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Coffee Talk

Friday Coffee Talk/Open Thread

by: rich

Fri Nov 07, 2008 at 07:47:42 AM EST

Good morning. It's Friday and getting colder. Our unseasonably warm weather is going away (as it had to). So, grab a warm mug of something and take a look at this morning's cup-o-links.

The Obama Administration

  • Freep: Granholm, Bonior join Obama's economic transition team. “Gov. Jennifer Granholm and former U.S. Rep. David Bonior will serve on a panel of financial luminaries and corporate experts advising President-elect Barack Obama on the nation’s hard-bitten economy, ensuring Michigan, its troubled auto industry and labor has a seat at the table.”
  • Sun-Times: Lynn Sweet: Obama picks his enforcer. This is an informed polite profile of Rahmbo. For a less-sugar-coated profile, you can read Jewcy's "Change You Can Motherf***ing Believe In," complete with videos of Ari from HBO's Entourage.

State Legislature

  • AP: Detroit sends Palestinian Muslim to Legislature. “Lawyer and community activist Rashida Tlaib, the daughter of Palestinian immigrants who never attended high school, becomes the first Muslim woman ever to serve in the Michigan Legislature.”
  • Senate Dems: Senator Basham Proposes Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Activity at Adult Entertainment. "Senator Ray Basham (D-Taylor) introduced legislation today to address the community’s concerns with the hiring process of adult entertainment establishments. A local family from Wyandotte alerted Basham to this problem as they prepared to file a lawsuit against an establishment for hiring their underage granddaughter, high school student Stephanie Brown."
  • Grand Rapids Press: State Rep. Kevin Green says he was not hiding impaired driving arrest days before election. “State Rep. Kevin Green, arrested for impaired driving less than a week before he was re-elected in a landslide, said he wasn't trying to hide it from the public. The news of his Oct. 29 arrest in Saginaw County leaked out on Wednesday, the day after the election.”

There Will Be Blood

  • Politico: GOP in dire straits. “Most ominous for Republicans, the GOP is increasingly becoming less grand than old — and outdated. As reflected in Tuesday’s results and exit polls, it’s a party that is overwhelmingly white, rural and aged in a country that is rapidly becoming racially mixed, suburban and dominated by a post-Baby Boomer generation with no memory of Vietnam or the familiar culture wars of the past.”


  • Detroit News: Granholm to slash budget as economy worsens. “Michigan's deepening economic crisis will force Gov. Jennifer Granholm to order budget cuts by year's end that could be in the hundreds of millions of dollars and impact spending across state government, possibly including aid to public schools.”
  • Michigan Messenger: Will it be a Black Friday in automotive country? “Friday’s going to be a big and bleak day here in Michigan. General Motors (NYSE:GM) completed its third quarter earnings report earlier this week; it also said it would make an announcement on Friday regarding its operations.”
  • Flint Journal: Flint schools to outline cuts this year in wake of $10-million deficit. “More layoffs. More schools closing. More budget cuts. And, grim resignation from Flint residents.”


  • NBC25: Syphilis cases in Genesee County surpass 100. Last year there were only 5 reported cases.


  • Livingston Press & Argus: Battling A Legacy. “Livingston County's reputation as a community that tolerated racism gained more notoriety in October 1988 with an act that has symbolized hatred and terrorism for many years in this country. A cross was burned on the front lawn of Henry and Shirley Griffin, an older black couple who lived in Genoa Township. Out of those hateful flames, though, something good arose.”

As always, if I missed anything, please feel free to add it to the comments. Also, there's a special message below the fold.

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Election Day Coffee Talk

by: JPowers155

Tue Nov 04, 2008 at 07:41:23 AM EST

Good morning and welcome to the day that will (hopefully) change the world. I know that almost every person who reads MichLib will vote today so instead of me telling you to GOTV, I'm going to say thanks. Thanks for voting. Thanks for reading.

National Political News

  • Oakland Dem Politics: Obama's Final Rally Speech. Fired up? Ready to go!
  • BFM: Dixville Notch Turns Blue. If you believe the omens, this nation is going for Obama.
  • DailyKos: My Predictions for 2008. The Great Orange Satan speaks and he's calling Michigan as +16 for Obama. Thoughts?
  • SuperSpade On the Eve of Change.  "We deserve the leadership we work for."  Best line of this campaign season.
Michigan Political News
  • GayPolitics: Garnet Lewis Subject of Anti-Gay Attack Ad. It's more than anti-gay, it's the homophobic rantings of hate mongers. Fortunately, we have the Gay Political Mafia on the side of the righteous. Keep the faith.
  • State News: Party Politics Not a Factor for Partisan MSU Trustees. Well if Joel Ferguson says it's true, then it must be.
  • Vote No on Joe: Get Out and Vote for Gary Peters. One voice really does matter. Bruce? Thank you for your hard work in helping rid Michigan of Joe K. Here's hoping...
  • WMR: Vote for Change - - Vote for the Democratic Slate. I couldn't have said it better myself.
Things That Amuse Me
  • Serious Eats: Election Night Party Food. What are you having at your Election Night Party?

Today's my last Coffee Talk. It's been a heck of a ride. So just let me say this just one last time...

Go forth. Do good. Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.

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Monday Coffee Talk/Open Thread

by: JPowers155

Mon Nov 03, 2008 at 07:47:31 AM EST

Good morning and welcome to Monday.  Check your voter registration here.  Our SoS might have decided to disenfranchise bloggers this time around since she's already gone after people in foreclosure, old people who've moved into nursing homes and students who are away at college.

Michigan Political News

  • DKos:  Listening to the Locals:  Michigan.  Our fearless leader, Eric, gets his 15 minutes over at the Great Orange Satan.  Check it out and show some love.  Even Phil over at WMR liked it and if Phil likes it, you will too.
  • 538:  The Road to 270.  Great analysis of Michigan's role in the upcoming election.  (another hat tip to Rich)
  • WMR: Interview with Representative Robert Dean.  A legislator with a clear reason for running - too many kids dead from inner city violence.
  • MichMess:  An Ad for Proposition One, to Legalize Medical Marijuana.  It's about time that we get a chance to hear about Prop. One.  Since even Bill Schuette managed to avoid that slippery slope into hard drug use, I'm pretty sure this one will pass.
Election Day News
  • Capitol Journal:  What to Watch for on Election Night.  Derek picks out the top races to watch for on Tuesday night.  He's even calling the 9th Congressional race "Lean Challenger" in favor of Gary Peters.  Woo hoo!
  • GeekDad:  Americans:  Take Your Kids to Vote on Tuesday.  Or, how about take someone else's kid to the polls?  If you're in Lansing... we need drivers to get students to the polls.  Drop me a line... (hat tip to Rich)
  • State News:  Voting 101.  CATA and many community groups have joined together to get MSU students to the polls on Tuesday.  Show your voter ID card and get a free ride.
The Gay Agenda
  • Time:  The Gay Mafia That's Redefining Liberal Politics. Yes, there's a secret group of Gay Super Friends and not only are their costumes way cooler than the Old White Straight Guy Brigade, but they throw much better parties.
Michigan News
  • Crain's:  Kresge Funds Effort to Bring Food Stores to Underserved Neighborhoods.  The Kresge Foundation is funding a local community economic development group to bring much-need grocery stores to inner city Detroit.
  • MITF:  Michigan Development News.  It's all about cells - solar cells - in this debate.  Check out the good news over at the Interfaith Trust Fund.
  • Public News Service:  Professionals Donate Time to Help MI Vets.  Check out this program that's helping returning vets with paperwork, mental health and adjustment issues.  Giving an hour can save a life.
  • Muskegon Chronicle:  Cutback in State Funds to Affect Snow Removal.  I know, you don't want to hear about snow but it's coming and you'd better get ready to shovel because the budget crisis means fewer snowplows on the roads.
Things That Amuse Me
  • Open Left:  Republican Socialists of America.  If it's good enough for Tricky Dick and the old Gipper, then it's good enough for Obama.  (That wooshing noise was Joe the Plumber accidentally giving Caribou Barbie a swirlie.)
  • Jack & Jill Politics:  Kiss of Death - Cheney Endorses McCain.  It could only get worse for McCain if the Shrub decided to go out and campaign for him.  Someone put Cheney back in his undisclosed location bunker and forget to write down where it is.  
Calendar Check
Go forth.  Do good.  Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.
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Monday Coffee Talk

by: JPowers155

Mon Oct 27, 2008 at 06:55:58 AM EDT

Good morning. It's one week and one day left until Election Day. It's time for you to step away from the Internet and get out there and volunteer. Knock doors for your candidate. Call for (or against) one of the ballot proposals. Drive people to the polls on Tuesday. In other words... get up off your butt and be a good Michigan liberal. Make us proud.

Pesky Politics

  • Muskegon Chronicle: Granholm Stumps for Obama in Grand Rapids. He may not have been her first choice, but the Governor is waving the Obama flag statewide.
  • WMR: A Conservative West Michigan Newspaper Endorses Obama. There's a lot of that bandwagon jumping going on all around the state this week, isn't there? Sure would be embarrassing if your hometown paper endorsed the other guy.
  • AP: All in a Day on the Campaign Trail. Miles and crowds and lies, oh my! It's another day in the life of the candidates.
  • WMIPolitics: Proposal 1. Not entirely sure what to think about Proposal 1 and medical marijuana?
Business, Education & Environment
  • MITF: Michigan Development News. It's all about Creative Cities and solar power this week in the Michigan Housing Trust Fund's weekly roundup of development news.
  • TC Record Eagle: Stem Cell Research May Impact Economy. Finally!  A discussion about the issue that isn't dripping with guilty tears or nasty invective.  Stem cell research takes what would be a wasted resource and turns it into a potentially significant industry both in terms of research dollars and pharmaceutical development.  
  • LSJ: Put Tolls Roads on Transportation Agenda. I know it may come as a shock to you, but all those miles of state-maintained roads are not inlcuded in the "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" deal.
Things That Amuse Me
  • Crooks & Liars: The McCain Mutiny. It's like the McCain campaign is a sinking ship and even the head rat (Karl Rove) is making noises about "finding himself" and "exploring new opportunities".
  • AmericaBlog: McCain Says $50,000 of Palin's $150K in Clothes Have Been "Given Back". Rut roh! G.I. P.O.W. is upset that Caribou Barbie spent his weekly allowance from Cindy on fancy new clothes so he made her return a whole bunch of things to the store.
Calendar Check
  • 10/29/08: Warren GOTV Rally
  • 10/30/08: Rockin' for Obama (Sterling Heights)
  • 10/30/08: Mickey Switalski Coffee Hour (Clinton Township)
  • 10/31/08: Halloween
  • 11/01/08: Bob Alexander's Birthday Bash (Lansing's Old Town)
Go forth. Do good. Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.
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Monday Coffee Talk

by: JPowers155

Mon Oct 13, 2008 at 07:43:25 AM EDT

Good morning and welcome to Monday. It's a busy week here in the Mitten with just a few short weeks until the election. Make sure you do something for the candidate of your choice - volunteer, contribute, put up a yard sign, slap on a bumper sticker.

National Political News

  • Skoop's Blog: Game Changer. Imagine the apology that John McCain would have to give to win over intelligent voters... infidelity, financial shenanigans, picking Sarah Palin, disavowing his adopted daughter, his health, shady campaign manager with ties to all sorts of nefarious things... It would take 3 hours just to run through the list!
  • American Blog: McCain Says He Will "Whip" Obama in Debate. I guess the closer he gets to losing his shot at yet another overgrown mansion, Grampa McSame's real self shows through.
Michigan Political News
  • Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Burning Witches in Michigan. The new fundie agenda? Burning teachers for discussing literature regarding historical events - it's like the new Crusades.
  • TC Record Eagle: Many Obstacles for Hathaway. It's an uphill battle against Republican incumbent (and noted leader of one of the worst Supreme Courts in the country) Chief Justice Cliff Taylor.
  • Vote No on Joe: No-Show Joe at Debate. Joey K can't be bothered to participate in debates... he's too busy doing something else. Flossing his dog's teeth? Alphabetizing his spice rack?
Things Economical
  • MITF: Michigan Development News. What?!? Good economic news? Don't tell the MSM because they sure won't report anything positive about the economy these days. Thank goodness for the Trust Fund.
  • Crain's: Locals Buying Locally: Movement Grows as Economy Shrinks. Just for funsies, go through one room/drawer of your house and see how many/few of the items in there were actually made or produced in the United States.
Things That Amuse Me
  • Dependable Renegade: "Now Puck Off, Palin." Wonder what real hockey moms think of the GOP Veep nominee?
  • Luxist: Dan Akroyd's Crystal Head Vodka. I think the next MichLib bloggers gathering should include some shots off Dan's head.
Calendar Check
  • 10/12/08: Spaghetti Dinner & 12th District Democrats (Roseville)
  • 10/14/08: Sarah Roberts Fundraiser (St. Clair Shores)
  • 10/15/08: 2008 Elections - Candidate Forum (Ferndale)
  • 10/15/08: 2008 Elections - Candidate Forum (Grand Rapids)
  • 10/15/08: 2008 Elections - Candidate Forum (Kalamazoo)
  • 10/15/08: 2008 Elections - Candidate Forum (Detroit)
  • 10/18/08: Norris Ingells Nature Walk (Lansing)
  • 10/18/08: Electoral Politics: Can We Really Vote for Change? (Grand Rapids)
Go forth. Do good. Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.
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Monday Coffee Talk

by: JPowers155

Mon Oct 06, 2008 at 07:56:16 AM EDT

Good morning and welcome to Monday.  It's a busy week here in the Mitten with the countdown ticking to November 4th at a breakneck pace.  Make sure you wish our Assistant Editor Rich a very happy birthday tomorrow.  (He likes bobbleheads and ice cream cake if you're wondering...)

The Race for the Presidency

  • Media Mouse:  Local Coverage of the Vice Presidential Debate.  Media Mouse takes a look at how the local TV stations covered last week's debate between Sen. Biden and Caribou Barbie.
  • TC Record Eagle:  McCain's Fade Could Help Dems.  Poor Sarah.  Poor Chuck.  Poor Saul.  The "maverick" is taking his toys and going to find a sandbox more suited to his demographics.  I hear that there are several retirement complexes in Arizona he can buy.
  • MI Messenger:  McCain's Retreat:  It's Packing Up Time in Michigan.  The GOP "Victory Center" is looking less than victorious amidst the cardboard boxes packed with McCain's dentures and Palin's dusty pageant sashes.
National Political News
  • WMR:  Push for the Landslide.  An internal poll at the Alexander campaign says that he's up 51 - 31 with 18 undecided.  There are a lot of "ifs" in the polling, but I'm sure that Bob's efforts are shored up Mike Roger's apparent abandonment of his District this campaign season.
  • Windmillin':  How Convenient.  The DOJ has appointed a special prosecutor to sort out the Bush Administration's political appointment skulduggery in the West Michigan case.  How many more days until these crooks are out of office?
State Political News
  • Public News Service: Stem Cell Ballot Question Fuels Debate.  The ads have hit the airwaves against stem cells but instead of attacking it on moral grounds, we're supposed to believe that ultimately it's going to either cost the state huge amounts of money or we're going to end up with clones.
  • SuperSpade:  Voting Rights Essentials:  Michigan Edition.  Nice recap of the ACLU's guide to Michigan Voting Rights.  Timely in light of the recent revelations about the Michigan Republican Party's attempt to disenfranchise voters statewide.
Environment & Economics
  • Consumerist: What Does the Bailout Mean for You?  It's not all pork barrel spending for special interests (those wooden arrow manufacturers aside).  There is an upside to the bailout for regular Americans.  I'm just trying to figure out how I feel about it all.
  • MITF:  Michigan Development News.  Help is here for homeowners struggling to keep their homes.  Contrary to some people's opinions, foreclosure happens for reasons like death, serious illness, divorce or job loss.  Check out the Trust Fund's good news.
  • Muskegon Chronicle:  West Michigan's Geology Could Help Fight Against Carbon Monoxide Emissions.  Why bother writing an article when the title tells you everything you need to know about the subject?
Things That Amuse Me
  • Mrs. O:  Motor City Miss.  An entire blog devoted to the style, fashion and je ne said quoi of the (hopefully) future First Lady.
Calendar Check
  • 10/06/08:  Last Day to Register to Vote! (statewide)
  • 10/06/08:  Historic Book-Cadillac Hotel Reopens Today (Detroit)
  • 10/07/08:  Rich Hellinga's Birthday
  • 10/08/08:  Matthew Shepard Memorial Service (Lansing)
  • 10/08/08:  Mary Valentine vs. Holly Hughes Debate (Muskegon)
  • 10/10/08:  Garnet Lewis Fundraiser & Pig Roast on the Bayou (Freeland)
  • 10/11/08:  National Coming Out Day (nationwide)
Go forth.  Do good.  Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.
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Monday Coffee Talk

by: JPowers155

Mon Sep 29, 2008 at 07:10:36 AM EDT

Good morning and welcome to Monday. Banned Book Week kicked off yesterday. Tick off a fundie - read something on the list! It's a light week on the MichLib calendar, so I added a little something* for you to do. In MichLib news, our very own lpackard is coming home to the Mitten this weekend. Yay!

National Politics

  • Kzoo Gazette: Congressional Candidates Agree to Gazette-sponsored Debate Oct. 13. "The candidates for 6th District U.S. representative will discuss the issues in a public one-hour debate at 7 p.m. Oct. 13 in the Michigan Technical Education Center amphitheater in the Groves Campus of Kalamazoo Valley Community College."
  • MLive: Obama, Biden Appear with Detroit's New Mayor. Mayor Cockrel Jr. welcomed Sen. Obama and Sen. Biden to Detroit with Red Wings jerseys and a crowd of thousands.
  • MI Messenger: Biden Touts "Real Hockey Mom" in Detroit. Denise Illitch handed over the aforementioned jerseys. Can I just say that NONE of the hockey parents that were around the rinks growing up were as well coiffed and dressed as the current crop of women calling themselves "hockey moms"? Sweats. Puffy coats. Big cups of gas station coffee.  Now that's a HOCKEY MOM.
State Political News
  • LSJ: Mich. Lawmakers Sharpen BWL's Edge. "Under the state's legislation, residential customers of Consumers Energy and Detroit Edison can expect bills to rise 8 percent to 12 percent." Ouch.
  • Public News Service: MI Voting Advice: Challenge-Proof Yourself. If your home is on a mortgage foreclosure list or you might be behind on child support payments, be prepared yourself to be challenged at the polls on Election Day.
Economic News
  • Crain's: Report: Michigan Showing Signs of Depression. Unfortunately, some pretty blue pills and a few hours on the therapist's couch won't cure this downturn.
  • Feministe: The Mortgage Crisis: Blame the Brown and Black People. Ann Coulter says that the mortgage crisis is caused by "affirmative action". Michelle Malkin blames "illegal immigrants". Crisis solved! John McCain can go back and do Letterman, Sarah Palin can return to Alaska to keep an eye on the maritime border.
  • MITF: Michigan Development News. Back after a break to update and retool the website, one of my favorite resources has some of the only good news about the economy here in the Mitten.
Things That Amuse Me
  • Bay City Times: Nude Man Arrested on Liberty Bridge. I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time...
  • Jackson Cit Pat: Man Still Hunting to see if Elvis is his Dad. Start checking the Burger Kings in Kalamazoo...
  • Slashfood: Hop Obama, an Ale of Hope? This link is for all of you out there who love politics and good beer. Finally a candidate who brings us both, in one attractive package.
Calendar Check
  • 9/27/08 - 10/4/08: Banned Books Week
  • 09/27/08 - 10/4/08: Volunteer for a Progressive Campaign Week*
  • 10/2/08: Vice Presidential Debate Watch Party (Lansing, Location TBD)
Go forth. Do good. Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.
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Monday Coffee Talk

by: JPowers155

Mon Sep 22, 2008 at 07:53:50 AM EDT

Good morning and welcome to Monday.  It's officially Fall here in Michigan which means apple cider, leaves turning and political ads on TV.  It was my favorite season until that last part.  Maybe some HARD apple cider will make it all better...  In any case, here's what's happening in political news today.

State News
  • LSJ/APBills Would Set Aside Lanes for Carpooling.  After living in DC for a couple of years, I can tell you this - Michigan drivers know NOTHING about traffic congestion.  Adding HOV lanes now might keep you from the pain and suffering that I felt.  8 miles used to take me over an hour.
  • Capitol News ServiceState Failing to Track Missing Sex Offenders. “There are currently 1,100 unaccounted-for sex offenders in Michigan. Money is part of the issue. There is not enough resources anywhere, not just State Police but every state agency.”
National Politics
  • NYT: Adam Sorkin Conjures a Meeting of Obama and Bartlet.  For the last eight years, some of us have found our only solace in reruns (and the complete DVD collection) of The West Wing.  Now the creator imagines what a chat between Jed and Barack might look like.
  • ICDP: DispatchTransparency No More.  According to Alaska's leading newspaper, the McCain campaign has essentially taken over the Alaska governor's office.  I'm pretty sure that the state Constitution doesn't have a provision for that unless somehow Caribou Barbie is considered unfit for office.  (Insert your own "duh" here.)
  • Swing State ProjectIndependent Expenditure Round-Up 9/15-21.  Check out who's giving money to protect Joe Knollenberg?  That would be the National Association of Realtors.  Know anyone in the industry?  To the phones!  Let your local realtors know how their funds are being spent.  We have no time to lose.
  • Open Left: Early Monday Swing State Outlook.  Looks like Obama is up by 4% here in Michigan.  Check out the other states that are considered "swing".  Interesting group.
Business & Environment
  • Crain'sAIG Fixed.  Is Michigan Next? Will the latest government bail out mean good news for the Big Three?  Some experts thing that with the loosening of the credit market, it could be a good thing.
  • TC Record EagleEbb and Flow of Great Lakes Funding"While the Great Lakes region has worked diligently over the past several decades to help clean up the Lakes, it is clear more must be done on the federal level to implement the streamlined strategy already in place."
  • Ann Arbor NewsGoogle Marks Two-Year Anniversary of its Ann Arbor AdWords Operations.  The "Google Effect" is spreading throughout Ann Arbor, attracting new businesses that see Michigan as a potential incubator for high tech industry.
Amusing (or Just Plain Sad) Things
  • KAAAJohn McCain Loves Ohio State.  As if we needed another reason to find McSame distateful ...
  • Conservative TruthsConservative States Have a Higher Rate of Unemployment Than Liberal States.  With the exception of Michigan, of course...
Calendar Check
  • 09/22/08:  "Catching Out" (Grand Rapids)
  • 09/24/08:  Michigan Nonprofit Day (Lansing)
  • 09/24/08:  Michigan's March for Choice (Lansing)
  • 09/25/08:  National Gray Panther's Conference (Detroit)
  • 09/26/08:  "Water Front"  (Highland Park)
  • 09/27/08:  Western Washtenaw Dems Barn Bash (Dexter)
  • 09/27/08:  OCDP Phil Hart Dinner featuring Sen. Hillary Clinton
Go forth.  Do good.  Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.
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Monday Coffee Talk

by: JPowers155

Mon Sep 15, 2008 at 08:01:36 AM EDT

Good morning and welcome to Monday. It's a busy week here in Michigan politics so make sure you check out the Calendar Check at the bottom of the post. There's everything from the Eat Local Challenge to a Wind Farm Tour and MichiganLiberal.com's exclusive Live Chat with Congressional candidate Bob Alexander! (I'd also like to wish my grandfather a happy 97th birthday today.)

Political Things

  • Public News Service: MI Swing Voters Report - Not Soccer Moms and NASCAR Dads. "A new survey from AARP shows that those in the 50-plus set are those least likely to have made up their minds in the presidential race, with nearly 70 percent saying they haven't decided yet." Yes, my parents are going to be the swing voters in this election and guess what? Even they think that Sen. McCain is too old and that Sarah Palin is unqualified.
  • Conservative Media: Mid-Michigan Military Veterans Back Schauer. Sen. Schauer is rallying the troops. "Apparently, Tim Walberg supports the war but not the troops" since he voted against the GI Bill.
  • MI Citizen: Who Wants to Be Mayor? It's an open field in the race to become Detroit's next mayor. Some new potential contenders, a few well known names are on the list.
  • LSJ Capitol Journal: Pain at the Pump and Paycheck. Sen.Mark Schauer is talking about job creation and retention for Michigan, in Michigan. Congresscritter Walberg? Wandering around Washington D.C. with a red plastic gas can.
  • MI Messenger: Hoogendyk Tries to Get Attention, Still Trails Levin. Jack reminds me of the know-it-all kid in class who actually doesn't know the answer, but just wants to get called on to get the attention.
  • TC Record Eagle: Editorial: Voters Must Demand Substance. "We fervently hope that by then, the two campaigns will have laid out their positions on what they apparently believe to be the most crucial issues of the day -- lipstick on pigs, sex education in kindergarten, when saying yes to a bridge to nowhere really means no -- and be ready to move on."
Disturbing Things
  • KAAA: I Guess the Recession is Just in Our Heads. Never mind that Fannie and Freddie are under government conservatorship and yet another major bank is failing. Sen. McCain and his financial policy advisers claim that the economy is just fine and we're all a bunch of whiners.
  • Conservative Truths: Conservative States Still Have Higher Rates of Forcible Rape Than Liberal States. Like in Alaska, where rape victims have to pay for their own rape kits and if they get pregnant, the Republican Veep nominee would demand that the victim carry the child to term.
Calendar Check
  • 09/13/08 - 09/20/08: Eat Local Challenge
  • 09/17/08: Live Chat with Congressional Candidate Bob Alexander on www.michiganliberal.com!
  • 09/18/08: Michael Moore's "Slacker Uprising" Premiere (Ann Arbor)
  • 09/19/08 & 09/20/08: Old Town Bluesfest (Lansing)
  • 09/20/08: Michelle Obama on Paula's Party!
  • 09/20/08: Tour a Michigan Wind Farm (Dewitt)
  • 09/21/08: Fundraiser for HD98 Candidate Garnet Lewis (Midland)
Go forth. Do good. Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.
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Friday Coffee Talk/Open Thread

by: JPowers155

Fri Sep 12, 2008 at 07:17:56 AM EDT

Good morning and welcome to Friday. I'm subbing for Rich today while he and his lovely family are visiting the relatives for some baby cuddling and preschooler spoiling. Anyone else glad it's Friday? Yeah. Me too. So while you're offering thanks, take a minute to peruse the links of the day.

Political News

  • Choice Words: A Shift in the Issues. Our friends over at Planned Parenthood sum it up nicely. Our country needs to focus less on porcine grooming habits and more on the real issues at hand. Besides, Grebner has already proven that you CAN'T put lipstick on a pig.
  • Jack Lessenberry: Total Recall. Speaking of pigs... Jack takes the time-wasting, government hijacking Pig Man and his cronies to task for their ill-concealed attempt to blackmail legislators through threats of recalls.
  • Keweenaw Now: Democrats to Open Campaign Office in Houghton Sept. 13. It's so far north that it's practically Canada. With winter weather coming in about a week, these intrepid Dems will snowshoe, snowmobile and ski across the tundra to do GOTV.
  • KAAA: Push Poll Apparently Targeting Michigan Students. Looks like McSame & Caribou Barbie are taking campaign notes directly from W's cronies, using the same push poll techniques against Obama as W used against McCain 8 years ago.
State Legislative News
  • Jackson Cit Pat: Vote Near on Energy Package. Sometimes I like to post links for the comment threads rather than the actual article. If one were to believe the comments, alternative energy is a liberal conspiracy to make hardworking Americans pay more for gasoline.
  • MI Radio: Alternative Energy Backers Angry with State Lawmakers. With all the rushing around to prove relevancy, some of the key stakeholders to the alternative energy plan have been left out of the discussion.
Business News
  • Crain's: Detroit Lions 24th in Franchise Value. Even though the Lions are the only NFL team operating in the red, the team is still worth almost a billion dollars. Does anyone even watch them?
Things That Amuse & Bemuse Me
  • Jezebel: Drill, Baby, Drill. Wonder what Mr. GOP Veep Nominee's Secret Service name is? Oh, the irony.
Go forth. Do good. Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.
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Monday Coffee Talk

by: JPowers155

Mon Sep 08, 2008 at 07:34:18 AM EDT

Good morning and welcome to Monday. School's back in full swing. The nights are getting colder. In normal circles, this is the harbinger of Fall. However here at MichiganLiberal, it means Election Season!

National Political News

  • MI Radio News: Obama Campaigns in Flint, Farmington Hills Monday. Three visits in nine days. We're in the big leagues now, kids.
  • Skoop's Blog: Lost Her Voice. Everyone, even Timmeh, is wondering what mysterious ailment is aflicting Caribu Barbie. She can read from a teleprompter but yet can't seem to give a single interview.
  • Politico: Doh!: Top Eight Gaffes of the Campaign. A clever round up of the major mistakes made by each of the major political campaigns this election cycle.
  • Britannica Blog: What Do We Know About Sarah Palin? Not Much! When Do We Know It? Now!! "For connoisseurs of disingenuousness and humbug, these past ten or so days have been a rare treat." That's going to be my own campaign slogan when I run for dogcatcher - Disingeniuous and full of humbug!
State Political News
  • TC Record Eagle: Op-Ed: Governor Hopefuls Make Splashes. Anyone else find it amusing that AG Cox had the Michigan delegation wearing Red Wings jerseys with "Team Cox" on the back? Next thing you know, he'll be handing out lollipops...
  • LSJ: Legislature Has to Focus on School Reform. Everyone's been so focused on the general election that the actual business of state government seems to have fallen by the wayside. The LSJ editorial board thinks that the public schools need attention ASAP.
  • Conservative Media: Hathaway Set to Unseat the Republican Majority of Activist Judges Known as "the Gang of Four". Um really now, why bother writing a blog post if your post title says it all? As much as I am thrilled that we have an excellent candidate, I'm afraid that it's a day late and a whole lot of dollars short. Thanks Brew!
  • Vote No on Joe: Gary Peters: More Change We Can Believe In. Great editorial from Gary Peters. I'll bet Joey K is trembling in his Sanasabelt pants. No wonder he won't debate Gary.
Economy & Environment
  • MI Messenger: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Now Under GovernmentTakeover. In a move that should surprise almost no one, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mae were put into conservatorship by the U.S. Department of Treasury.
  • AP: Auto Industry to Press Congress for $50B in Loans. I supposed bailing out the auto industry isn't that much different from what's happening with the mortgage industry. Right?
  • Crain's: Employers May Get Bill for Loans to Boost UI Fund. Michigan has borrowed $1.6 Billion from the Feds to pay unemployment for the last three years. The Fund is nearly insolvent. So why is this the first that we've really heard about this?
Other Things
  • Public News Service: National Suicide Prevention Weeks Focuses on Iraq Vets. 18 U.S. military veterans commit suicide every day. That's 18. Per Day. More than we lose on the battlefield. Every single day.
Calendar Check
  • 09/09/08: Lt. Governor Cherry Visits Grand Rapids
  • 09/11/08: Seven Year Anniversary of September 11, 2001
  • 09/11/08: Fundraiser for Macomb County Commissioner Susan Doherty (Warren)
  • 09/14/08: Clinton Township Democratic Women's Luncheon (Warren)
Go forth. Do good. Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.
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Labor Day Coffee Talk

by: JPowers155

Mon Sep 01, 2008 at 07:41:02 AM EDT

Good morning and welcome to Monday.  Today is Labor Day, a holiday created by the labor movement and dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.  These days, Labor Day seems to be all about sales at local retail establishments and TV show marathons.  Enough about that... here's what's going on in politics (and a few other things) in the Great Lakes State.

National Political News

  • Monroe News:  Obama Coming to Monroe Monday.  So who all is going downstate to see the next President (and Vice President) of the United States?   I'm hoping to convince liberalmomma and joan to road trip with me.
  • AP:  Obama, Biden Bring "Change" Tour to Michigan.  Thousands turned out in Battle Creek to see Sen. Obama and Sen. Biden.  It's like the Beatles, only with less music and better haircuts.
  • Walberg Watch:  Obama-Biden in Battle Creek.  Check out Fitzy's pictures and comments from the Battle Creek event.
  • Det News:  What the Palin Pick Says About McCain.  A multi-part series looking at the qualifications of the GOP Veep nominee.
  • DKos:  The McCain/Palin Impact in Michigan.  Looks like Michigan is front and center in the electoral two step.  What's the impact of Miss Congeniality to the Republican ticket here in Michigan?
State & Local News
  • MI Public Radio:  Kilpatrick Attorneys Offered Deal.  $100k restitution, guilty plea on two felony counts and he won't run for office for at least two years.  Yes, that's a fair trade, don't you think?
  • Freep:  Some Appointees may Lose Jobs if Kilpatrick Exits.  Everyone is jockeying for position given the increasing likelihood that Hizzoner will be gone from office in the near future.
  • Ann Arbor News:  Local Republicans Eager for Chance to Participate in GOP Convention.  I almost didn't post this link but I thought you all needed to see that I do have friends who are Republicans.  They even let me hang out with them every now and then.  I'm their token "liberal" friend.
Business & Environmental News
  • LSJ:  Mich. Residents may pay Extra for Green Power.  "Saying it's only fair, Michigan lawmakers plan to raise residential electricity bills and drop business rates so all customers are charged the true cost of their power."  Yes, this is going to go over well.
  • TC Record Eagle:  CWD:  Our Worst Nightmare.  The DNR has reacted swiftly to the discovery of chronic wasting disease in Kent County.  What does this mean for the rest of Michigan's deer, moose and elk populations?  If unchecked, a hideous death.
  • MI Messenger:  From Detroit, a Bleak Picture of Poverty.  A look inside poverty in a Detroit neighborhood.
Interesting Things
  • Absolute Michigan:  Road Trip:  Labor Day Weekend Around Southeast Michigan.  If you aren't going to Detroit proper to see a certain someone... check out these options from our friends at Absolute Michigan.
  • Political Graveyard:  The Web Site That Tells Where the Dead Politicians are Buried.  If you've ever worked in politics, you'll know that this site is invaluable in determining if that elected official you've been misquoting is alive and able to sue you.
Calendar Check
  • 09/01/08:  Detroit 2008 Labor Day Parade
  • 09/05/08:  White House Project:  Michigan Debate Boot Camp (East Lansing)
  • 09/06/08:  Michigan Democratic Convention (Lansing)
Go forth.  Do good.  Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.
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Friday Coffee Talk/Open Thread

by: rich

Fri Aug 29, 2008 at 06:30:00 AM EDT

Good morning. This is the post DNC convention edition of coffee talk. So dive in to today's cup-o-links.

Obama's Speech

  • Freep: Rochelle Riley: Obama speaks of America’s promise, not its past. "Sen. Barack Obama opened his historic acceptance speech by reminding a crowded Denver arena of his story." You can find the text of the speech, via the Freep, here
  • Capitol Journal: Yes We Can. "Those were the words that seemed to echo off the Rockies from a throng of Barack Obama supporters in enraptured unison as their candidate became the first biracial American to lead a major party in the presidential election."
  • Andrew Sullivan: the Hope We Confess. "The McCain campaign set Obama up as a celebrity airhead, a Paris Hilton of wealth and elitism. And he let them portray him that way, and let them over-reach, and let them punch him again and again ... and then he turned around and destroyed them. If the Rove Republicans thought they were playing with a patsy, they just got a reality check."
  • TPM: Strong Stuff. It's a clip of Alex Castellanos, a Republican political consultant, who says, "whoever didn't get picked for Republican VP today may be a lucky Republican."
Out in Denver
  • National Journal: A Select Few Bloggers Have Gotten The Red Carpet Treatment. While in Denver for the convention, I and a number of other bloggers were interviewed by a reporter for National Journal. I’m quoted a couple of times. (It is shameless self-promotion on my part.)
  • Michigan Radio: DNC: The Arab American Vote. "Michigan has the second largest Arab American population in the U.S., centered in Macomb, Wayne and Oakland counties. Its also among the most committed voters. But, it's loyalties are in flux."

Back in Michigan

  • AP: Judge will hear request to stop mayor's hearing. "Lawyers for Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick filed a lawsuit Thursday attacking the impartiality of Gov. Jennifer Granholm in a bid to stop her from holding a hearing next week that could lead to his ouster." 
  • Skoop's blog: Lightening Rod. Adolpho Mongo is baaack. 
  • Kalamazoo Gazette: Michigan faces choice to welcome or drive away. "The demeaned position of thousands of Michiganians who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender stems in part from a continuing attack by the political far right."
  • The Conservative Media: Ambassador Bridge Company says blame Canada. Cue the South Park song.
  • Windmillin': The Wilderness Preference. "The ideological tenor of all these campaigns testifies to a Republican Party still obsessed with the political solutions of yesteryear. In this they are in a denial about the problems before us."

As always, if I missed anything please feel free to add it to the comments. 

Below the fold, you can see how I feel after four days of covering the convention.

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Tuesday Coffee Talk: Brunch Edition

by: JPowers155

Tue Aug 26, 2008 at 12:09:49 PM EDT

Good morning afternoon and welcome to Tuesday. Sorry about the tardiness of the post but our regular Coffee Talkers are off to the Mile High City for the Convention and the rest of us are just bobbling our heads until they get home. Here are some links to whet your appetite for lunch and More! Democratic! National! Convention! Coverage!

Convention Coverage

  • WMR: Delegate Update #6 - Impressions of Monday. memiller gives his thoughts on the first day of the Convention including the need for a box of Kleenex during Sen. Ted Kennedy's fiery speech.
  • MI Messenger: Thoughts on Day One of the DNC. Ed Brayton sums up his impressions of the first day of the Convention.
  • BFM: Monday Night Mosh Pit - Pictures from the Convention. WizardKitten shows off her incredible photo talents with great pictures from the Convention.
Other Political News
  • DetNews: McPhail Submits Names for Governor's Hearing. 27 witnesses. This could get interesting although I'm hearing rumblings that it might be over sooner rather than later.
  • Conservative Media: Good News Keeps on Coming for Schauer. And the pendulum is swinging in Mark's direction. Let's hope all of the work that progressives and Mark's campaign staff have been doing in the last few months pays off and we get a great Congressperson to represent the 7th.
  • Muskegon Chronicle: Dropout Figures Prompt New Efforts. Well, I suppose shutting the barn door after the horses are out is a good idea. I also think using real math (as opposed to new math) to calculate dropout rates is a good plan.
Amusing Things
  • Absolute Michigan: Michigan History: A Resort Called Blaney. Take a quick stroll through the U.P. in this great post about Michigan History magazine and a place most of us don't know exists.
Go forth. Do good. Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.
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Monday Coffee Talk

by: JPowers155

Mon Aug 25, 2008 at 04:40:47 AM EDT

Good morning and welcome to the Olympics-are-over-OMG-it's the Convention edition.  I'm up at o'dark thirty to bring you this compilation of newsy tidbits.  A belated birthday shout-out to the mother of the junior monkeys.  Hold on to your hats kids, it's going to be a crazy week.

Convention News

  • Britannica Blog:  The Lost Art of the Political Convention.  Once upon a time, a long time ago, political conventions were held to choose a nominee.  Regular citizens waited and wondered.  These days... it's more of a big prom for politicians, isn't it?
  • WMR:  Putting the "Party" in the Democratic Party.  Our pal memiller has caught Convention fever.  After all of the food he ate, I think I'm a little ok that he didn't video blog about it.  Care for some Tums?
  • State News:  Mich., Fla. Delegates to Receive Full Votes at DNC.  Why is it that I can almost see Mark Brewer doing the "I told you so!" dance with Debbie Dingell?
Other Political News
  • Keweenaw Now:  Stupak Comments on Obama's Choice of Biden as Running Mate.  Short version?  Yay Obama!  Run Joe, run!
  • Great Lakes Blogger:  Quagga Out-mussels Zebra in Lake Michigan.  Cute post title nominee.  All this talk of shellfish has made me hungry.  Can you eat these mussels?  If so, pass the melted butter.  
  • MI Public Radio:  Recall Supporters Scramble to Meet Deadline.  Those working on a Kwame-recall have until Labor Day to get the necessary signatures together.
  • Ann Arbor News:  Kwame Kilpatrick's Exit Would not Solve Every Problem in Detroit.  What?  Really?  Did someone tell the media about this?  I'm shocked!
  • TC Record Eagle:  Detroit has Fallen and can't get up.  Wow, the journalists are whipping out the rapier wit today.
Calendar Check
  • 08/28/08:  Obama Viewing Party (Utica)
  • 08/28/08:  CD12 Watch Party (Mt. Clemens)
Go forth.  Do good.  Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.
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Monday Coffee Talk

by: JPowers155

Mon Aug 18, 2008 at 06:12:04 AM EDT

Good morning and welcome to Monday. Today's offerings are brought to you by a lack of sleep and a far-too-early jaunt to take a friend to the airport. If you need me, I'll be back in bed, dreaming of a time when liberal Democrats roamed the earth...

From the National Perspective

  • Phoenix New Times: Postmodern John McCain: the Presidential Candidate some Arizonans know and Loathe. Hat tip to Rich for the link. An insiders look at the Republican, from a reporter who's covered him for more than a decade.
  • TC Record Eagle: Op-Ed: Candidates Finally Looking to Michigan. Here's hoping that all of those TV ads and photo ops actually do us some good. Voter registration drives? A good thing. High dollar private fundraisers and tours of nuke plants? Not so much.
  • Senate Guru: Roadblock Republican Regrets. A marvelous look at why some prominent Republicans won't be in Minneapolis for this year's RNC.
  • Pam's House Blend: Fundie Meltdown of the Week: Michigan Huck for Veep Supporters. Gary Glenn, Fred Upton and Mike Huckabee - all in one overwrought email. Looks like McCain's flip-floppery on the gays and reproductive choice have the fundies all in a knot. Bwah hahahahahahaha.
All Things Michigan
  • LSJ: Pols Trade Verbal Jabs on Summer Sessions. Media "darling", Rep. DeRoche (R-Redundant), is yammering on and on about working through the summer.
  • MI Coalition for Progress: Progressives Turn Focus to November. With the primaries out of the way, progressives are gearing up for the general elections.
  • West MI Politics: Calley, Not Nanny Enough. Shortly after he outlaws high caffeine energy drinks. he's going to put an NC-17 rating on Big Macs and elephant ears.
  • MPRN: Kilpatrick Still Seeking Immunity or Pardon. As much as I'd like to believe in innocence until proven guilty, one generally only asks for immunity or a pardon if you really have done something wrong.

Calendar Check

There's a lot going on this week, so make sure you check out the Events Calendar over on the left hand side of the page.

Go forth. Do good. Talk (quietly) amongst yourselves in the comments.
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Monday Coffee Talk

by: JPowers155

Mon Aug 11, 2008 at 07:36:47 AM EDT

Good morning and welcome to Monday. I spent my weekend at the Great Lakes Folk Festival, escorting the Yahoo! guy and his band. In fact, I spent so much time at the Festival that I didn't really have time for Coffee Talk. So here's what I have...

National Politics

  • LSJ: Candidates Hit Mich. with Gas Gimmicks. I'd like to think that voters aren't going to fall for this and yet... too many will.
  • BFM: Gender Pay Equity Legislation Passes US House. Michigan's Republican Congresscritters don't think that women should be paid equally. Anyone else shocked?
  • Jackson Cit Pat: House Race Expected to be Heated. It's only been a year in the making but the Jackson paper finally realized that Schauer is a serious candidate in the 7th.
State Politics
  • Freep: Kilpatrick in Trouble over Visit with Sister. Retreating to spend time with family is a normal thing to do when you're in legal trouble. Unfortunately for Hizzoner... his sister is a witness against him in an assault case.
  • MI Messenger: MAPP Chief: No Surprise that AIDS Estimate was way off. New technology? Better tracking? According to the CDC, AIDS cases are up 40% in Michigan and Craig Covey, MAPP takes major funders to task for not stepping up to the plate.
  • Public News Service: Long Term Limbo for Thousands in Michigan. A new report discusses how the citizenship application backlog impacts our economy and the people who are waiting to become U.S. citizens.
  • TC Record Eagle: Primary Votes Send Loud Messages. I just don't think anyone really knows what those messages are yet. On to November...
Calendar Check
  • 08/12/08: St. Clair Shores Democratic Club BBQ (St. Clair Shores)
  • 08/13/08: Campaign for Change Meeting (Warren)
  • 08/14/08: North Macomb Dems Meeting (Shelby Township)
  • 08/16/08: CD12 Democratic Convention (Warren)
  • 08/16/08: CD10 Democratic Convention (Sterling Heights)
Go forth. Do good. Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.
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Monday Coffee Talk

by: JPowers155

Mon Aug 04, 2008 at 06:35:39 AM EDT

Good morning and welcome to Monday. That roar you hear in the background is coming from the Lansing Center where Sen. Barack Obama will address thousands of fans, voters, media representatives and elected officials. So before you head down to see the spectacle or simply read about it here on MichLib, check out what's happening in non-Obamamania.

National Politics

  • State News: Obama to Speak About Energy in Lansing. Yep. He's going to be here. In Lansing. In just a few hours. 
  • MLive: Obama Says Give Mich. and Fla. Full Vote. And the committee will take it under advisement, which is political politeness for "and you can kiss our collective ..."
  • AP: McCain to Visit Michigan Nuclear Plant Tuesday. At least Sen. McCain knows how to pronounce "nuclear" properly.
  • Conservative Media: McCain to Visit Site of Near Catastrophic Meltdown to Push for More Nuclear Plants. Why bother writing a post when the title says it all?
State Politics
  • Kzoo Gazette: Parties Sense Changes in the Political Winds Here. The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. Beware Republicans masquerading as Democrats this election season.  Or worse, candidates who claim they are "progressive" but really aren't.
  • Keweenaw Now: Houhgton County Dems Endorse State Rep. Mike Lahti in Aug. 5 Primary Re-Election Bid. Again with the overly descriptive blog post titles. Yeesh. You'd think I liked writing up pithy summaries or something.
All Things Mayoral
  • MI Radio: Kilpatrick Casting Shadow Over Mother's Re-Election. What should have been an easy re-election for Congresswoman Cheeks-Kilpatrick has turned into a bitter three-way fight for her political survival. Should the mother be blamed for the alleged sins of the son?
  • TC Record Eagle: Detroit's Mayors: Jailbirds, Achievers. Detroit's former mayors have a colorful history, however our very own late, lamented Hazen Pingree is still one of the most illustrious.
  • MPP: Granholm Could Seal Mayor's Political Fate. Will she? Won't she? It's all going to come down the hearing that's been moved up a week. It's probably a good thing that our Governor is a Harvard Law alumna as it appears that "Rules of Evidence" class is going to come in handy.
  • Crain's: Mayor-Council Dispute Holds up Millions in Block Grants. This is the last friggin' straw. Mr. Mayor? Members of Council? Stop your childish behavior and do your jobs.
Business & Environment
  • GR Press: Housing Bill Could Rescue Many Michigan Homeowners. A massive housing bill designed to shore up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will also help local lenders and homeowners, although critics are concerned that the bill doesn't make big enough changes.
  • MITF: MI Development News. Check out the good stuff going on in our Great State.
  • Public News Service: Housing Slump Hits Some Michigan Downsizers. For some Michigan seniors, selling the family home and moving into a smaller place for retirement is becoming more difficult.
Calendar Check Go forth. Do good. Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.
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Coffee Talk

by: JPowers155

Tue Jul 29, 2008 at 07:47:35 AM EDT

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday. Yes, it's me again. LiberalLucy is off communing with nature or doing something with the Canadians so here I am. And I still need a vacation.

Federal Races

  • Jackson Cit Pat: Gas Prices Fuel 7th District Race. Not sure yet if the reporter has a bigger thing for Tim Walberg or his Harley. NSFW.
  • Walberg Watch: Walberg Meets Patients, Ignores Them. Four hour waits for dialysis pale in comparison with Tim Walberg's favorite topic - the high price of gas! So let's drill, DRILL, DRILL!
  • MI Messenger: Trott and Trott, Club for Growth Pulling the Strings on Walberg? Short version? Tim takes money from Trott and Trott which profits from handling mortgage foreclosures and then votes against the housing bill designed to help people avoid foreclosure.
  • Open Left: How Many Seats Can Democrats Win? Had to include the link since there's some love for MI-07 and MI-09.
State Politics
  • MI Citizen: 6th District Candidates Run a Wide Open Race. Lots of options in the 6th. Check out the candidate responses.
  • WMR: ActBlue for State House Seats. There's a new way to raise money for State House candidates - ActBlue.
  • GR Press: Legislator Wants Legal Review of GVSU's Live-In Partner Health Insurance Benefit. Agema's hatred knows no bounds. He's willing to go anywhere and do anything to ruin people's lives.  Will someone PLEASE take this guy sheep hunting?
Other Things
  • MI Radio: HMOs, Hospitals Show Distress. Forgive me if I don't cry a river over mega-health systems losing money. It's called universal health care people. Embrace what more advanced cultures have already accepted.
  • GR Press: 'Seven Passages', Play about Gay Christians, Moves to World Stage. This incredible play will be performed in front of Anglican (Episcopalian) Bishops from around the world during the Lambeth Conference where the same Bishops are discussing sexuality. This is so cool!
  • MITF: New Bill Offers Housing Relief. Look, a retired legislator (Lynne Martinez) who is doing something good for the world! Kudos to all of Michigan's housing groups that worked on this.  (Side note to the rest o' the retirees - get out of politics and do something good for the world.) 
Go forth. Do good. Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.
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Monday Coffee Talk

by: JPowers155

Mon Jul 28, 2008 at 07:32:43 AM EDT

Good morning and welcome to Monday. Yes, I said Monday. I need a vacation.

Republican Links of Shame

  • State News: McCain Flips Stance, Supports Anti-Affirmative Action Bill.  By the time this campaign is over with, McSame will have changed his position on every major issue.
  • Muskegon Chronicle: Married State Rep Candidate Drops out after Girlfriend gets Pregnant.  Why is it that so many Bible-bangers forget to read the part of the Bible where it says "thou shalt not commit adultery".
  • WMR: Agema Calls Equality "a waste of taxpayers money". Same guy who wants concealed weapons and teachers with tasers in school.  No one is safe from the pure, venomous hate this guy spews.
National Politics
  • A2News: Editorial: Schauer Strongest in U.S. House Race. Sen. Schauer gets the edge from the Ann Arbor News in the race for the 7th Congressional District.
  • Jackson Cit Pat: Schauer owns Money Edge Against Renier. The Cit Pat says "it could be a tight race" between Sen. Schauer and Sharon Renier. Interesting...
  • KAAA: GOP Veepstakes. MI Republicans are atwitter at the prospect of Mitt getting the Veep nod.
State Politics
  • GR Press: Michigan Primary Debacle helps spur National Officials' Plan for Regional Rotating Votes. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time. Hello, Mr. Brewer?
  • TC Record Eagle: Primary Vote Often the Only Choice. Very pointed editorial about the lack of a two-party system in the northern part of our state. Thoughts from our friends from those parts?
  • MI Citizen: Vote the Bottom of the Ballot. Don't overlook those judicial races at the bottom. As part of my civic duty, I enjoy voting for third (fourth, fifth) party candidates for U of M trustee. Go Green!
  • MI Campaign Finance Network: Michigan House Candidates' Fundraising Tops $8.4 Million. Numbers are up 15.8% over 2006 with fewer incumbents but more total candidates.
Business & Environment
  • MITF: Michigan Development News. Go forth. Read. Be impressed.
  • Milwaukee JS: Headwaters are no Place for Toxic New Mining. Sulfide mining threatens the future of more than just our water - our way of life is in danger. Also, check out this story over at Absolute Michigan.
  • Public News Service: Boosting Retirement Options for Michigan's Women Baby Boomers. The AARP Foundation is giving needs-based scholarship grants to women in their40s. Run, do not walk to find out more and apply for $5,000.
Interesting Things Along the Way
  • Absolute Michigan: Photo Friday: Mackinac Bridge. One of the most beautiful photos I've seen in a long time. Check it out and show some love for the photographer.
Calendar Check
  • 07/30/08: Young Dem Voter Forum (Flint)
  • 07/31/08: Fundraiser: Sheriff Mark Hackel (Chesterfield)
Go forth. Do good. Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.
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