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John Gleason

Redistricting Michigan 2012

by: Menhen

Sat May 23, 2009 at 11:26:57 AM EDT

(Fun with maps! - promoted by rich)

Crossposted at Swing State Project http://www.swingstateproject.c...

Lately there has been a lot of Debate over the number of Democratic Congressional Districts that Democrats could gerrymander out of the state of Michigan if they had complete control (right now they hold the Governorship and State House.  They stand a good chance at taking control of the State Senate while the Governor's race is a tossup).  A few people have said that it is possible to succesfully draw a map that would yield 12 Democratic seats and only 2 Republican seats.  I've been trying for several weeks to draw a 12-2 map, meanwhile protecting endangered incumbents (specifically Schauer) and I've determined that a 12-2 map would be far overeaching and in a neutral or Republican leaning year might end up 9-5 or worse. I think the best Michigan Democrats could do is create 11 safe or Democrat leaning districts and 3 strongly Republican districts.  I've drawn a map that I think does just that, although I still am not entirely confident that we could hold both of my "Thumb" districts in a Republican year.  But without further ado, here's my map.

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Wednesday Coffee Talk

by: BZP

Wed Feb 20, 2008 at 07:24:01 AM EST

Happy Hump Day! Enjoy your cup-o-links...

Presidential Primaries
  • CNN Wisconsin Results: Obama 58% - Clinton 41%; McCain 55% - Huckabee 37%
  • CNN Hawaii Results: Obama 76% - Clinton 24%
  • DetNews: Obama, McCain win decisively. You can read the AP story here.
  • The Fix: The Fix's First Take on Wisconsin Results. Chris Cillizza examines the primary results from Wisconsin.
Local, State, National Politics
  • Michigan Messenger: Campaign seeks state Supreme Court election reform. "A busload of activists from Northern Michigan is headed to Lansing today to lobby for voluntary public financing of state Supreme Court campaigns. Current Michigan law does not require financial disclosure for television issue ads about the state Supreme Court."
  • Dawson Bell: Mich. GOP chairman relishes game of politics. The accompanying profile of Mark Brewer by Chris Christoff can be found here: Brewer takes heat in stride.
State Government/Legislation
  • Flint Journal: A casino in Flint? Mayor says yes. "'It's going to be very difficult,"' Kildee said. 'I can't predict what's going to happen in the House, but the biggest hurdle is going to be in the Senate.' Kildee said U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., has expressed "strong opposition" to the bill establishing more casinos."
  • GR Press: Drug law hearings sought. More stonewalling on the push to repeal Michigan's shameful drug immunity law from Sen. Wayne Kuipers.
  • Saginaw News: Groups upset with Kahn over drug law. ''Roger Kahn took a Hippocratic oath when he became a doctor,'' said Gleason, a Flushing Democrat, ''and yet he joins those who would delay justice. He's not only wrong politically, he's wrong professionally as well.''
  • Walt Sorg: Interview with Rep. Mike Simpson on Drug Immunity. Kudos to Progress Michigan, Sen. Gleason and Rep. Simpson for turning the heat up on this issue.
  • Macomb Daily: Rep. Bieda wants coin sellers to come clean. "Bieda's new proposal would require mints, issuers or foreign governments that advertise in Michigan to 'clearly and conspicuously disclose'" that such coins 'cannot be exchanged or redeemed at face value for U.S. currency in the United States.'"
  • LSJ: Universities asked not to hire smokers. The Republican solution to rising health care costs? "Sen. Thomas George, R-Kalamazoo, challenged the presidents of the University of Michigan, Wayne State University and Michigan State University to find ways to make Michigan's population healthier, going so far as to ask the presidents to refuse to hire smokers."
  • Freep: Patterson: Plans for Cobo going nowhere. "Most of that benefit [to the local economy] flows from the annual North American International Auto Show, and organizers have warned for years that the show's preeminence would fade if aging Cobo isn't expanded and upgraded."
Environment, Energy & the Economy
  • Michigan Messenger: High-tech firm plans to make super-tiny nanotech particles in Lansing neighborhood. "XG is seeking a tax break of more than $100,000 to put its production facility in Lansing. In return, XG will locate two or three jobs in the city. The proposed facility would be a test site to show potential buyers the production possibilities."
  • Michigan Messenger: UP nickel mine clears DNR hurdle, opponents dig in. "This lease will leave the DNR and Michigan taxpayers vulnerable to bearing clean-up costs from pollution," NWF attorney Michelle Halley said, "and it would put the DNR in the inappropriate role of facilitating a mining district in the U.P."
  • BFM: The Pile is Just Too High. The latest blog post from financial literacy expert Lois Gibbons.
  • Saginaw News: Power plant battle hot. "Environmental groups are gearing up to block a $2 billion coal-fired power plant near the mouth of the Saginaw River in Bay County, along with another plant proposed for Midland by two out-of-state companies."
Odds & Ends
  • BFM: Governor Granholm at Activate '08. Bruce has video of Gov. Granholm from last weekend's blog training.
  • CNN Money: Delta-Northwest deal could mean fewer cheap seats. It now looks like the deal might be in jeopardy.
Let me know if I forgot anything. Drop your links in the comments section...
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Wednesday Coffee Talk

by: BZP

Wed Dec 05, 2007 at 06:59:37 AM EST

Happy Hump Day. If you get a sec, be sure to check out the new BlogAd in the sidebar about the special election for Dennis Hastert's House seat. Enjoy your morning cup-o-links!

State Government/Legislation
  • BFM: House Democrats pass foreclosure plan, Granholm calls on Senate to act. "The House is getting down to business, moving legislation that will help Michigan citizens who are facing foreclosure. Today, they passed a plan that address ARMs and provides help for those who have missed payments." The House press release can be found here.
  • BFM: Schauer Fights Back. Again. "Don't mess with Mark Schauer. He fights back. He's a standup guy. That is why I like him so, and that is why the Senate Republican leadership works so hard to discredit him. He won't let them get away with their nefarious schemes."
  • DetNews: Mich. in middle in elections quality. Media Mouse takes a look at the report in this post, which is also worth reading.
  • Michigan Future: Lobbying continues on business taxes after death of state sales tax on services. Uh oh. There's already talk among the business community about "reforming" the MBT.
  • Monroe News: State House Democrats aim to tighten recall regulations. "As a reaction to the growing list of harmful products, [ State Reps. Kate Ebli, D-Monroe, and Kathleen Law, D-Gibraltar] devised a plan that would require businesses to remove dangerous products from store shelves within a set time frame after a recall has been issued."
  • Flint Journal: Activists seek hearing on drug lawsuit bill. "State Sen. John Gleason, D-Flushing, and groups concerned about the impact of harmful prescription drugs urged state Senate Republicans on Monday to consider legislation that would allow legal action against companies whose products kill or injure users."
Energy, Environment and the Economy
  • Great Lakes Guy: In Great Lakes, Testing and Uncertainty on Renewables. "Despite the mounting number of stories that reveal an inspiring - and profitable - 21st century change in thinking about wind turbines, mpg's, or even algae, there always seems to be something that brings the whole conversation crashing back down into the comfort zone of 20th-century-style-business-as-usual."
  • The Conversation: From Sweden to Escanaba: Biofuels in the UP. It sounds like the Governor's trip to Sweden is already paying dividends.
  • DetNews: Wind can help power Michigan's energy future. "That's why wind, along with energy efficiency, leads the way in a number of plans in the state Legislature to move Michigan into a smarter energy future that minimizes dirty and dangerous fuel sources, stabilizes and lowers electricity rates and reduces air pollutants like mercury and heat-trapping carbon dioxide."
  • Flint Journal: Company to add jobs in Owosso. "Pyramid Peak Coatings has bought the facility and assets of the former Vaungarde Acquisitions site... The company plans to have up to 20 employees at startup in January, and 40 to 50 when it gets to full operation later in the year."
  • Flint Journal: GM plant in Flint goes landfill-free. "Reducing waste is an important business goal for General Motors," said plant manager Tony Suggs. "It is good for our business and the environment. The process is a total team effort, involving all our employees and union partners IAM 2484 and UAW local 659."
  • AP: Michigan Senate approves bill giving amnesty from service tax. "The bill gives amnesty from owing or collecting the service tax. People can get refunds from businesses that charged the tax. It's unclear if any businesses actually collected the service tax."
Local, State, National Politics
  • Michigan Messenger: Dingell-Anuzis push presidential primary plan. Never thought I'd see those two names on the same side of an issue, but it's true. Go check out Kevin's article.
  • Freep: There's an interesting little tidbit near the end of Christoff's column today: "Knollenberg's office confirmed this week that Wisecup isn't working for the Bloomfield Township Republican but declined to discuss why, saying it was a personnel matter."
Odds & Ends
  • Saginaw News: Governor's husband urges vision. The News has a nice write-up on the First Gentleman's speech before a meeting of the Saginaw County African American Leadership Training Institute.
  • BFM: State GOP Representative Profits - Taxpayers Pay. The headline says it all. Oh, and Kathy coins a new phrase: "wingnut welfare."
  • Media Mouse: Report: Michigan Failing to Meet Health Goals for Children. "The report, which was compiled by the Michigan League for Human Services and Michigan's Children, concludes that Michigan has made 'limited progress' and 'will fail to meet many national standards for healthy children, families and neighborhoods' if more aggressive action is not taken."
Let me know if I forgot anything. Drop your links in the comments section...
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Friday Coffee Talk/Open Thread

by: BZP

Fri Nov 02, 2007 at 07:31:08 AM EDT

Enjoy your weekend. Here's your morning cup-o-links...

State Government/Legislation
  • BFM: Just when you thought it was safe... "The House Republicans, who wouldn't vote for cuts, wouldn't vote for revenue, wouldn't do a darn thing except get in the way, but somehow DID find the will to vote to spend that money that other people negotiated, sweated, slaved over and put their careers on the line for, are now trying to screw this all up." You can read more about the Senate's vote from yesterday to delay the service tax in this post. Susan Demas rips the House Repubs a new one in this article.
  • DetNews Editorial: Keep State Police crime labs open. This from the paper that thinks we could've balanced the budget with cuts alone.
  • Phil Power: Let people decide stem cell issue. What's at stake for Michigan regarding stem cells? "The Analysis Group, an economic research company, predicts that this investment [in stem cell research] will snowball, generating state revenues and health-care cost savings between $6 billion and $12 billion."
  • Lessenberry: Bridge Too Far. Jack takes a look at the whole Detroit-Windsor bridge situation. Over $150 billion worth of goods cross the Ambassador bridge each year, and with long lines on both sides of the border, a second span is clearly needed.
  • Flint Journal: Halloween budget deal keeps Fenton Secretary of State office open. "[Terri Lynn Land] was only going to save $28,000 to move the Fenton office to Clarkston. It's not good business when you're bringing in a quarter of a million transactions in the last two years and $11 million brought in last year. It was a very poor people decision and an even worse business decision," Sen. Gleason said. Kathy has more over on BFM.
Michigan's Economy
  • DFP: Chrysler slicing 1 in 3 jobs. "There will be a level of distrust that will be introduced into the Ford negotiations that wasn't there before." Ya think?
  • Oakland Biz Review: New mass transit center site proposed for Troy. "The site would bring mass transit options to the north Oakland County business corridor, providing a boarding site for commuter trains, buses, rental cars and taxi service."
  • Oakland Biz Review: Locals push for regional mass transit in Metro Detroit. "In general terms, I would say that over 85 percent of the people I'm talking to - way more than two thirds, way more than three quarters - are very supportive of us in this region creating a true mass transit system," said Hertel, who was appointed as so-called "transit czar" in June 2006. "I'm feeling that people are not only eager to do it, they want us to move as fast as possible."
  • AA News: Minorities make up smaller proportion of U-M freshman class. Overall enrollment is up, but the number of incoming Black, Latino and Native American students is flat, meaning there was a 1.3% drop from last year.
  • Ann Arbor Biz Review: Xela Pack gets demand for eco-friendly items. "Xela Pack Inc. has produced eco-friendly packaging for two decades, but now the Saline-area manufacturer faces surging demand for packaging made from recycled materials from such diverse clients as cruise lines and the makers of herbal pet shampoo."
Local/State/National Politics
  • Battle Creek Enquirer: Bolger, Segal eyeing state House seats in 2008. Kate Segal, the Democratic chairwoman of the Calhoun County board, is gearing up for a run at Rep. Mike Nofs' 62nd District seat.
  • Grosse Pointe Dems: Bill Clinton is coming to Grosse Pointe Park! Bubba's swinging thru Michigan next Wednesday to collect checks for Hillary. Hop on over for details.
Odds & Ends
  • DFP: Go green? Or go blue? Come on, Free Press. Pick a side... we're at war!
And by the way, the correct answer is Go GREEN!
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Friday Coffee Talk/Open Thread

by: BZP

Fri Aug 24, 2007 at 07:21:36 AM EDT

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy your morning cup-o-links...


  • BFM: It's 2 AM. Do you know where your legislator is? Wizardkitten has an excellent rundown of the marathon sessions in both chambers. Definitely worth a read. If you missed them, be sure to check out Derek's update on Capitol Journal and the Comm Guru's post on Conservative Media.
  • BFM: Sen. Martha Scott: Why We Need to Rally the Forces for Fair & Affordable Insurance Reform. More important legislation being ignored by Senate Republicans.
  • Flint Journal: Senate bill saves office from closing. Maybe the best news to come out of the Senate this week. It looks like all the SoS offices will be staying open, thanks to the efforts of Sen. John Gleason. The Comm Guru has a up about this -- definitely worth checking out.
  • AP: Mich. Senate minority leader to challenge Walberg. Here comes Mark Schauer... Tim Walberg's worst nightmare. With this news, Michigan will now have two of the most competitive House races in the nation next year. Very exciting!
  • Walberg Watch: Schauer Blogs About His Announcement. Sen. Schauer posted about his announcement over on Walberg Watch yesterday afternoon. Go get 'em, Senator!
  • BFM: BFM Audio - Afternoon update: 8-23-07. The first audio blog from BFM features Sen. Schauer discussing his candidacy for 7th Congressional District, Senate Republicans blocking funding for No Worker Left Behind, and House Republicans' attempt to block education technology.
  • dKos: Go Michigan! Kos chimes in on the presidential primary situation. Nice to see our state getting a little front page attention.
Michigan's Economy
  • BFM: Atlas Copco Expanding In Oakland County. More good news from the Gov's trip to Sweden.
  • The Conversation: Jobs Mission: Sweden & Germany - Day 4. Another road update from the Gov on her jobs trip.
Environmental News
  • AP: BP says it won't increase discharge into Lake Michigan. An interesting development in the ongoing saga with BP.
  • Media Mouse: Group Files Petition for Rehearing in Nestle Suit. "Legal counsel for Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation argue that the Court may be preventing people from exercising their first amendment right to petition the government as well as striking down a "model" environmental law. That law--Michigan's Environmental Protection Act--was written in 1970 and had for years given citizens the opportunity to pursue legal efforts to challenge polluters."
If I forgot something drop your links in the comments section...
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Friday Coffee Talk/Open Thread

by: BZP

Fri Aug 10, 2007 at 07:50:14 AM EDT

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a great weekend.

Current & Pending Legislation

  • Sen. Hunter to Senate Republicans: Support Must Come Soon. Part Three in the Senate Dems' Top Ten series. Hop on over to BFM to check out Sen. Hunter's post about various consumer protection efforts.
  • LSJ: Anti-bullying bill stalls in Senate. Anyone else notice a pattern developing here?
  • LSJ Editorial: Tax credit: Republicans shouldn't blame poor for budget mess. "Cassis should drop this punitive bill and use her time for more productive pursuits for all the people of Michigan."
  • Sen. John Gleason: Don't let fleeing criminals outrun stricter sentencing. Following the death of a Flint police officer during pursuit of a fleeing suspect, Sen. Gleason (D-Flushing) introduced legislation that, "will make all offenses of fleeing and eluding a mandatory minimum sentence of imprisonment for two years."
  • Conservative Media: SOS plays politics with branch office closings. House Dems fight back: "Later in the day on Wednesday, the House passed House Bill 4492 that will thwart Land from continuing to play politics with the further closing of branch offices and inserts some accountability. The bill reorganizes funding for SOS branch offices from a single line item to numerous line items. The bill could potentially restrict the ability of the Secretary of State to reorganize branch office operations."


  • Capitol Journal: Congressional election ratings. Derek weighs in with his assessment of where all of the Michigan Congressional races currently stand.
  • Peters for Congress: Republican Bloggers Target Peters. Jordan is really going to bat for Gary Peters, and is asking folks to chip in $9 for the 9th district.
  • Walberg Watch: For and Against a Schauer Candidacy. Fitzy weighs the pros and cons.

Odds & Ends

  • State News: Blocking blog site shows political bias. Nice to see my alma mater's student paper sticking up for the blogs. More editorials like this, please.
  • DFP: Arrest the hysteria on sentencing. "Patterson's ridiculous rant in the Detroit News reflected the kind of divisive rhetoric he built a career on as county prosecutor. For pure hyperbole, he managed to outgun Attorney General Mike Cox, who earlier tied some of the proposed changes to terrorism, and a Michigan Sheriff's Association official who predicted murder and mayhem. Let's take a chill pill and look at the facts." Zzzzing!
  • Auto Blog: Buick ties Lexus in quality. This is pretty cool. The Buick Enclave is built locally in Delta Township (near Lansing).
  • AP: State, union begins talks on next contract. Eggert reminds us that Mike Bishop wants to balance the budget on the backs of state workers: "Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R-Rochester, has said workers should not get scheduled pay increases in the last fiscal year of their current contracts to help save money."

Did I forget anything? Drop your links in the comments section...

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