harshest ad of the cycle on the Democratic side" - a labor union ad attacking Hillary in Nevada.  Was UNITE HERE! a "special interest" attempting to subvert the political process?

And he remains silent as another labor union is planning a huge media buy this week on behalf of his campaign, this time in Ohio.

There's More... :: (2 Comments, 109 words in story)

The Christian Coalition: Coming to a Congressional Race near you

by: LiberalLucy

Sat Nov 10, 2007 at 15:00:00 PM EST

Halloween maybe over, but news out of Washington D.C. yesterday may prove more tricks are yet to come.  It also proves that Michigan's Democratic Congressional candidates will need even more help fighting the Religious Right in 2008. 

The announcement was made yesterday that The Christian Coalition of America will be skipping the presidential primaries and instead be focusing on Congressional races. From the AP -

"We're going to be focusing on congressional races," president Roberta Combs told The Associated Press by telephone. "I think it's more important that we focus on the congressional races and getting more conservatives in office because that's who makes the laws that govern our land."


Combs said she was meeting with others to help determine which 2008 congressional races to rally around. "I plan to look at targeted states where we need more conservative lawmakers," she said.

Meanwhile, the coalition hasn't decided whether to develop voter guides for the presidential primary. The group has released the information in the past, but Combs said the candidates' positions are fairly well known already.

The coalition became an important ally to George W. Bush when he ran for president in 2000. Christian conservative support only grew after Arizona Sen. John McCain called Robertson and Jerry Falwell "agents of intolerance." (emphasis added)

So where does logic tell us they'll head here in Michigan? Skip below for the details.
There's More... :: (10 Comments, 271 words in story)

Follow the Money: The 2006 Citizen's Guide to Michigan Campaign Finance is Out

by: LiberalLucy

Fri Jul 20, 2007 at 12:16:06 PM EDT

From the Mailbag....

Political campaigns in Michigan raised and spent over $192 million in the 2006 election cycle. Data and analysis for the record-breaking campaign spending are compiled in the 2006 Citizen's Guide to Michigan Campaign Finance, released today by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network.

Campaigns for state offices, including governor, attorney general, secretary of state, state representative, state senator, state board of education, elected university boards and the judiciary, totaled $134.8 million. State candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives raised $19.3 million and the Stabenow-Bouchard U.S. Senate race cost $19.1 million. Committees that supported or opposed the various ballot questions raised another $19.4 million.

The gubernatorial campaign totaled $78.9 million, more than twice the cost of the 2002 gubernatorial campaign. It included $35.5 million in self-funding by Republican challenger Dick DeVos, the fourth highest total ever for an American gubernatorial candidate and the most ever by a Republican. The campaign also featured $18.1 million in candidate-focused issue advertising that was not reported in any campaign finance report. The Michigan Democratic Party sponsored $12.8 million of that total, while DeVos supporters spent $5.3 million. The Michigan Campaign Finance Network collected issue ad spending data from the public files of state broadcasters and cable systems.

There's More... :: (0 Comments, 571 words in story)

Campaign Finance (Abuse)

by: Harris

Tue Jan 30, 2007 at 12:20:50 PM EST

(Very interesting. Political Wire noted it too. - promoted by lpackard)

The Wall Street Journal alerted me to this, but it's worth a look: Mitt Romney has been using Michigan as an end-around for campaign finance. 

His Commonwealth PAC had raised approximately $350,000 according to the Oct-06 statement.  Mighty interesting, since barely a dime of it came from within Michigan.  The good news was that he did hand out a few shekels to the local parties, and some candidates. 

And that's where it gets interesting....

There's More... :: (3 Comments, 189 words in story)

MCFN: 30 seconds of news, $30 million in ads

by: matt

Thu Oct 12, 2006 at 18:54:25 PM EDT

From the Michigan Campaign Finance Network:
LANSING – Research conducted by the University of Wisconsin NewsLab shows that television broadcasters in Detroit and Lansing devoted an average of less than 30 seconds to Michigan’s campaigns and elections per 30-minute news broadcast during the first month of traditional campaign season, between September 7th and October 6th.

In contrast, the typical early- or late-evening newscast had more than ten minutes of advertising, more than seven minutes of sports and weather, and more than two minutes of crime stories.
Disturbing in the extreme. Read the full press release at the MCFN website here (and when you're there, give money. Rich Robinson is truly one of Michigan's unsung heroes, IMV.)
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